I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Dear Ann Coulter: Real Time-Bin Maher? Why are you doing this, to be mean? Give them a way out or muddy up your legal defense? All I need is the right combination in court and I can do a surprise or the next one; I need you either out of this or to set it up pleases. That is all I need, not more total lies about them. I need you to hurry and get them in court so we can stop and end this and go on vacation. Dear Ann Coulter:
Wednesday, August 05, 2009 Not to toot my horn or put you in your place; but if you want to ask Ann Coulter; you can Bin Hannity. I have some of the most potent super sperm and love juice you have ever seen, almost like Austin Powers, the mojo and you are a racist pig as we thought but are so selfish to admit this and stingy like a fox. One drop of my love juice can burn a hole right through a perfectly good sofa mattress; so I have to exercise bio-hazard routines when even around Ann. Ann was going to market it on eBay to see if you would bid and buy some of it after we tainted it so you would get the reverse effect you goon and racist pig. You messing with a real comedian and you are shaking violently like some allergic reaction. I cannot believe how dumb they are and how they go on TV acting like first class intellectuals when they are just racist pigs not down with the struggle and too stingy to admit it.


'Squeaky' Fromme Set to Leave Prison: Manson Follower Convicted for Trying To Kill President Ford:


“I personally do not think Bin Limbaugh is a mean person; but I think he has severe problems in life and is not able to do things his way or have his way with others and this drives him to a life of terrorism and crime. So his murderous rampage is not because he is a mean person; he explained this to us if you review the complete documents; it is how one barrier is there and another and he only allows one door. Life is a rat race and he opens the doors and shuts them so the mice go through his maze and he can have what he wants. So he used to be a fine person but this for profit only murder shyster and for private use and exclusive power only terrorist group ran by comrades and former master spies; cannot get what they want in life or communicate how they can achieve it; so they resort to crime, murder, and being a total fraud.

Once the fruit is eaten, there is no turning back and it is a life of terrorism, murder, and crime until they retire or leave the business. Bin Limbaugh can walk away but he leaves a big infrastructure behind even he is not able to control the beast. So all we have to do is ask him why he cannot achieve things in life honorably or why he cannot get his way in politics if he must resort to murder-terror plots-and a life of crime. We did all of the above almost asleep and with fatal injuries, even did it upside down and flipped it by putting him in a submission hold; but he says it only works for us and the truth only works for we the people. It all makes perfect sense to him but our life does not and we are stupid. If you are worthless than accept it and if you are superstars and one in a million, then accept this also. This group feels they are all million dollar babies and super-stards; they cannot accept who they are and who others are. I honestly think by not being able to get your way or the impossibility of an honest or honorable life; you got dumb and grew into what they call a stoopidly mess.

“They don’t like social issues… do not have the power right now… don’t like books… people dumb and stupid… people are one thing and turn out to be another… we find out they are not stupid… nothing for us now… no passion… smooth talking… created a cult like following… Republican main selling points… (McCain) where was the opportunity for conservatives to rise up and get excited… it was never there… if we all just say the end is inevitable… they are stupid and want all of this… we can begin the process of unraveling this… whither on the string… in the end, if people want this they will get it… the polls… lying to the people… they do not even know what hit them… the speed… we will know soon enough… ever shrinking percentage of the population… if I knew this I would be playing golf somewhere… they have to lie when they are saving jobs when they are not… lie when they… lie what they are doing to health care… narrow bunch of radicals… spend their every waking moment conspiring… that is their only way to advance… wildly ways to better the American people.” What the hell does this have to do with you dung whole life? Again, what you said makes perfect sense to you and only you.

