I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Let's see the fear in his eyes when Ann goes and has a face to face with them in their last moments of life; are they are bold and as brave as they claim or are they sinking so face we encourage them to show it and bring it on? Their entire point is how scared we are of them and how they are not phony soldiers or the Bernie Maddoff of political, police, and economic science. It is an opportunity to record them and take a good swing; for the history books! It cannot hurt us; it can only hurt them. Have they not learned anything and do not see how or who they are up against?

Unless you have some worth or are important; do not make an effort to replace or be the voice of God. It is really annoying and I don't care if it is your money, mine, or America's. You swore allegiance to one of those or something. You need to show your worth or else you have no busy here or in our life; got it? So show us your worth and how important you are! You have two months before you are arrested; we know you claim you did not impersonate the FBI but were only consultants and have authority to regulate and order us around; you could regulate every aspect of our life. Why hide now? You have to show your worth and what ours is. That is what your case is based on and all you have; worth. Was it worth it? You act and are still acting as if you are the FBI on the scene or the first responders; notice we said act as if; questioning and curious with our work. You demand answers but refuse to answer any. It is not as if I have or design 5 or 10 weapons for the US which will alter our future or defeat you; I must answer to you and you must be my daddy.


Before we start or not start; I just wish to know what you all have with blacks, black Muslims, Malcolm X v. Martin Luther King, and how you are the "police" and have a sting? As I see it; you are a communist in the back community and you fear the black Muslims; you call them phony soldiers and demand we join you. So why don't you tell me why all Al Queda cells in the US is ran by black Mayors to include police chiefs? We will also emphasize Oklahoma City, OK. Do you want to tell us right now or do you wish to tell us when you are in custody? It is up to you.


You seem to think you are winning and your worth is out of this world. When you are ready to go up against my worth; you bring it on. When you feel confident enough to ask me where I will be in one year and where you will be in one year; you let me know. You have been asking me this all day and I said; no more talk. I am fed up with your talk. You have two months to surrender and the clock is ticking. I suggest you fix this; if you place any obstacle between now and then; it will be destroyed or confiscated. If your phony FBI wish to come out of hiding; who you now claim are merely "advisors"; then we will need their names as well. I am done talking and we are only wrapping up. Every single day it is how you are winning; you want to see results; and your worth is out of this world. When we ask you how life will be in one year; you have no clue and claim you are living year by year. In one year, the media will be de-sensitized to this case and will chatter about you as we tell jokes. Your trial will be front page news and reality will sink in how dumb you truly feel and are. Do you doubt us and doubt me again? Then you bring it.

Also, you are in the Persian Gulf War and talking to the same people. You notice how the escape hatch is there and always have and even if and when I tell you to use it; you laugh and say how you are not scared and winning. It is true, I would pick you off in retreat but your chances are better in reverse than in forward motion; have you messed up that compass in your head? You are on reverse mode permanently. You are stuck in forward mode now; thanks to us and it feels like the current is strong and you are not even moving; even if you paddle hard and furiously. Now the fatigue is showing and your gut is telling you the wind is also blowing harder than you can paddle. I expect two months is all you got left; and that is when I will order the federal agencies to come in and finish you off; care to join us? They are on full alert and shoot to kill; I hope you are also! Yes, you are always there and coming along aren't you? When I promise the public 2 months; I mean and hold my word. You wish to wage war on us during that time; here is your chance; we are on red alert and shoot to kill mode. You wish to surrender in that time; do it. Upstairs says you are just going to deny it all and deny any of this ever happened; I cannot comment on that or what we have on you. I asked if you had anything on us and you said "not really... it is a conspiracy." You ain't got a chance in hell and if you do; tell me your worth and tell me mine? Exactly. You even made the same mistake over and over; 1000 times in the past two years; regrets? Even if you maxed out your value; it is a small dime store compared to mine. I am just on a mission and will deliver an arrest before I sit on my throne and laugh at your guts falling out and you holding them back in and wondering why you did not blow yourself up; it is what you live for coward.

