I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009


Matt Taibbi on Health Care Reform: Sick and Wrong: (Interview on Morning Joe, MSNBC)

Medical Debate Series: (For a detailed explanation)

Interview with Robert Novak at Nathan’s Restaurant and the Clintons (Part 1 to 6); also Slate magazine report “Novak, Russert, and the Washington Protection Racket by Jack Shafer.”

The town hall meetings and also the media personalities are all against the administration and their blitzkrieg mobilization of a total mess during a time when inflation is expected to skyrocket and perpetuate a double recession stuck in reverse mode. Most people hear one thing, think another, agree to ironic contradictions, and nothing has changed. Ask this, who is going to suffer or who is going to feel the most pain when the backlash snaps with reality? Better than nothing or silent and clueless?
Excerpt from the new mega blockbuster hit chapter, “Murder She Wrote: The Story of American Health Care” which is now the most widely read book in the world second to the bible (LOL) and dictionary:

“For all of those people who got their entire life savings wiped out by a shyster who decided to walk into their life one day and take it over; then they know what it feels like to be kidnapped and to have your entire life rewritten by the same Maddoff like people. The only reason why our family did not get stuck somewhere in America with not a dime to our name is because two people took two separate paths and were weary enough when the attacks occurred to realize that something bad was happening and to investigate it deeper. It leads to an unusual outcome and result. Let’s review and examine some of the theoretical aspects of what we were accomplishing.

As we mentioned, we were searching for an alien or some super natural like demon that is not mortal and is leaving evidence at specific periods in history. We along with others began to detect odd or unusual anomalies which suggested a demon or devil like spirit which left a trail of dead bodies. In this case, we can identify the most poignant periods such as the mid 1800s and the antebellum period prior to the civil war, the early 1900s and the emergence of New York and Wall Street, and then once again in the 1960s with counterculture and anti-establishment. If this supernatural and mysterious force is going to make a return, it will soon enough; at least it has to; we know that.

The reasoning is almost clinical delusions to suggest a war on the supernatural levels; but it is just a theory that could not and was not ruled out; the same applies with alien presence or remote mind control from the Planet of the Apes. The idea is to be or become a target and capture what is in the mist of the human race. The reason why the most important period thus is from 1850-1940 is the financial chaos it produced and how many civil wars based on the same issues. Around the 1850s there was a massive push for immigration as robber barons were expanding their reaches into the plains and west. This surge in natural resources brought to America the modern day permanent underclass and fueled the westward expansion where slavery intersected three factors; westward movement and industry, immigration, and the spread of slave states. On an economic scale, the argument would pit immigrants against the slaves; how do you compete against free labor?

The other aspect of this analysis, which is very hard to explain, is the 1900s and the rise of the liberal machinery commonly associated with communism or the Red Scare. This was a brood of the immigration period and post civil war reconstruction where the entire south shut down and new untainted people flowed westward. We also see the emergence of radicals, extremists, and anarchists from all over the world and mostly European nations having a dual parallel and reality. Big deciding factors in this are the robber barons and the state of New York where everybody was free to feel not welcomed and chased off; westward. Similarly, the eastern establishment became the modern day machinery of the liberal and ultra left wing, the typical enemies of the state, and who the opposition is usually embedded in or for. It is a huge mess and essentially a total disaster. This is the root cause and the wasteland of modern day terrorism plots and violence against the strong, healthy, and intelligent Americans who make up the Christian America we love and understand. The rest has been radicalized and brainwashed to be ignorant, indignant, vile, and most of all violent.

The state of New York had also produced most important Presidential candidates or financed the political career of several others eastern establishment insiders to the liberal history (Roosevelt, Rockefeller, Wilson, Taft, McKinley, Garfield, etc…) Things changed around the 1950s which resulted in the counterculture of the 1960s; and our current mode of being stuck and meddling through the rough politics of the 1960s and radical, extremist, revolutionary liberal anti-establishment hate your country and your parents (right or wrong) drug induced political culture. If you trace the modern day left wing and the liberal machinery which has been responsible for most of the anti-capitalism and also the inability to fix the system in severe disrepair mode or dilapidated death mode; it will trace to the first civil war and slavery; thus slavery is the most evil invention to hit the shores of America.