Cash for clunkers and cluck-clucks right, what is your point about how you cannot get your way and must resort to a life of crime to perpetuate lies, deceit, and murder? “Going to have to end the… there was no truth… words are just tools… so the facts never got in the way… the tools are always in the way… alone up against a strategy of deceit and fraud is never a way to defeat it… facts of policy, ideology… whoever has the guts to… easier to do and you do not have to persuade them because they… are lying about it, but you have to say it… because the other side there is no truth, there are no facts… intellectually applied to our beliefs… to manipulate your emotions… create their own using words as tools…8/5/2009 2:09:48 PM“ Yeah okay… sure, anything you say Bin Limbaugh you fat moron on a 100 lb per six month diet. “And they have people in the media to make this true… all these lies… how great it is getting.” Are you done yet, “get off the plane… go and talk to the pot bellied dictator… kissing their graves… just a bunch of total BS… there is no truth… if they think you believe in truth, you are a target.” Your momma, you got nothing on me or us so leave us alone you nasty racist pig! Stop telling me I am your partner and we are joined by the lip. Again, what you said makes perfect sense to you and only you.

Anymore stupidly moments or are you going to make this a teaching moment for the nation? “They use words in your comfort zone… what you hold… what you want in life… promise to… meanwhile policies destroy it… (this must be the love story between Alexis Glick and Sean Hannity) if truthful… health care plan will remove your plan… counsel you on your end of care and end of life… if honest… our stimulus plan has not created… it has ended and replaced… he does not have the courage to say that… not just for some… he has the ability to unleash it to everybody, not just some… not the first… (Going to trying to clone it again and send up a racist pig like Bin Limbaugh who picks-bullies on rich minorities-employers and royals) backbone of their community is a vehicle he disallows… (Bin Limbaugh is pure traitor and saboteur) words are the tools that make you believe the actions that are happening to you.” Again, Bin Limbo is creating the image he is an employer and also the US government who uses debt to increase the kool-aid party for his cron-rades. The US government is not an employer but he cannot let go of this idea because he is linked to the entire Congressmen who is behind it. He has himself committed word seppuku.

(More rambling how Barrack Obama is saying this and wanting this… not him. He is the one who wants this and is saying this, not him or this guy here. He and him only but he is saying the American people using him will want this and he is saying it also. “The union bosses… the tort lawyers… the people defending this mess are the same ones who made it… we want it right now… to preserve it.” That sounds totally delusional and absolute BS; there is not an ounce of fact or truth in those words, it is all words and some game where no facts are ever there. Are we this dumb and this gullible? Here we go again with the dumb and dumber act of Bin Limbaugh to win our trust and lie to us more and more. He has not an ounce of truth, facts or can even back any of his delusions up but can sit there and call others a common nigger and say he is successful or more powerful. He said there are no truth and no facts but he wants us to believe him and never to doubt him; even with one hand behind his back.

(Sidekick Bin Snarling wants to know why his audience is loyal and what loyalty are all about, easy suicide and 911 Fool-aid parties) “This loyalty you have with this radio show… cherished it everyday… becoming a thing of the past.” Again, no facts and no truth in those words; all total lies and much farther than the truth, but it make sense and perfect sense to him. (Bin Limbaugh just called us a psycho) “The answer is because I am loyal to them… I do not change… can be counted on… Republican Party cannot be… the crap shoot they put up there (staged and set up like Pyongyang and Bin Clinton freeing two Americans and imprisoning the entire population). 8/5/2009 2:44:08 PM Separating this loyalty and what he just said… he could have chosen better words and rebel rousing again. I will buy all of this insanity and lies when you can explain to me why you want to reproduce and have sex with us so badly and we do not?”


Wednesday, August 05, 2009 Bin Hannity is talking about San Diego and how he dresses and avoids black tie events. “People making signs to show their disgust with… claims to respond to all questions… stood up to… this guy sees his political future flashing before his own audience (Comrades Bin Maher, Hannity, Limbaugh, and others)… fishing emails… private speech… nation of spies for Obama… against their political interests… chemo cost… for each day she remains alive… can you imagine this… cost of prioritizing care… (I am in the business of hostage rescue and as commando follow codes and ethics; I do not rescue women or people for sex or kick backs, got it bacteria boy? You could not pay me to have sex with your wife; although you wish to do that and make a payment to dignify your worthless life. Go blame your mom for having affairs or your dad for making you the way you are.

