I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


These are her captors and terrorists-kidnappers who are the main thrust of the 911 plot. We see how their stalking caused her to trip, fall, and ruin her life as she too desecrated her life; cut her hair, loose weight, and tried to use their own operatives against each other to make them jealous. Then when I came along and said do you have any explanation; she did not and begged me to help her. Bin Billary and Bin Limbaugh-Hannity picked up the cupid stalking so much she began fighting back with either decoys or their own forces as she used-nailed them into a fit of jealousy and rage and they hatched a murder plot. Then I busted all of that up and set the record straight and court marital Ann for thinking she was Audie Murphy and disobeying the rules of engagement and marriage. She can save them by going on their show or suing them and destroying them if she wants to get married and reclaim her life. She is guilty of using men to fight off these attacks and stalkers. Will she go down with them or admit they beat her upside down and will cover up her body for them and her wounds? The audacity of these white honkies is incredible and their ability to take pain and suffer as racist, fascist, slave trading terrorists is a miracle we have never seen before. This is about hospice. What Billary said about rape victims?

To have a voice, Hannity must fill in where Bin Limbaugh left off. All he is saying is how inspired and proud he is of the American people. They are fighting for their rights. He says David Bin Limbaugh said “conservatives shut up and get out of the way.” He is parading his legal defense on his show and hiding what he has done and did; using the good work and life of others to hide behind and under while tricking and fooling the audience and public. Ann has to take them out and win back her marriage; her performance was good but not good enough; she has to hang up this masquerade and masked ball; rip their mask off and hang them once and for all. If she does become another excuse; she will never gain back and must wave the white flag as defeated. If she is Audie Murphy, then she got court marital and does not have many chances left or time; I would double time and stab the white half ass Negro slave trader for his crimes and 911. She has not even cracked a bottle over his head and all the evidence on her proves she is a bed honky and said yes to everything. Now saying yes and messing up; she is pretending she said no and was fighting them because it was a rape-murder plot. We know that but will she cover up her wounds and body for them? These are the people. (The Generals did not believe the story and neither do I; this is why.)

Here is what Bin Limbaugh has said on August 11, 2009; Ann was court marshaled for coddling 911 terrorists and seen with them or engaged in personal and after hours; a close intimate relationship and personal friendship. Bin Hannity just said, “she flat out made this up… just code for terrorists… just deny it… few years to benefit… heart surgeon… our top advisor (says Ann is denying all of it and she is their top advisor; my top psychological services to brainwash me, he says she is their top advisors!).” So Bin Hannity is now fingering them as a co-conspirator. Before it was a love story and he was dating Ann Coulter; now he has changed the story again, “this is a problem… nightmarish horror story… too expensive… pay for hospice or suicide… (Copying what Ann said about assisted suicide).” This hospice comes directly from Billary and 17 billion for rape victims; not who is behind it; only victims. They are hiding who and what is behind it. Ann has to fight them, at least crack a bottle on them and not have a personal relationship or romance; she claims it was a rape-murder plot. The gorgeous sister Alexis Glick came in their and stabbed the audacity of this dead fish honky.

So they are trying to pay for her care and hospice if she and anyone else will go along with the 911 terror plot and masterminds; cover it up. He says they had been and were and implicates her; she claims they stalked her and are predators. I do not think he can push this any further; he has exposed himself and has to take her down with them or silence her. Listen to the audacity of this half ass Negro dead fish honky as he uses the life of decent, hard working, and honest people as a legal defense. The pain this dead fish cracker takes as women come on his show and stabs the fuck out of him is incredible. He smiles and cajoles the audience as they rip his shirt and plunge at him; but the audacity of these half ass Negro terrorists is placated. You can see how or who Bin dead fish cracker Hannity is getting this crap from; hospice and marriage counseling in health bill. He is keying in on Billary. You pitch me for SDI or terror plots and I will stab you and we can discuss this in court when the time comes. You show me a dirty bomb or suggest my family is in danger if I get in the way and I will stab you; but Ann will date you and be your sex kitten. Then tell me she is Audie Murphy, but not me. She has a long way to go in order to win back and earn her rank.