We knew this and we were tracing certain factors which incubated the modern day opposition and enemies; the death of that party; the modern day debt; and the death of this political culture. This is the big bad monster behind this entire matter and our kidnapping or terrorist recruitment plot. These are the people in hiding and this underground. If education and economic longevity and vitality are inseparable; then how did the study of religion produce such a dogmatic mess out of nations that are based on ethics and strong, healthy and the beauty of life? How did all of this lack of education and lack of longevity pose such a severe threat to the wealthiest, strongest, and most powerful nation on earth? Is this enemy and this problem identifiable and if so, how do we kill, capture, or get rid of it?

What we are seeing is a massive attack, re-emergence, and full frontal attack by the same machinery which is broken, nearly bankrupt, and who controls all of the votes in the political process; a form of kidnapping and hostage taking with no evidence or a untraceable crime. They can basically do whatever they want or demand whatever amount they choose so long as no opposition is there to stop them or defeat them. What we know about the failure of communism and socialism the Austrian School researched and what Frederic Hayek and others debated the John Maynard Keynes School of economics about was the inescapable failure of calculations. In other words, human behavior on a grand scale is such a magnificent and enormous phenomenon, calculations cannot keep up and people act in a manner which will increase their health, strength, intelligence, longevity, and decision making skills. There are political forces which violate all of this and we know who they are and why.

If the longevity, strength, health and decision making skills of human beings are enhanced by market forces because the market forces them to do what they would not otherwise care to or want to; then how can be apply this to the two biggest crisis in the history of the United States which has led to unplayable and terminal debt? How did all of this lack of education and lack of longevity pose such a severe threat to the wealthiest, strongest, and most powerful nation on earth? Is this enemy and this problem identifiable and if so, how do we kill, capture, or get rid of it? Is it a problem with reality or a lack of it because the market is there to reconcile the reality check that political speeches and insane politicians like to call empty promises.

Well, the answer is simple but not simple to understand; basic concepts are needed such as the law of diminishing returns, bang for your buck, efficiency, living within your means, and most of all the preventive measures inherent with morals and ethics which is designed to prevent the emergency rise and ascendancy of low standards and the human beings which spread this infection. There is shouting and shooting matches in this world about two easy to understand words; yes and no. Those two words open doors and open two separate realities; one for longevity and health; the other a path to nowhere or somewhere other than where you would want to be.

Some human beings are so demented and perverted, they play word games with yes and no in order to make or deceive people to say yes or open a door they would not otherwise; we saw this daily and hourly for ten full years of being kidnapped by a demon and devil like spy-sleeper element. (Note, we ended up catching them and exposing them in public and alerted all superficial authorities to the problem and encouraged them to catch them dead or alive). You would think that if your health depended on it and if your survival and self sufficiency banked on this; yes and no would not be a mental game or a cruel hoax we call the government. If you look through history, it is very difficult for government to escape the charge of forming or assembling a cruel hoax and what we describe as a total disregard for longevity and respect for human life. These are the same people behind this and the same dung heap we are trying to deport and get rid of for invading our life and rewriting it with horror and pages of felonies while claiming to be more powerful and more ethical.

So this cruel hoax and this game with yes and no is a judicial process of consent and lack of deceit and coercion; but these are not human beings we are dealing with, we know they are not supernatural yet unless they can bring forward some reasonable assumption they can be victorious with the lights on as they are with the wandering hands off. We personally have no compunction to end their life or capture them for trial after witnessing and living through their brainwashing and trickery to capture us, none. These are the enemies of the world and of America no matter how they drape the flag over themselves and shoot off insane mad dashes to the fault lines of power and leverage life with what they can steal or win randomly. The idea is they are resisting what needs to be reality and happen; but also resisting their removal and deportation so that the market decisions are obliterated and not feasibly recognizable.