You meek me disgusted and cause a stream of beer pong vomit. Your parents and grandparents are the ones who sleep around and engage in extreme risk taking; it is your mom who cheated on your dad who caused him to frequent hookers and cause rage in your life.) My grandparents… grew up poor… has something to show you all… you got to get a will… get your will started… take care of your family… I have my will done… keeps you pregnant (revolution)… your attorneys.” You insult my reputation and life by just being in it, I must admit. You claim we share the same roof and share power and I am ashamed of that also. I have to listen to a moron and a dead terrorist talking every single day about how tough and how they are ready to kill someone. We can see why and we know why you are the way you are.

I was not born in the US but was naturalized; does this mean I have to forfeit my powers or my royal classifications? I am not an alien, I am pretty sure of this or a terrorist. I have more power than Bush or even Obama, did you know this? I have a foreign birth certificate and have more power than any man on this earth or influence; believe it? Well, they say I am a master of war so it must be coming from somewhere. Maybe it is Devine and from heaven? Maybe even I cannot explain it and maybe you cannot even fight it. How can you even claim to be an American or great American? I told Bin Limbaugh to shut up before I smack him again; can you believe that one? No Republican will do that and I do this and like a mutt dog being kicked, he does it. It is in the records. Can you explain it either, I cannot and do not know what is wrong with that idiot or you. I know your mommy cheated on your daddy and it bothers you a lot.

Some women try to take advantage of married men in war because they are scared for themselves, their kids, and even their families. Some soldiers take advantage of that, even rich mistresses and widows. I personally am a loner. I am one of those lone wolfs who don’t like people unless I have to work with them because like a computer, everything must be perfect; so people hate me and think they are superior. To me they are a number and a statistic until I say otherwise. That is why they call me the Terminator sometimes and why Bin Limbaugh is frightened to be in the same room as I am with nobody watching. That is the key; lock the door and turn off the lights and see how you feel with the Terminator. You can say what you want until you test your true fears and emotional worth. I said today that if I just raise my finger, Bin Limbaugh’s forces duck and ask if a bullet is coming. You are going to waste my time because you admit it is all lies and farther than the truth than people know. If you ramble and do not have anything; that is it.

“Limbaugh… how are they attacking… ask them… (okay, pick an alpha numeric number as I told Bin Hannity to and just wait until the answer comes; if it comes, then you are right, if it does not then you were wrong again)… fund raiser, such as this guy Cleland… distance himself from President… not as advertised… feel punched… angry mobsters… she is old enough to know… needed something different… just confirmed… it is not going to matter in the end…” I understand what you just said, but you have not provided one shred of evidence for any of your total lies or efforts to take her down. You can ambush her 100 times or does a road block 1000 times; at least have something or be able to defend your own career. You do not even respect your own life and career, no less your family.

If you are willing to take this extreme level of risk and piss your own family; yes wife and ape kid; then you and I know a 25 million will not save your life or tragedy. So why not spend 2 million to win this? It is your life and the death of your own life. At least put something you can salvage your pride with; not lies and total fabrications but you are too scared to be sued or know it is trap. So Ann is distancing herself and I myself do not know why; I said one more argument and that is it; it shows bad judgment. You all learned the hard way, you do not want to mess with me and caused a complete disaster; now you are in major jeopardy and still do not understand the relationship in front of you. You have no respect for human life.

If you all have a legal argument or defense in this; maybe even shoot up a window on your way out; then do it; it cannot be worse, “it can be much worse than this… revenue is down… since he has taken office… economy is that bad… double digit unemployment…” yes and your day is a daily nightmare. “GOP is gaining traction on this… wrong on everything… this show from San Diego on Friday (we will be there also). I will let you in on this; Ann did tell me she was going to clear this entire up before she gets married or is legally. I consider myself married to her already if you must know and she does not even think of anything else or any other reality; for real, it is so set in her mind. She feels 20 years is all she has to say and the effort and hard work needs no explanation.