“We know bad honkies make bad leaders and horrible wives. “We know now who is the best behaved in the room… backlash… we do not know who it is against… Obama… Democrats… who do not have the answers… lying (that is a lie, you are a predator and said there was a singles club, indirect rape, and now marriage counseling because of the stalking; are you saying there is or was no stalking or kidnapping?) everybody knows… they lied about that… they cannot help… (Rambling in a deep lie… deep lies… pathological levels of lying) what are you planning for us… why don’t you leave us alone… (Well, when you kidnap someone and two people, who has to leave the other alone and face charges for kidnapping; do you charge the one who did it or the one who got kidnapped? Do you fight and do anything to block the raid and the hostage rescue and shoot real bullets? What about cutting the phone lines so no help can be called, is that punishable? Something in your mind is hardwired wrong if you cannot see this clearly and go in court with that) okay we will trust you… next year we will be back and ram this at you… not causing any backlash… instead problems for the Pelosi’s and Democrats… (we know who you are and what you are up to already back in 1989 – a rescue and terror plot)… malicious lie, nothing true in that (going to clip because he has ran out of lies and is a total psychopathic serial killer and maniac.)”

“Just cowardice… noose… how radical this man is and his agenda… pioneer… fearless is what it is all about… do not need any example.” First hit from Ann then; your way. Activate Ann and her marriage counseling plan or take the stalkers out. She may not be a good spouse, but an invaluable partner in this 911 plot. That is the first shot jackass. If you got some plan, you better tell those who are in the line of fire what it is and to hit the road and go into hiding. I will win the kidnapping and all the Constitutional charges as we did already; then decide from there. You will be the last to know and the last to ever find out; how did you get in this position in the first place? The Pentagon people know how this is going down so if they cannot see the battle now; then they know what sort of position and situation you are in. This is just burning fumes and gas so Ann can hit first and clear her name so she can get married; I will still marry her, but she will need to destroy and sue you; then we will go with how we deal with the 911 terror plotters and this problem globally.

That is, unless you wish to tell us your idea and plans. How do you wish this to go down knowing how I make you crawl and pull your hair out one follicle at a time and make you laugh, and then make you glue it back? “They are on defense and we intend on keeping them there 8/11/2009 12:59:20 PM (more like on the ropes and getting machine gun kicks and punches all at once while you hear “dead fish cracker… bad honky… slave trader… racist fascist pig… rape my wife and best friend… cause our life to be rewritten and lost badly… killed over 3000 working Americans… caused the death of US soldiers unnecessarily… almost broke the back of our defenses… tried to take over the government… blame us for it all… got six figure bonuses and billions of tax dollars for the champagne and celebration afterwards.”

Do you think it is for real or just some joke for your show? I think you know how this went and what combat is already; what do you think will be the outcome based on the idea we made you crawl and admit what you did. All you can do is cover up while guilty as hell? What about those who are suffering and will truly be in danger because of you? All you have to do is turn states witness or we will tell the public all about you after moving to another country? You can prevent this and save lives; but all you want to do is say “this is not hurting… we won… you are wrong… you are in defense mode (dirty bomb)… you cannot stop us or ever.” So we cannot stop you? You are going on the radio and telling the American public we cannot stop you and you like your plan and will stick with it; so should they? Your stalemate and standoff did not turn out as you had expected or did you know it was a sting and who you kidnapped or tried to recruit.

What other lie have you told about your life? “Make observation… know tactics… if someone breaks up meeting… white suit… KKK uniform… radicals… know full well that is not a genuine opponent… this is about a successful political campaign… someone who had their facts wrong and disagreed… I turned them around… to make a point… when you are able to show someone they are wrong and turn them around… not to bully them to make a point… at the end everybody is better off… video of failure… to communicate… by opponents.” I will stop it there. What you do is up to you. What we do is up to us; stalking and kidnapping or not. You have failed to stop this so far and tried everything; what more is there do you have?

Do you have anything left? When you are low on ammo, we will take the first punch, put you on the ropes and start machine gun kicks and punches to your gut until you puke and crawl again. Whoever your boss is will throw the white towel in and get you out of the ring when they see you had enough. You said you are peaceful and not violent; I would get the hell out of the ring and get the fuck off the battlefield. You are on a real battlefield with real commandos, the best in the world and you cannot say you did not know this as a terrorist mastermind and captured spy-sleeper-mole? Terrorism is not peaceful. Your goal may be peace or to disarm us.