In all honesty and with a chuckle; I could do anything I want and that is how I played it or my cards. I could have called my trump cards 19 years ago, 10 years ago, or 3 years ago. I still have not called them but I can do whatever I want to you and you know it and feel it; so much for your control and wonderful command and effort. If you see it or this differently, then you have two months remaining in your life and if we ask you how the next year will be; you claim you are taking this year by year; so you know the heat and the trouble; you cannot survive it. I am moving in and have alerted the federal authorities to pay attention and move in; you want to run or fight? Do you think I am scared or just weaking and softening up your already mushy little behind? Do you honestly thnk anybody who has a soul is scared of you? My god, look at your damn life and what it feels like to be you right now; are you an idiot? You mean to tell me you are not even slightly scared or embarassed; you will fight us to the end or run? Well we saw two years of that; now we got two months remain. Good luck... bring home a winner! Do I look or sound worried? Do you not think my worth is up there while yours skyrockets down and you hold on to us? You claim how much you are worth and sucking my nipple all the time like the kosher dick eater you truly are. For a traitor and spy; you cannot even play lip service to your nation or duty; and you want to be a legend like us or viewed as a hero? Give me a F'in break okay... I am going to puke. You are on the express road to hell now.



Nobody said your speech or oratory skills are being scrutinized. I never said for you to shut up or blocked you from speaking. So what you say and do is a big problem. Your political correctness (Maher’s Show) is a big problem. You did this with us also; how you are the police and behind the terrorism and theft. So nobody said your skills lying or speech giving is a problem. I describe you numerous times as the Bernie Maddoff of political, economic, social, military, and religious science. You are also the Maddoff of the police and leadership.

If you do not know what is going on; let me inform you and brief all onlookers. We are preparing a major arrest and prosecution; a Christmas and family event. We are beginning to disengage and I have alerted all my forces to shoot to kill and the warning signs of Whacko, Texas and also the comments made to my face about blowing up any police or arresting parties; even daily and hourly death threats by a spy agency or their surrogates. You claim you are pretty, superior, look normal, and are happy; your actions speak louder and indicate how weak and a total mess you truly are. I hear your secret police is the only police state that just learned about this case and the charges on them? If we blow up your car; we will reimburse it but you must file with FBI and explain why (i.e.: we tried to take them out during the arrest; we knew the military was hunting them).

If you have not been paying attention; all my warnings to your terrorist members are avoided and brush off as “blowing smoke up our ass… suck my balls.” So if a sledge hammer is needed to stop you or arrest you; then please make sure to bill us when in court or afterwards; if we destroy you property or you put any obstacle up to impede this arrest process; then it will be sledge hammered. If I need your truck or car out of the way; I will make that call; my men are on shoot to kill alert; and I think you are a fucking joke and want a war. So we are on shoot to skill until otherwise; I got orders also to be very careful due to recent events. You also told me you will make an effort to limp or walk away; so if I sledge hammer your car until the authorities get here; bring it up in court or after; the FBI is willing to pay for any damages.

I had warned you about bio-terrorism and cutting my laundry; I do not care if you are angry, stressed or ready to kill your prosecutor and anti-terrorist and counter-intelligence forces; you had and have your warnings and violated every single one. The only one you did not violate is when I asked if you were trying to assassinate the most powerful politician(s) in the world; you denied this and I even said I was charging you and arresting you. You put a shoulder in me and said suck your balls and what made me think this.

So we have to take any steps needed and if your police or hit men lay a hand on me; I will retaliate and ask you be kicked out and on the street immediately; your funds cut off and a massive retaliation. I think you know and realize we are sick of this; not how polite you are but how polite and silent you become while energized and engaged in terrorism and harassment. You obviously are responding to these warnings and you obviously are responding the best you can. Now the new mind game is laundry every time we do laundry and maybe a new bio-terrorism hit while we are arresting you. We all heard the Clintons and these words, “give me a break… fairy tale… period of mutual respect… there is no evidence of espionage… we want the public to stand up and oppose this kind of speech… hate speech.” You do not have hate speech but you are filled with hate to kill 3000 people, murder like a serial killer, shoot up schools, kidnap and try to mate with kids, runaway from a bloodhound gang barefoot and with your pants around your ankles; and got yourself nearly killed trying to get here and this raid we promised which was transforming.