Ann Coulter is that confident in her own relationship with me; I am content with all of you and stick to my loner and above it all drift as I fly over all battles and battlefields and only come in like a Falcon or bird swooping down. I will circle or monitor a situation to observe but will not make it up or lie. You have no idea who I am or who Ann is; the relationship we have and how she worships the ground I walk on; I yell and she goes silent for days. She hangs on me for all those days and does not say a word while putting her head on me or kissing me. I am not the person to toy with and I am who I am for a reason as you are also. I was handpicked by Generals and I lead the forces right now. Like I said, I lift my finger and Bin Limbaugh and his forces duck but I hear back talk and smack from a mousy and lard ass upstairs. You do not know who and what you are; you do not understand this relationship you have and do not respect human life; not even your own.

I would assume Ann ignored you and focused on me as she claims; now she is muddling through it all also. Especially as I link and knock heads. You got to open your eyes and how badly of a situation you are in; it is designed to not give you one chance or any oxygen in a fight. In other words, I open the doors, let your forces come in, and then lock the gates, windows, turn the lights off, and see if you can fight out of it. The only person in there is me and you; do you fear it if the odds are on your side or not? I will tap you on the back and you will not even know it; ask how you got here and hyperventilated with the skill Bin Limbaugh showed about how stupid and how insane he is. It is like rambling about how great he is and forgetting the reality and how it all turned out. He said with all the surveillance and stalking; as a captive and had us upside down and nearly out cold; he did not expect this and could not even defend himself.

Did you hear that, Bin Limbaugh could not even defend himself when it got real? Now his forces and side ducks the moment my finger is lifted; why? Is he that good or that weak and feeble? This frail against one human being and one Army strong commando; one man did this to you; for real? One man wiped your forces out in 12 months add a few? Kiss my fat ass you idiot. It is downhill from here also, Bin Limbaugh said this and if you fight it, it gets quicker. “This is death here… I am not disagreeing… end of life counseling… go home… bringing us up” (insults don’t work or make your fight stronger; understand; a real fight and real punch will help make me madder.)

Listen to Bin Limbaugh, he is the best fighter out there; he said and knows his chances in this. He knows he is totally blinded by me and this is why when I lift my finger his entire side ducks and peeks out if it is clear. “Let me talk to you about the angry mob thing… smell the poor-pork in the building… brooks brothers brigade… so denigrating.” Hold on here, they were taking this to the public to cover this up and muster the angry mob; now he is saying it is the entire angry mob? It is doable and where his mistakes are? What chance was there up against the best and with his forces wiped out and in hiding? One false move, they can end their life and career, agreed? It can come any day, time, or place; they could wake up one morning and tell the mob to drop dead. Is it the entire mob for real? The level you are on is reserved for the most powerful on this earth; you have no idea who and what level you are at right now.

You are not the General and not the leader; go and talk to Bin Limbaugh and ask him your chances before you open your mouth. You guessed and are wrong again; that is why you loose against us. I can stack ten up or twenty and win ten and twenty back. Then listen to you brag as I show you video and movies of it. All through the ordeal you hyperventilate, start breaking down and crying, throw fits, and lie your way out of it and it is apoplectic and pathetic. Speaking of that mob and why you duck when I raise my finger again? For the record, did I hear an argument our counterpoint? Did I not secure the high ground and hold it; “Ratings and… at an all time low… lowest point ever 8/5/2009 8:47:07 PM.” Listen to them stomping on the floor upstairs about how powerful they are; smack talk and all lies. Ask Bin Limbaugh how long you will last in war or some bombastic warfare against us or my forces; real stuff. Ask him one week, two weeks, three months, six months, and two years? Ask him and he will tell you the truth. I shut him down and know what path and direction is left; what he can get or not; how he can equalize or not. He might tell you there is a way out, but he forgets how dumb you are to believe him. Ask him and log it.

Back to Ann Coulter, you have no idea what the relationship she has with me and how she worships the ground I walk on. I cannot fathom or even believe for one moment she would or could shoot herself in the foot unless she ignored you and just let it grow to big she does not understand it herself; I had to explain it to her. Her story is she sat by my bed and talked to me even if I was in a coma; I do not know, I cannot hear anything nor have brain pattern when in a coma. I have no memory or recollection of who she is during that time; only after when she asked if I remembered her and I said “why are you still here.” Why are you still here also so meaning to me? Ann is going to go on Real Time and record a debate with Bin Maher? Bin Maher was kissing ass and touching her to see if she would bite him; I saw it as being groped and felt up. I would do it and do this to women also, it is fun. I have grabbed girl’s butts and got there numbers in less than five minutes from every single one I did it to a long time ago before Ann Coulter. It sounds like a lie but it is the truth; some women do not mind and it depends on the relationship you have with them or if they want give you their number or ask you to ask.

