I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Monday, May 31, 2010


One facet of the mafia is retirement; a problem which the drug industry would not provide. So they are going to give you a pension or get rich quick scam. As you know, they are seeking revenge on the FBI and other law enforcement officials. In my case, we were targeted due to our military service, royal stature, and insider connections around DC and VA. I am not rich and was undercover; but my family is wealthy and all engineers, CEOs or considered upper crust. Be warned about how painful it is when 401k accounts are drained or bankruptcy is looming for all of us. I did not do this and was targeted; hence able to get a Birdseye view of it all. We can see the similarity between the Turner Diary and the Terminator Series; John Connors is Catholic, not JC. I think the Unabomber is a hoax and a probe of the FBI and counter-terror forces using APB or local-federal channels; like all of these other ones. So they red this backwards and acted falsely on the technological age of warfare. They have targeted the families of FBI and military leaders; mocked for death. So how does a criminal or damned enterprise go from communist, to terrorist, to some "Cop Kill?" Cops are trained to be in control, in power, and fearless. Citizens are supposed to respect them and expect them to protect them; taught to follow orders similar to military officers. Now we got some whacked bunch on some killing spree because they are "do not know what to do... are in charge... are the police... ready to die... not inferior and do not hate." We caught them red handed in a coup d'etat and espionage.

Here is the truth; they tried to start wars all over and make the world angry. They want to be close partners and be in some love affair. They want America to fight the wars for the peace movement and liberals; the cops. They claim it is politics only. They want war and are the low ballers of judgment day; so they are going out while we try to rid them, beat them down, strip their power, and ban them before more oil is dumped or we must declare martial law. It is not a cop kill; we caught them in the middle of a well organized coup d'etat but they claim it is only political and a coup; no violence. As far as the injuries and how ferocious the fights got; they calmly claim we are unstable and have a mental illness. If I ask them whether or not they got caught for a coup d'etat, police or police impersonator; they say "when are you going to leave... go home." They are now working closely with us and the FBI; but not by our own choice. They do not have any explanation why they were in or attended super high level military meetings in our living rooms. We view them as inhuman not partners and have issued warnings on their surveillance and peeping tom system for their own good. Police or not we caught them doing a coup d'etat and in the most inhuman manner so we were forced to wipe them out while they sniped and stalked us in the middle of the night to make us more and more unstable. They claim we are trying to blow their head off and are ruthless; impatient and ticking time bomb. After this I am not denying it; they are. They deny everything and claim absolute power as cops. We never called them 400,000+ times or tried to brainwash them, kidnap them, rip off their life, or every trick in the book on destroying a human being. Why are they also so not mad or trying to kill us; we run the apocalypse.

With 5 states banned and recommendations to remove or identify any safe havens in the military presently; they need to cease stacking the defense units or embedding; we are getting more unstable every day this snowballs. We do not need or wish to deal with any Pvt. Pyle who makes inflammatory gestures or comments as partners. Even their military spies or sympathizers will be identified. This is a major circus with the Irish who are known for police and military service; also expansion and clandestine activity; low balling judgment and insubordination. In crisis and disaster, the military is the lifeline; the ban on them will take its effect and send a clear message how fed up we were and are. With all of their military officers banned; we can now dismantled the "stacking" these terror plots caused or the degree of insubordination by the liberals, left wing, communist mafia, and low balling judgment day. This problem with 400,000+ inflammatory comment and anonymous calls is going to cease one way or the other because we are getting really unstable with this mysterious partner. There was an effort to flood really low quality immigrants to the DC-VA area in the early 1990s and before this to market a welfare class and a form of kickback; "as partners" and low rent landlords. Thus, they were thrown out of the area and came back repeatedly; the bottom end of the Democratic Party and ethnic buzzards around DC flooding the area to make it unstable while inciting violence, riots, fights, and charges of racism. That welfare and immigrant fiasco led to one name and one location; Moynihan, NY, and the 1960s. It then led to the top ten terrorist list and who we caught red handed; how the core beat the other Corp of communism.