We care enough to prosecute you and end your murderous political life and terror plots or at least make sure you suffer for killing people I do not know or give a god damn shit about; I know you and who you are and it is as close to Satan as we can get or the devil-demon. “Just trying to sell it… ram it down our throat” what we do is your problem so long as I am not in your life, face, and it is not slander. If it is then you can challenge it. This is why you throw the Constitution away; you live by no laws or rules; total insanity and cold blooded killing and kidnapping-rape. How the hell do you expect on being the leader of those who do care and live by the rules and laws? How do you explain that? The 911 plot is enough to hang you “the corruption… untruth… freedom and liberties are the intended targets of this… have aligned… sophisticated enough to know they are targets… cough up the money… pay for all of this irresponsible… not ignorant and stupid… why they have to continue to lie about this… if you like your current plan, you will get to keep it… (said wanted change yesterday and today will keep his plan) want to reform the system… ruin it for the grandkids… that is fair… massive reform.”

(John Dingle sound bites; people with white sheets running around causing trouble… and someone coming to house in middle of night… kids… harassment… doesn’t have the courage to do it in the daytime… my wife is terrified… if we catch you on our property, you will never again threaten my family.) Sounds like Bin Limbaugh if you ask me. He does it and then says catch me I like my plan and will stick with it. We know that is a lie. This is the biggest monster we have ever seen on US soil. Even the police and DoD is terrified of this maniac. They still cannot catch him for 911 and we did because it involves the Zionists and Irish Catholics. If they did another 911 or Oklahoma, nobody can catch them; it is this we are listening to and our own kidnapping and daily torture and forced medication. If you do not respond or ignore them, they throw water on you to shake your nerves.

The record will show he has no defense or plan; they do have an equalizer for the raiding party and was looking for the brains and HQ; is looking for SDI; is looking to be on the cutting edge of military hardware and the battlefield. Why we do not know but they are not who we want and not who is invited; obviously they are sappers and sneaking past all check points. They are using ways to penetrate and will do and say whatever it takes to win; now why do they have pages of felonies and are being charged with this ongoing chase. He thinks it is a debate and a political campaign; he is not rattled or the bit shaken; Bin Hannity says they are terrified and the polls are dropping fast on them. Bin Limbaugh is saying something totally different and even said (the handler upstairs leaving while he said this) “look who is in the meeting now.” Is that a retreat or how their lips are sealed?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 So far Bin dead fish cracker Hannity only said he is inspired and he is going to bring on women to his defense. Billary said today that she will give 17 billion to combat rape in Africa-Congo; and the experts said you must reduce the rape victims; not offer them money; they said go after the people behind it not give the government money to give to the rape victims. What Bin dead fish cracker Hannity says is hospice and taking care of anyone who will come to their side and carry this 911 plot to the end. “This is where we fight together… get the intellectual firepower to… 8/11/2009 8:36:31 PM… your voice is so sweet it is hilarious… are you going to the concert… I will give you two tickets… (Bin Coulter was court marshaled for a reason and a good one) – taking too long, having a good time with them, having personal relations and friendships with them, off camera secret life, swimming closely with their school, enabling them using the media, trying to win their pageants, having as much fun with them as possible, dinners with them, accepting gifts and hospice; and then waiting until the last minute to say ‘no, not him’) people are mad… never seen them this way… turned on you… deep down they honestly think they are superior… all part of the Hannity mob family where you can show up and have your voice heard.” Bin dead fish cracker is saying he is inspired and excited by what he is seeing and hearing from the American public.

How and will Ann Coulter win back what they have and took? Is her life in their hands or is their hand in hers? How is she going to play this situation and make a mess perfect and clear her name? Will she come to their rescue and repeat all that she was court marshaled for while claiming to be Audie Murphy? It is damning, (Bin Coulter was court marshaled for a reason and a good one) – taking too long, having a good time with them, having personal relations and friendships with them, off camera secret life, swimming closely with their school, enabling them using the media, trying to win their pageants, having as much fun with them as possible, dinners with them, accepting gifts and hospice; and then waiting until the last minute to say ‘no, not him’) but she claims she had no choice and they surrounded and encircled her; they were 911 terror plotters and a deadly-lethal-terrorizing foreign spy-mole-sleeper ring whose bosses are Bin Limbaugh-Clinton-Kennedy. None of them has changed the stalemate or the standoff. What was a stalemate now became a massive blood bath for them. The gorgeous sister Alexis came in there and stabbed the fuck out of the bitch honkey. Regardless, look how brainwashed they all are and how they got each other brainwashed and at each others throat.