You do not do that without consent or to denigrate-insult a woman. It makes their mind up quickly sometimes. I do not appreciate the groping and already know why. I would not advise you to do that to either Alexis or Ann right now; it is crystal clear and your deadly game is coming to an end. So robbery was the motive and profit; murder for profit and to call it a love story. That sound exactly like 911 and you’re slobbering love affair with America and to be great Americans; like Dracula, you suck the blood of victims and be more powerful. If you do not, then you die and you are literally Hannibal Lector like and lunatics. Lunatics is an understatement because I stacked up not 10 or 20, I stacked up 10,000 to 20,000 and then reversed each and every one. To write a book and daily log is near impossible in detail; all the calling a common nigger is also not feasible; it is too frequent and intractable and unrelenting day after day and 25 hours long at times. Never do you show yourself or what you want or indicate a definitive location-fixture; I would have smashed you so badly and stuck your head up your ass then showed it to you as your heart beat ended.

So I might as well tell you and tell the prosecutors your chances of rescue or survival. You say the mob is angry and you can stick to that story as long as you feel necessary; working for the people and how your intentions justify your love of the nation. That used to be the story about Bin Cheney. You can face the mob, or the real threat, the ones you duck when they lift a finger. You could awake one morning and has all of it wrong and collapsed on top of you; you piss others off or make one wrong move (like upstairs) and that is it. You are in a trap designed to cut the oxygen off as the lights and doors are locked; even I do not have oxygen when this happens; but we will know who is better and stronger of a fighter. Scared and know your chances in this fight for real? Ask your own General what your chances are in this and chance of breaking the line or delaying a flank maneuver. Every single time he charges through, his logistics are cut off and he carefully crawls out of it and starts again with some new story. It is so old it is ten of them already at least. He keeps saying, “you think we are stupid don’t you… well we are not… it is intended to tick you off and make you miserable and angry.”

Comments Bin Hannity or comments about Ann? “We have a horror story… too expensive… assisted suicide (he plan is suicide or kool-aid… hurry up I have vacation time coming; I might spend all of vacation at Walter Reed, thank you!)… Road to kill.” We are not going to assist him or interfere or meddle; we prefer him to end this peacefully and on our terms; full disclosure and witness protection. When he is ready though and had enough. I can tell you right now that NYPD have a special investor spit shining his shoes and boots for you. Nobody can stop you from suicide, we will move to the next we caught; these are who showed up first and are the experts-masters. Make sure you do not take the device out of your ear or destroy your body if you do this okay; I need to verify you are not an alien. I have not verified any of this or where you are taking orders from such as Ms. Rita and Bin Limbaugh. See now you are avoiding Ann and do not want to log anymore about Ann or I. It is not fun anymore after it is crystal clear you took two women home.

(Bin Morris) “These attacks and these blogs… not happy with the results… pre-ordained… what they had to give up… if they got arrested then they did… wiped them out… shown to be very good guys… raping such publicity… such good press… unruly children… pure rape… what did they get from us… the end to road to North Korea (Dick Bin Morris surfaces finally).” Add Dick Bin Morris onto the list as I had said. “The angry mob is showing up everywhere” and this they should, there is a Fool-aid party and they are not even told they have to drink the Fool-aid and we are refusing to also. Nobody took anything from any of you; we busted up and are going to bust up our right to not attend this fool-aid party and refuse to drink your tool-aid elixir of a mass suicide. Look at your behavior and extreme life now; how do we know the dangers? Nobody took anything, they don’t want to go or be part of this party. The Titanic is sinking and the kook-aid is being passed out by the staff.