So for twenty years, we scoured every textbook and with x-ray vision and some code book; looked for this elusive enemy we call the left wing; their footsteps, how they got so powerful by default of weakness, and the rise of the dirty rotten underclass to take over America and the world. If the devil was out there and if that demon wanted a fight; it will come and it will fight; it has no choice otherwise. We want to be ready when and if it arrives and we will deal with this threat with the weakest illusion of all, exposure to the public and government trust. We are going to take this cruel hoax and twist its neck until it is also a cruel hoax we all can laugh about. If that neck snaps, then it was not designed properly and was flawed.

We basically know who it is, where it lives, how its characteristics are, what it wants, what it needs, how it feeds, and how to trap and capture it. It feels it way through life and it feeds on the talents of others, the education of others, the kindness of others, and nibbles at before it swallows human beings. It will come and it will know who the most powerful leaders and future leaders are on this earth; it will show itself and we will take a shot at it; if we kill it or capture it then we will listen to what it has to say. If it bleeds and wanders off; we will follow and track it until the end is near. We made it bleed badly and there is no way to stop it but if it wants medical care; they will have to propose some form of Congressional Bill or reform the health insurance industry. That is the cruel hoax about government when it is all lies, deceit, and trickery. That is what is happening in 2009 and has been for quite some time to a tolerant and shining city on the hill we call a Christian nation in serious disrepair.

There is not much to the health care debate we can cover because the main emphasis of why it is such a mess has already been. This game with yes and no has led to a complaint process and snubbing or stonewalling the complaint process. This lack of truth and total government service based on lies and deceit has produced an animal of the police force and a criminal enterprise out of the population. Nothing is fair and nobody will be fixed when it is all a bunch of lies intended to brainwash and gloss over the same cruel hoax of government and power. Until a law is passed to outlaw this cruel hoax or the people behind this even worse nightmare with a bankrupting social security system and health care system; that cruel hoax will be perpetuated and sold as patriotism. We were the victims of it and a prisoner of this for over a full decade (to include a child abduction and early recruitment for this at an early age against our knowledge and consent).

There is not much to this health care debate and while many observers also experienced the same event; “George W. Bush greased the pads for Barrack Obama to land favorably in America”; others suggest the two were in some grand strategy to take over or overpower the mightly and strong Christian nation for selfish and profit making reasons. The overwhelming pressure of social security and Medicaid (or the health insurance debates taking form now) are the result of political opportunism within both parties and furthermore the predatory killer instincts of political sharks to prey on the jealousy of a desperate voting base and a no less greedy one who does not understand or are willing to accept hard work and fair treatment. The game is to get ahead and step on whoever is in the way or has the cock play to speak up. This is a terrible fate for the freest and most cherished Christian nation on this earth behind so many good acts and life saving responsibilities.

There is not much to this health care debate anymore and it can be easily understood. Is the complaint process readily available to support such a grand endeavor where central planners will be a weekly affair to the doctors’ office? Concerning that complaint process, who has the burden of proof if not the local-state businesses, the federal government, or the Supreme Court when it comes down to one life saving pill and twenty people who need it? Do they all die or must that pill be divided among twenty recipients? If things do not work as planned; will all twenty medical recipients have to share the same critical condition bed if it is designed for only one person? That is just the yes and the no process or the complaint hoax we know as political speeches in today’s world.

Now, how detailed can we make this debate and genuine disgust with government erupting like a volcano at town hall meetings and tea party protests? We will make the emphasis of calculation and what Hayek and the super-nova of the Austrian School said about calculations; there is a sweet spot and a threshold to how far you can take calculations. If you wish to pull a grand cruel hoax and mobilize central planners to the crisis of health care and social security; all paths led and will lead to bankruptcy or the insolvency of the United States dollar as debt accumulates and meltdown is a real avalanche waiting to happen. The dollar is not able to withstand this cruel hoax and this redistribution of an invisible value system called financial currency meltdown.