The entire show is about hospice, taking care of and paying what it takes to hide all of this and some legal punishment. The entire show of Bin Limbaugh-Hannity is the good vibrations, which is no longer hyperventilation and a ghost face, of the American public and how excited they are and proud of the people for standing up for them. They feel the public is protecting their rights and their liberties. The Democrats are losing but the terrorists are saying they are winning? Lets check the records again. People are excited but not about them or their rights, liberties and rescue. This has to end and Ann has to put a nail in their insane relationship with her. She cannot walk away from it or hide all of it; why is she waiting to the last minute and having a great time doing nothing? Audie Murphy was decorated for using the enemy weapons, taking their ammo when he ran out, breaking their lines all the time, and showing a fox like ability to find weaknesses in defenses; he also died in a car accident in Texas after becoming a huge movie start after World War II. The stories of him are incredible and so are his decorations. (I went to elementary school and was friends with Rodney Murphy and a Coulter family member who worked for the federal government; she loved military guys and always wanted to hang out with CIA and military people. Now Ann is hanging around these people and running with them having all this good clean fun and getting bad press for it?) Sounds to me that Audie Murphy got stomped on and beat up badly. If you know who Audie Murphy is, it is not one battle or one campaign; it is just a cat like killer instinct while men are dropping everywhere; the fiercest battles.

The only plan or play the terrorist plotters are planning is hospice to rape victims and to hide this while they claim they are terrified. They want to take care of Ann and we court marital her with military support. She claims she is Audie Murphy and we dispelled that quickly. Audie would stab the bitch and break a bottle over the head of this jackass; not live in the mess and the lies of Ann Coulter. Audie would probably tell her to shut up and get some results; time is running out; if you want to win, you might want to get some results and stop goofing off or going to dinner with them. Here is an idea, spend the weekend with them and let them come over. Audie Murphy is a really far stretch of how to describe Ann Coulter and a lethal terror plot and spy operatives. How about break a bottled over their head for rape? Now they want to give billions to rape victims in Africa. Look how brainwashed these people are and how they have Ms. Audie Murphy eating out of their hands and on dates with them!


So here is to Audie Murphy and how this is unraveling. If Ann wants to win, she better hop on the life raft and stop swimming around thinking she is a WWII hero. At least crack a bottle over their head or stab the dead fish cracker honky. What did we get instead and what got her in so much hot water, Coulter was court marshaled for a reason and a good one – taking too long, having a good time with them, having personal relations and friendships with them, off camera secret life, swimming closely with their school, enabling them using the media, trying to win their pageants, having as much fun with them as possible, dinners with them, accepting gifts and hospice; and then waiting until the last minute to say ‘no, not him’. She has to take them out and stop the dinners and the having a good time with their hospice and acting like a traitor or humiliating the rescue squad and Audie Murphy. Look how brainwashed these people are.

I think if Audie Murphy was going to say something to her, he would say fuck you, earn your god damn honors instead of being stripped of them. It is like a god damn lost dog who is confused and swimming around trying to look good and give speeches about nothing. You want to date and go to dinner with them or take them out; maybe let bring back the rape-murder plots? It is not only embarrassing but a jackass humiliation by someone who is unreliable and another nutcase. If someone raped me or gave me a recurring rape dream, I would stab the fuck out of the half ass honky slave trading bitch and see the audacity of that dead 911 cracker. I think Audie would agree and puke his brains out listening to this crap. We are back to this “writing threatening letters to 911 terrorists and spy masters-mobsters.” Yeah, that is like Billary a hero of rape victims, how brainwashed does it become? You pitch me for SDI or terror plots and I will stab you and we can discuss this in court when the time comes.

How do they come up with terrorism and being behind 911 to claiming they are peaceful people and good decent and honest honkies? If you commit a terror plot and get stabbed, who do you arrest? What if they had a dirty bomb and got stabbed? Who do you arrest or blame? “That is right… play by the rules… doesn’t matter how many they send… now trying it.. sick of it… mob name 8/11/2009 9:37:40 PM.” Here we go with the powder puff act again when it is total lies and blame. If you invade my home with the intent to rape me or my family, I will stab you and do anything I can to chase you off to include eating your arm or leg with my now broken teeth. If you come to these borders with a dirty bomb or some other diabolical means to bomb or terrify others who cannot catch and figure you out; I will stab you when I see a dirty bomb or murder plot. I will call for reinforcements and do what I can until they are caught and suffer. Does anybody think they will go down without a fight and kill with reckless impunity? They are just peaceful and pacifists? These are sleeper-mole-spies not your garden variety terrorists; not your dinner party host or typical date. Audie Murphy, are you jerking me off Ann? Why not worship the head of cabbage and worship your murderers and rapists? Want a medal and an award for that one or just marriage counseling? Go live in the Congo, Africa!

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