Listen to all that fake and moral outrage upstairs. I was denigrated, humiliated, my life rewritten and hijacked, I was kidnapped and a captive for over ten years, forced medicated, stripped searched over 30 times, my family-spouse under siege, force to denounce my citizenship, and that is just the beginning not including calling me a common nigger for almost 20 years; and now you are saying it is because we are under attack and in a fight? At least you can recognize you are in one or accept some responsibility you coward. All you do is blame us for your problems and mental illness. All you had to do was seek psychiatric help and not do a 911 terror plot or other preventive killings. “We are in their games… we are going to have to fight our way out of this.” You want us to die with you and drink the fool-aid. You cannot restore my life and were blocked trying to destroy Ann-murder plot after being raided and caught in the act. You got caught holding the butcher knife and we asked to see your hands as we filmed it and you still refuse and walk away; we still have the camera and said to show your hands.

At least I am finally able to enjoy my power and personality; unlike the douche bag upstairs, who is constantly trying to shake my nerves, throw water on me, say sorry and keep doing it, and is the most professional sadistic terrorist I have ever seen. She would eat her child if necessary and eat her family; trust me. Nobody who does that while this much heat and pressure on them is a human being or not so murderous and whacked out, they must be destroyed. They took a very important position and job and must be destroyed for their skill and willingness to see it to the end. Like you all and your willingness to see this to the end and injure as many people and kill as many as you can. You do not even commit suicide or end this; it is merely to retaliate, continue a rampage, and try to equalize so you can walk away and win big!

Nothing has worked and we asked if you are done and are ready for court and still you are not done yet. Now you want everybody to drink kook-aid with you and to shut up… “Let me ask you who you think you are… you will do as told and accept what you are given (Bin Limbaugh on Aug. 4, 2009). When you are ready to tell the truth instead of being suckered into court or suckered into this position; by all means; we can end this standoff and go on vacation or make some serious money. You have not even restored the life of the finger you fear and duck every single time. The act how you are on our side or our masters is bad and getting worse still. It will edge you and lead you to your suicide you are denying while trying to take out whoever you can or this kool-aid party. “Well now all that is gone… right to speak out against… limited government”; no shit Sherlock, you may want to answer yes or no so you can get a yes or no back; nobody said your freedom of speech is being hindered or suppressed; you did that and we cannot get you to talk; that is why they water board you; who the hell is suppressing your anger, resentment, traitor, and the truth of this disagreement?



I do not advise anybody who is in war to seek benefits when it suits them. We have the unions always nudging at things such as PTSD or even alcoholism. People sign up to exploit the military and parade the badge for their selfish reasons and then some make up a story about how they were denied more pay or some bonus. In my case, I have danger pay; it did not turn out the way it was intended; someone grab us and tried to recruit us; this split the path into three or more paths with unknowns; now we have to take them out; we have traps to contact us; they are in danger and wish to open the access to hide who the attackers are or who is behind it. So financial is crucial to get this point because if we go to work daily and have 100 access points, who can tell when all 99 lights up? If I have only 5 access points and two lights up; I know they are on there. So how do you make it convincing when they reduce your finances so you are forced to join and be recruited? That is the trick; had they let Ann and me rendezvous, none of this happened and could not be debated; it would be safe and we can take them out and raid them. People abuse the VA and also the military system.

Now they want to put us in a labor camp or some indictment; meanwhile, the entire military is dragged through Webb, McCain, and Obama giving them the GI Bill reform to any college and Ivy League schools or benefits checks for no reason. It is a means or way to offer severance and bonus; similar to a separation from a job. It is an agreement but in our case it was layers of reasons. Right now it worked well, there is only a few ways to make contact and it is all lit up and active cells. This is why you do not want morons or idiots joining the military; you want the strongest, healthiest, and least likely to ping the benefits game. You want the strongest, not to propagandize the weakest in society who join for stupid or idiotic reasons. War is for men and they will fight the best and the most killer; so surviving is essential. A woman raped in war can claim benefits when she was never allowed in that predicament. Ann Coulter is in the same situation; my situation is different and complex; not cut and dry on my pay or finances. All they need is one chance to end this and one mistake and it is free sailing from here on.

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