There was a company named GRC in Vienna, Va. which appeared to me as a front for the CIA. GRC was interviewing me as a "space and national security consultant"; a nonprofit public service group based on donations. Another one of these which cropped up was EWA (Electronic Warfare Associates) in Chantilly, VA; the same platform as GRC. Then I had two or three interviews with a third "non profit, donation based, consultant group" in the satellite and space warfare area called ACCEPT or VANTAGE or ACCENT; something like that in Crystal City, VA.; right near the Pentagon. They claimed to be "A Navy based" consultant group and kept on interviewing me like the others to pick my mind. I finally got mad and fed up with the constant fake interviews and job offers. By now it was 1998 and I had my degree and out of college. I just saw an indictment with Andrew Stein on it and racketeering of various mafia related "outbreak" in the Denver, Colorado area. I recall a conversation with the owner of the Pawn Shop one day while selling him a pistol of mine around the early 1990s (across the street from Kmart in Fairfax and down the street from Troy Barnhardt; Chili's shopping center); he had an Asian wife and I said I had to pay for night classes and got a loan. I paid it off quick. I began to sell my belongings in 1998 while at Troy's and all of this legal problems but I did not take another loan. Odd events began, a form of inciting violence or fight similar to Vegas Heat (Case of Craig Titus, Kelly Ryan, and Melissa). Kelly looks like Angie from Marymount and Melissa looks familiar.

They are buying loans, legal ones. They had bought my college loans and then tried to sell me a condo in Virginia. It all came at a very odd time; they give you a job and it is the company store. The problem was when I got into NY and the loans began to appear as "criminal users" or pressure tactics by the state. I recall using pawn shops to trade in my pistols when I needed money. Then I used their loan service occasionally where the interest was whopping, criminal usury. It works on items you bring in and if you do not pay it back and interest; they keep it. I used my 3000 laptop for a 400 loan; which came back broken. These pawn shops were everywhere in the Centerville, Chantilly, Falls Church areas of Virginia in the 1990s and 2000s. Credit wars were erupting everywhere but the collection of these bad debts is where the scams begin. They sell it. Some are mafia controlled and purse strings used to nail you when weak or down; a way into your life. I began this noticeable stress and overbearing situation before I even made it out of college. However, my college loan (only 21K for 10 full years of college and now 24K after 12 years) shows you the path the mafia and investors are moving in; legalized industry similar to Las Vegas and gambling. All of these debt wars and bad debts, including mortgages is the similar move like gambling and Vegas. This is why the 48 Hours Vegas Heat show caught my eye and was a mirror into my own life. I am the best they have seen and was used as bait; they are on the other end now.

I refuse to fix their loan sharking or legalized "criminal usury" of bad debts and collections. It all goes to some service where the debts are reorganized, a form of negotiation and structure where bankruptcy is close. This is when they analyze your money and come in, how to look close into your finances. They want to know more about you or your employments; what assets you have and what they can extort or steal. This was some scam in the VA-DC area and I had known it based on the odd statements or help they provided; so I declared bankruptcy to wipe off the debts and was retaliated by Newt Gingrich in 1999. I had filed a bizarre complaint in 1998 in Falls Church being a target of some union or communist spy group. The agent was then murdered I suspect and they framed me when I had nothing to do with it; they kept getting closer and closer; and so did we and my team. We surprised them first. I think I was some recruit by the professors at GMU which goes back even further around DC-VA when we moved there after the VN war. We know they are the communists and behind these terror plots; but how do we flush out their top 10 leaders? We know who they are and need them off the police and military force immediately; it is beyond inflammatory. This stupid dope ring and spy ring has inflicted "contemporaneously" a severe and tremendous amount of injuries to many involved while claiming "partnership" or false relationships; masterfully executed by spy masters.

So you can see where they are moving and why. They are seeking revenge while legitimizing and up to the same. All our lives will be ruined soon and they will blame who they recruit; I refused to help them and was forced to go into hiding while their "police" chased me around the US. All these bad loans, credit, bad debts, mortgages, criminal users, 1960s Catholic and Jewish judgment day, was careening to a disaster; so they invaded and still are. It will come down to State rights and slavery; a form of anti-government and this new revolution or communist politics of war. All these terror plots indicate they are getting closer, hotter, and near some end; as we are. Right now they are going bankrupt and Rush Limbaugh has said this in a state of panic. They fear arrest or the retribution of the public; so they must seek some forgery or charity from those who caught them; just more inflammatory or outrageous behavior. There was a murder plot on me using Chris and Sue; a slaughter house as I indicated as "Vegas Heat" and I have shut that down also. The rent refund is still up for grabs and hopefully they will do as ordered; not make more inflammatory hit-misses. This is about Judgment Day and freedom; America and their politics or police powers; power and war. They seem to be winning. The debt crisis is over 53 trillion; so "criminal usury" and buying bad debt is a hefty business to be in. College loans is a major turning point in the US; now bought from the US government and sold to predatory managers or criminal families; cherry picking husbands and wives.