So if this was a calling which observers describe as the total incompetence of the Bush era and the previous administrations to identify problems; then it is reciprocated now as the highly charges ability to understand problems and not apply the correct remedies. The 44th Presidential administration of Barrack Obama has failed to heed the warnings, apply the perfect balance, has used oratory deceit to besmirch and snooker the public into believing he has some creditable and meritocracy under his wings; and worse the nation is a total disaster and people are genuinely mad. So who did this and why if we are in the lead command also so angry with how our life was rewritten and kidnapped? Could it be the same cruel hoax and the same people behind all of this who had to fix their grand master plan for global domination and take over the kindness of the strongest and healthiest Christian nation on this earth? Well, we are all watching it now because it is all a bad nightmare and coming true.

What we can do is make things a little more entertaining and even educational. To play on the idea that we are drowning and can swim; is someone holding our head below the water line and suffocating our life? If so, then let that be a warning for those who did this and are behind this cruel hoax; now almost captured, killed, or destroyed in the annals of history. They have met their match and gone up against the wrong people, targeted the wrong victims, and tried this on the wrong country and subjects. Let that be a lesson if they survive it and the reckoning process where the voice of the nation is much stronger than a few dictators and demon like tyrants who came here poor and are so much worse off now. Who do they blame when the public demands an answer and an honest one, God or America? In modern understanding and global events, God is America and you are taking food from the same hand that feeds you.

We can highlight what has been said, what was written and distributed as communication, and we can cover what new developments in this massive struggle currently which has shut down all but nothing. The current debate is inescapable and will led to either the bankruptcy of social security or Medicaid first; or the total meltdown of the dollar and four digit inflation levels. Yes, medical spending at this level added to the already troublesome boomerang of Stimulus I (TARP) and Stimulus II (ARRA) is being thrown with a fury not knowing when it will decapitate and come back. So if Armageddon was a mythological concern, it is no longer; inflation above 500 per cent is not fixable and will lead to every home every garden plots to weather this storm. Like a light drum beat getting louder, the economic experts predicted a Great Depression like repeat of the same problem and cruel hoax.

With a sick and unsophisticated population not really worried about understanding the complexity of this; voting rights and medical rights are a recipe for Armageddon; bank on this and world war. This will be the last prophet and the lasting blueprint for the future of the next 200 years on earth unless or until preventive measures are implemented to cope with the surge of water pressure building. An entire century of getting it wrong has proudly produced two enemies who proudly don’t care one way or the other except survival. An entire century of building criminal enterprises and a crime syndicate, an espionage crime family of global domination, and the machinery of war and political warfare now in disrepair and desperate fixes; has not only imploded but on full steam ahead and a death wish.

So lets discuss the new cruel hoax we know as medical insurance, single payer, or this idea of covering all Americans in a new bill of rights amended by a business system that does not work and is getting too expensive to compete in. Can we fix the cruel hoax or is it there to kidnap us, break us, and then claim to fix us for better or worse? This is the test of the 44th Presidency but was either produced or accelerated by the 43rd and 42nd Presidents. So far all indicators show an elusive way to snub critics and push through legislation nobody wants but everybody needs. This is no salon hip shooting gun slinger from the Midwest; this is an elusive problem. We need the government to invest and spend on us; but we do not want this or what we got. How do you fix it now? How do you make amends to false actions that will lead to disaster or perpetuating lies while your own side and the liberal and left wing base is terrified by self destruction of their own party and reputation?

We though hot lunches and free milk was a good idea also because it is a preventive step to good nutrition and lower health costs. Sure they want to help others and make the country stronger, but suicide and terror plots or wanting to get killed for being a traitor and a terrorist is asking too much. We did not get a choice either and was conscripted; a very similar Vietnam like draft by anti-war forces that must fix this or face the end of their political career. Typically, when deranged insect like cult groups who cannot control the impulse to reproduce or have sex in an honorable manner reach a terminal point where reality and their environment becomes hostile; they usually blow themselves up, bow on the sword, or throw a party and sneak euthanasia drugs to spike the punch bowl. We never get to see an organized and official version of some low class and bone insane political force on the global stage do this; do we?