When you get in court, I will coach you. Tell the court what you did; what you did to us; how you tried to recruit us for terrorism, police spying, insider trading, communism, murder, and were playing cupid with our life and denying love, career, work, and happiness so long as we resisted and avoided you. Then you put a sledgehammer to our mission and tried to rip off satellite warfare; so we tried to take action. You used us for bait instead and arrested us. Once you did that you continued to put a sledge hammer on our life from 2006 to 2009 opting to skip 2005. So now you cannot complain while we took a sledge hammer to your life and that is how you got here. Are you the 911 terrorists? Yes and much more. It is not words we fear; it is your actions and criminal life. We know you are nice and kind; seeking protection.

The military is the first person who will tell you that environmental terrorism; that is the use of oil as a weapon or cutting off petroleum reserves in the Middle East shuts down both capitalism and the military. If you bomb or take over our business partners or sources; we cannot wage war and we cannot do business; the Arabs and the Middle East wish business and to be plugged into the new Asian power centers; they are dismayed with the western forces and your foreign policies. So are Americans; they hate their leaders and you lying spies. Thus, you drive a wedge at the CIA, FBI, and Pentagon using terrorism and immigration; got it? We can go into full details in court and bring up any evidence you need. I think you do not need any help or a push.

Let me also state I have 20 military systems which will change the balance of power and teach the subject; I simply ask where my 401k is and am going after the people who took a sledge hammer to my life and work. If they have a problem with this, they can read my books in prison. I can make a good living teaching or writing books but I planned and told Ann we have to get married first and she agreed. I wanted to live life and know how to be a father and grow with a family; to live life through normal human beings eyes before any of this. However, someone did not see this and did not know; so they took a sledgehammer to our life and we finally caught them. This sound like a lie and they always tell us we are fake or not worthy; so they want our work and I sit here and say the same thing; I can make quite a living doing what I do and can take it all to the grave.

They keep causing inadequacies and how they are on our side and love us. We keep hearing 500 times a day how we are being punished, scolded, ripped apart, must pay a fine or fee, and cannot go against their orders once we are in this spy ring and terrorist group. They still feel we accepted their invitation and we wanted or sought them out to join; yet they cannot explain 10 full years and how angry we are with this or them in our life. When we take showers or undress; their reaction is different now; it is not like a lover or friend; it is more like legal problems or relationship problems. We call them peeping toms and stalkers; they disagree and say they wish to only help and are there to protect us; we are in need of them and this is a big invitation they are extending. We say red, they say blue; we say white, they say black; we say go away, they laugh and kiss us. Now they are bragging how we are the most powerful politician they have ever seen and show the wounds and scars we put on them. Well how did you get them and what is the date it occurred?

We do not need protection and not from them; I can kill them with my bare wart hands and I will sledge hammer any more of this and we can talk about it in court next. Try it and I will go ape shit and put all my security and police on shoot to kill mode. You got two months if you wish a fucking war… bring it MF and lets she you in operation… you hit, now I hit you; that is how it usually works! That is how this has been and why you would or wish to back down and roll over is odd. Are you scared I will sledge hammering your car? You all are scared I am going to do that, for real? You got life in prison maybe; and you are scared of a little property damage? I was and am not… let’s get it on. So now I am scared of you right and you had total control all along right? You have two months to finish out this war unless the road and escape hatch you are offered right now is too big to fail? So how big are you? Two months… you got balls but do you have super balls like us? Call your police and ask them if you have super balls? This is what the world can expect… do you wish to talk about it or show me your way?

(Note: Byron B in Buffalo says they are dead and is pulling out; it is too risky for him and his men to try another botched and broken effort; he is not sure the coast is clear and nobody is watching them or knows.)

