I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009



Let me see if I can help you all along and get you to answer with a higher probability of truthfulness and what we have against you. You wanted us to see life through your eyes. You view us all as the same. One of the biggest challenges you face keeping your loyalty and Party apparatchiks together, what you call unity and nationalism, is the inclusion of the blacks and the Democratic polices of the 1960s. Therefore, the first hit we took was by either a radical or Black Panther like group who was very high in government and a mole; a pure communist. They were circling and protecting while you put blocks everywhere. The idea was to see life through the eyes of a black man. You claim it was a conspiracy and we were or had been stealing; your proposal was we hand over any satellite secrets or this HQ; like the Beirut Marine Barracks; you wanted to blow up Delta HQ or this right wing brain center. You cannot deny it after being caught 80% done or finished. Look who caught you all; do you deny that as well? I understand you are stunned and it was intended to maximize the stun; do you see stop signs and red lights going off? Than why walk away or go forward, break pedal time not gas pedal.

The next thing you did was copy our happiness, anger, and made molds; either for a specific ethnic group but you kept trying to bond us to blacks or the black movement. At times you dressed up or posed as some KKK or some white supervise group; severe hate and abuse we describe as 20 to 500 no thank you daily and taking us to the bottom of hell and suicide. You claim it is our fault and you are happy; how we asked for it or were seeking an invitation; you are blessed and giving charity just spending time or giving us attention. Then when it was clear we were seeking legal action and had caught you off guard; you threw us in prison; how you were fixing or trying to bond us closer to blacks in prison now. Again, your anger is our anger; our happiness is yours; our life is yours and your life is ours; worthless. We end up knowing how worthless and hardened criminal you are and we were and had been the most powerful politician on this earth and hiding-hitting it for either safety or security. The bias of your life is as criminal as the eye can see; nothing you do is honorable or respectable and motivated to instill paranoia, fear, suspicions; you claim you are happy and cosmo-politician.

So we set a trap and you tripped 9 out of 10 trip wires; out of 1000 trip wires you nearly hit 900 of them. We can see this with the life of Ann and me. In the case of Ann; there is behavior and personalities which cause hate and paranoia. There is a human element that is kryptonite to human beings. Although none of her life is true; you never fact checked and took her at face value when you knew her personality and rumors caused both hate, paranoia, fear, and wreaked havoc on human relationship. You could not key on this and listened to the message instead; who she was and what she had to say. Her point is how women play a vital role in mystery, fear, paranoia, hate, etc... Then you stalked her to recruit her and pamper her and when she was circled in the belly of the beast; you began to fabricate more and more lies; the Bernie Maddoff of political science.

The only way to keep the pressure up and make this recruitment is upstairs; also the first responders if something goes wrong; assassins. They admitted they are Mussad, Israel is behind this primitive death ray, and Clinton was after Ann but tried to be part of our family before Ann got there. What you all used back on Ann and how she has a shameful life; nobody reported the lies only suspicion, paranoia, and fear. I will give you an example of an avalanche of lies and 20+ year lies that remain unchecked; Danish D. (GW University and the Catholics), Berlin and Great Fool Dead, her love of hip hop, dating Jews, Billary Maher, and Sean and Rush Hannity. Those are just a few open tickets at this time with Lisa D and CPAC underwriting them. Ann says she lied so that you all would give her a chance and like her; otherwise, both she and I would be destroyed and have no life; we were kidnapped and she tried to hide it. These lies are over 20 years old and no fact checking; not even questioning them. Meanwhile, the propaganda factory dishes out more and more. At least she caught it and she dated each of them; no not the men; she was with me since 1989 and even before that. Ann is pissed off because I ask her if she wants to keep dating or if I have to stop talking to her; she says she is being stalked and it is total lies to smear her or pressure her. She dated all these lies while they remain unchecked and used as facts for suspicion and fear.

On my end I got the Bernie Maddoff of police science; ripping off and stealing tremendously in the name of the law and police powers. Judges used crime as an industry and to produce fear, paranoia, and this view of life through your eyes; as communists we are all the same and you all are hardened communists and pathological liars; hence, your hardened criminal life and hardened serial killer mind. You now got caught; we are the most powerful politician on earth; we had been undercover; it is almost like the movie "Air Force One." You cannot remove the paranoia or your life; it is life ending for you after you were caught and scared into hiding or silence; so what did you decide as a exit plan from 2008 to 2010? First life was through your eyes and that was a terrorist plot and recruitment for the communists; now it was life through our eyes and defiance. You claim you will still stalk and follow us and so the 20 to 500 no thank you continued well past Nierenberg of 2009; you also increased the death ray and death threats, the only primitive toy you had in your arsenal, to hourly and daily. That is at least 12 death threats daily; you claim it is a serious protest and opposition. So we know you are the hardened communist operation in the USA and you turned into a terrorist recruitment and loot the government.