Debt was just one scam of legalizing similar to Las Vegas. The Lottery was another form which generated loads of state funds. What triggered all of this was the drug wars; a social and political disaster. The demand for services and welfare quadrupled. I was was pitched to be some dealer while in HS and only "was curious" and then left for college. I left all of this and those behind it. In 1997 they pitched me again and began stalking and holding me captive; to pick my mind not sure if it was a drug war or raid. So I was evasive and this long chase began from 1997 to 2008; and now the present. In 2007 they tried this again or to fix us by helping; so we are in this standoff. That debt has since wiped out everything and we face total annihilation; but so do they and we know we will win it so they flew the white flag; so they claimed falsely. Who else is the leader of the damned if all of their bosses are gone? All of it is a criminal enterprise expanding westward and we are in their HQ or garrison. 300,000+ unwanted or calls in our own residence and private life is about as inflammatory as a criminal terrorists can make it beyond murder or kidnapping; the SOB and the damned keep stating a partnership or some false judgment. So where is the life raft of the criminal world and those who low ball judgment day? Why FL of course and where this all began in South FL during the 1960s. Again, state rights and money talks louder in NY and FL.

The Use of Surveillance and Crime (State of Colorado vs. The New Mafia):

THE POISON KILL RESPONSE: Dippy anal lube says that people do not give him the respect he deserves and they have no idea how difficult his job is or the odds against him. He does not mind waking up every day and watching his boner life flash before his eyes and is used to it; but being an accomplished and skilled master spy and mafia criminal communist mastermind takes a lot of skill, patience, and mental showmanship. So he begins to remember the old days when they would "love tap" us in the bizarre way to implant a thought of engagement, cohabitation, membership, or what was on our minds [sex and copulation]. Then he skips to the end, once we saw them [he-father and she-daughter] "our eyes did not light up like a bug." The F'in idiot and moron affected his confidence and he could not avoid the impossible because "someone was going to get hurt." This ending made them [him and her] feel homicidal and more of a killer betrayed. He calls it a "poison kill" and what it did to him and them in the end. Now we were sworn enemies and they did not know what to do or how to fix 20 years or 300,000+ unwanted calls. Dippy anal lube says it affected him by reducing his boner and his Cheney cheese head started to fade; so they tried to shock us back into this slobbering romance story with them. No matter what they did we blocked it and they are not able to attack anymore and have so many legal problems. Dippy is the Republican leader and he did not know any of this or anything; totally blind [ditto]. This is where the term "poison kill" was invented; from this blindness. So over 30+ years of stalking and we did not even give a damn or a F'in care in the world. Dippy anal lube says we are always fighting back and warrior of the just cause; constantly making things fair and refuse to loose or accept defeat. His tricks and scams failed to put us on the yellow brick road to Oz and the path of communism as he imagined [terror plots and massacres]. He knows Alex wrote how human beings are propaganda and the best form; impactful, while in Propaganda 420 class at GMU. Then Dippy anal lube describes what the feds call "any device that allowed for persons inside the premises (GRC) to see outside, but does not allow persons outside the premises to see inside" [video camera or recording device]; he says we should have done as expected and "been out of there" but instead raided them which really stunned them or caught them off guard. So a fight was on and escape was the issue. Once they knew we did not care, they became the victim no matter what they did. He then says we did this [attacked or the final fight] because we "did not have the American people and" were forced to fight for our freedom. When [we] do not have the American people on our side, there is no way to avoid people getting hurt or killed; no way out. When I heard about his slobbering anal lube story and romance story, I puked a few times and had to take a shower. Things did turn out the way any of us wanted; it was all backwards and a failed communist story. Last week Dippy anal lube said the incompetence was everywhere. Bauerly said [he] was not able to teach us about "repercussions" of our decisions and how to avoid them. Bauerly said we all should have the right to decide how our life goes and our own happiness. Hannity said during the weekend the "cloud is getting bigger and someone has to have some answers... either he is does not know [clueless] or is a psychopathic liar."


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