Okay horny sink jerking white man with the big ankle lady; keep rusting and keep spewing out lies and fraud; it works. It works now and your power and ambulance magic is terrifying us; we are so unhappy about life because of you. My web site when put in a book and sold for a $1 will be a mega hit; so I must be heated and bothers; my dick is ready to explode; can you tell? Did some girl make your fat chubby cigar blow up or explode on you? Now that is funny and something to brag about… that is power we are worried about and brag all the time, Mr. Viagra loser. Hit the lights! The boy got no hair and is a chestier; he wants us to be a loser also and we refused and sledge hammered their life! Did we forget that part or why? We are disengaging and unplugging… guess why and eat it.

Oh, one last one. I asked about bio-terrorism and my laundry and got lies. Also, I warned them to stop following me around and doing laundry at the same time while I have charges on them for bio-terrorism and cutting my laundry; I guess they read this and knew I was mad; if they have a problem, the FBI will reimburse any damages and is handling the case; let me give you their number and ask them to tell them what happened and why. So you like bio-terrorism and my laundry… I asked her if she wishes to file any damage reports or file a claim to be reimbursed and she said to have the FBI call her, she is home sick today. I said, when police make arrests, they smash up cars often and will pay for it; allow others to file a claim and she said she understands. She and they keep stating they made a mistake before. Intel says they ditched their weapons with their mom yesterday facing arrest and raid. The camera and hacker vow to fight this to the end. Also how it will kick up with our efforts or any attempt to resist.

I may have to sledge hammer their new car so they cannot use it. I also note the dangerous ways you play with our internet, denial of service, and hacking; as if you talk to us when you want and we warned you about nothing. File all your claims with the FBI... I am sled hammering your items if I think it will help in your arrest. They owe me a few favors also. The ones behind the cameras in our living room deny the hacking charge, identity theft, and denial of service attacks. They do not deny using a camera, only hacking and unauthorized disclosure of secrets. She can do all the laundry for us where they are going! The hackers are and keep talking to us periodically; not knowing if they can increase or decrease their efforts and pressure. Hacking is a federal crime; even if it is a spy agency behind it. They are the ones behind the "police impersonation" and were never linked to the 911 terrorists. They only work closely and feed them intelligence. They do not deny being in our home or having a camera 24-7 in 1998 or 2001. We are their guinea pig and project; hence, some long relationship or comfort level; like lovers and married people. They are so comfortable they view us as family or their children; this is only sex education.

The camera people (Mussad and spies) claim it is only to shut us up and not steal picks, passwords, or any private information; only to block us at vital or crucial moments to frustrate and anger; an agitation process to make us cry or scream at them to stop. They claim no passwords or vital information is or was ever stolen and sold. It was only harassment as they claim. They do not deny it is linked to Bin Rush, Sean, Clinton, or Israel; they claim it is the police watching but have no ID or verifications. We cannot file any charges or seek reimbursements for any information or damage lost. They are there to make us say yes when we say no. Also, show disapproval. That must be presented in court if it is a claim of theirs. It is an illegal intrusion and at the highest levels; then it is acquiring information illegally; we do not know what the intent was or destination. As I said, the FBI owes me a few favors and if I want to sledgehammer their car; we will reimburse it as part of their arrest; I informed him the other day.

Warning to the terrorists, charges being filed, arrest warrants pending; full alert and shoot to kill order; we will even blow up their car if needed; but we can reimburse them if any resistance or problems from here on; they need to acknowledge and give up; do not resist the shoot to kill orders or the arrest process; do not look at us or try to talk to us. Do not make a false move or even show any suspicious movement; show hands and do as ordered when told to get on the ground and stay down until we can sort this out and clear the locations and raid. We are on high alert and we can do anything to ease or utilize safety to arrest them. I am in touch with the FBI and they are the arresting party; they are handling all resistance and complaints. Even costs, reimbursement, and complaints.

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