At heart is the future of the Jews and the Catholics in America; two very persecuted groups who persecute more than any other group; hence, your power and why you keep stating this was an attack on freedom and liberties. As we can see; you deny others life and claim you are happy; the truth is you use your freedom and happiness; power or material of collectives and organization; to destroy others and to drive them miserable or into a ditch of hell where they are left for dead in a dungeon of burning lies and a dead soul. All the sudden you find out we are not only US Army anti-terrorist forces but it is over 30 years of an internal and man hunt searching for the Bernie Maddoff of political science, police science, religious studies, freedom, and America. So I can sum up your plot and activities which take upwards of five books so far to outline, trace, and explain down to a precision science. Now you’re cloning and studying us led to this pathos of crime and lying about how life is through our eyes now and you are angry when we are, suspicious of yourself and us; or you agree when we agree. We are killing yourself, not you and us! That is how insane and how we describe you as deadly blood thirsty stupid; when nobody is looking you will kill and murder; you have no respect for human life and full of resentment; now all you have is a life of regrets.

How does it feel to feel the salt, the sting, the burn, and the destructive capability of the most powerful and best politicians this earth has ever laid eyes on? We can smash and clobber you with your own limbs. Now you are surrounded by millions and billions of people; what now, lie out of it or hide? Read this questionnaire and what we warned you about; one lie and you may end up detained until this is over; no bail and we are requesting no bail until we can contain the dispersion and effort. You said you were walking away; your upstairs emissary say they are limping and not trying to walk away; so we will give you two months to make an effort to clean it up; no more games.

If I catch you lying; it will be devastating and used back against you quickly; understand? Knock off the hourly death ray death threat; knock off the chatting and wanting to talk to us 20-500 times a day; knock off the anger and how mad you are at us or yourself. You can mouth off when in custody and a transcript provided; I do not get paid to do this and sick of it. You hear me, I do not get paid to baby-sit or write down your dumb shit. Wait until you are in custody and the recorders are on and run you pie hole all you want. You can tell them how you want to bond, how you are suicidal, how we are your children and family, or any crock of BS insanity you wish; I do not get paid for this crap. I am also mad as hell. What the hell is wrong with you Jews and crappy Catholics? This is America, not life through your blind and rodent eyes in the dark. This angst your heaven either got it?

I also advised you all not to buy Christmas presents and make an effort to fix this or fake it. All you do is follow me around the house, slam things, use the death ray 24 hours, and think when you are arrested your family will be fine; even they are in major danger and will have a very bleak future. I really would suggest you fix or at least try to fix some of it and hope for the best; not ignore any of it and all charges when it is already indefensible. I also hope they kick your head in and many years to come. Usually, you all take the kool-aid or the cyanide pill; then we get to auction your filthy and worthless life; I guess not this time. Your families also risk civil law suit like the Maddoff’s if they hold your assets; it will be seized and used to reimburse your victims. That is the best and only outcome you have; we have made sure and the core of the reaction is sealed and locked; I admire your will to live but it is annoying and really pissing me off. They claim they are being harassed and will call 911; I told them to keep it down and we are making an arrest. I wish they would hurry so we can clear this up and inform their police we are in hot pursuit and making an arrest for 911 and terrorism. I have logged down how many times they claim to be calling 911 and filing charges on us. So now they have decided to call the police?

So this is how they file charges to “the people’s police” such as with Amy Baker, the Benet Family, child kidnappings, Anne Pressley, Annie Le, and all of this terrorism, murder, serial killings; it is the underworld and copy cat crimes. They are venting their anger and frustration but cannot do this rationally or legally as we all do. What a bunch of dirt bags; now they filed a harassment charge on me using the Fort Hood shooter, Hussein. That was what Bush and Clinton was up to; now Obama’s turn. One of us is the police; either the left or the right. I call it blame and framing people or using the legal system illegally or with intended consequences.

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