The strongest argument out there is the yes and no complaint process and how it ends up a cruel hoax between one state and another or with the deafening federal government. The federal government always has the last say and the built in mechanisms of the federal security forces will have the first and last shot. That is reality and the world we live in but it is called a Christian nation and ethical understanding of life or nationhood. If you cannot get that right; then fight it out amongst yourself. That is the strongest debate out there because yes is not no and no is not yes when you focus on longevity and education or some short term memory loss about which federal law you violated just last week. If the government and the populous who must accept their decisions cannot get this complaint process down; they pay for it and ask who has the burden of proof? Is it the private sector or the public? Who pays for this and who has the burden of proof to say loser pays or who will pay the legal fees of this complaint problem? Is it the state and their public funds or the federal government and their public funds? Who has the burden of proof and who pays when they loose? Now, is it just too dysfunctional right now to even suggest a life and death matter needs fixing immediately? We can shoot off a lot of jabber jaw hand flailing to discourage a real debate and complaint process.

Know what the devil and the notorious Dr. Evil and Vile will say? It will say, “It is better than nothing.” Can we go through life and say you are better than nothing or it is better than nothing or must we say enough and stop this god forsaken cruel hoax now before the entire world erupts in world war? The money is melting down and this is a second tier of inflationary surge by mobilizing health care and jacking the spending up three fold. Under this climate of free falling market conditions; we are talking torpedo to the Titanic and intentional malice. If spending for the Iraq Invasion was wasted; then put on trial those behind it or those who must defend their circumstances we are still trying to understand. However, do not use the spending of a war to suggest some enemy or phantom needs medical care and coverage after the war is over. Do not throw about this term invasion either because there are very nervous people who know something is not right and life did not turn out right for a reason. America is divided and one side has gone ultra and wishes to die for their cause; the other wants to be left alone to be strong, healthy, educated, and beautiful.

So why is the public so angry and why is this country fighting so hard to get rid of some political crime syndicate or powerful criminal families? Is it because they hate America or these bosses who have no chance in hell and hate the same Christian nation which turns their life into a precarious hell by stressing them to hide and sneak around to achieve life’s worth respectably and honestly? The prison systems are overflowing and none of those likes will ever make it past third rate office cubical at a collection agency. People are pissed with their country and most of all those in charge, why? What is so precarious about a Christian nation built on the same ethics feared by the most poor, weak, and destitute; while the rich can loose it all and don’t know how to conceal some criminal lifestyle which makes them rich and powerful? Isn’t this what the prison system was built for and why we cannot get rid of all this feet stomping lies and attacks? Who is trying to overthrow the country and why? Who just set off a global alert and terror plot? It is something if not nothing? Why can’t we get rid of this problem or is it just there to nip and tuck at us and make life hell? Who blew up the housing industry with mortgage derivatives and options intended for the mentally blind and the gullible?”
The gist of the excerpt from the chapter “Murder She Wrote: The Story of American Health Care” is similar to job security. Can you buy some insurance which will guarantee that if you loose your job; you will have another one in wait? Why or why not? So why do some of us have a dream job or are living the life everybody wants (a hospital bed) while the rest is going bankrupt? Is it fair to say that rich people do not spend more on health care than the under privileged or are they healthier and robust? Then how do you save money or reduce cost when the rich spend less than the poor on health care yet the middle class are the ones who go bankrupt because of a medical emergency. Where in this is the cost cutting parts which emphasize prevention, nutrition, health care, abortion, acupuncture and alternative medicine, special needs and human development care, sports medicine and therapy, etc… It sounds like someone is trading medical care for a really screwed up job at governing and is trying to use it to stay in power.

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