I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009


The pestilence of your emissary upstairs simply amazes me. Not only is the beauty queen upset the Marine Corps offered a plea bargain and wants them to make contact if they are interested; she is getting more murderous about the Coulter-Clinton link. Billary of course was asked “what does your husband think” and she flipped and said “he is not the Secretary of State, I am.” Not only this, it is a threesome still; me and the two upstairs; and you guessed it Billary and the dynamic duo. That is what this sex game is all about. So they were offended the Marines offered them a plea bargain, they know what to do, and they do want to die; it was clumsy hypocrisy and inept lies. Also, they feel they recruited and are in total control of Ann Coulter; so they are her voice and are advising her; that is why the feminist voice and threesome with the beauty queen upstairs. Not only is it insane; but it makes all the sense and explains how insane they truly are. There is a love-hate with a lot of people going on and it is a freak show.

I want to thank all the white bread honey-melons who care enough to come out and offer to sex me up! I think of you all the time. I also want to acknowledge the super honky slave trader mode where troublemakers go to the grocery store and tell you how much they do not like you unexpectedly because they are not Americans and cannot live a decent Christian life where they see themselves. I do not like them either; but there were a few sweet juicy whitey melons ripe and looking juicy with the mother in laws and new baby. So going super honky and going super slave trader racist, fascist, pig New York and east coast on me was not cool. Always making trouble and taking it all global now.

I know how obsessed you are with my white-bread juicy melon you can never enjoy or savor so let me talk about her for a bit to you. She is like a Counting Crow or a Black Crow song, a fine beer to be brewed and sipped slowly; to be swished around and enjoyed like pale ale from Connecticut. On those nights when the quiet storm comes and nobody is there, she is the perfect selection from the cellar to dine with a well cured meat and a tossed salad. My honky-honey is fine to me and when the quiet storm arrives and the waves get nasty; she floats on the sees crashing into me and going up and down like an M&M during the heat of summer.

That is what it is like my brother, no mystery to me and a touch of velvet your peeping tom and white slave ship will never carry water for. She is like a wishbone that you hand off from one generation to the next and even if there is no meat on the bones; you get the idea what it is around for; good luck and to enjoy on those lonely nights when the quiet storm arrives. (I always wanted to write to Billary, Bin Maher, Bin Hannity, and Bin Limbaugh (as to a few other deprived men and their swinging wife) about my own quiet storm erupting in the oceanic scene; a luscious story of delicious meaning to read over.

Friday, August 14, 2009 You’re race is obviously a big problem and will continue to be. It hinders a healthy debate because you cannot resist attacking a half-ass Negro slave trader who has Bin Lying. I think your politics is to destroy America and you are fully aware and in control of it all. If health care will lead you there so is it, we will never get the truth or facts as you state, only an idea of what is happening to you. I know you are a mole-spy-terrorist on our side and a think thank; to determine if we are lying while you are unified, a stalker, use Messad level espionage and surveillance; and all white pulling off a Bernie Maddoff weekend where we loose our entire life. I also think you lie, cheat, and steal; which hinders your race from any credibility or sanctification of the past, in order to get what you want and then seek to blame someone who comes along or wanders in your trap. You did all of that to us, we caught you, and now people are suffering from your lies and deceit as you play your fiddle and watch Rome burn to the ground.

I think most of all, you think you are powerful, more powerful, superior, and are some police-dream of power-rape-sex-domination-torture-killing. We are merely beginning to see the start of your derangement and suicidal love of country where the police will end up passing out kool-aid and arresting those who refuse. Health care is a big step and a major way to accomplish this because once you diagnose a problem (such the case with my arrest and intentional misdiagnoses) you make others jump through the hoops and use the courts to force them into medication or a hospital bed. You have no intention of helping others; your lies are intended on control and for control only. Now it is all completely out of hand and you have no chance of winning so the only credible exit strategy is kool-aid. The public is screaming and shouting you down (ask they should) while I vow that if you ever show me a terror plot or a dirty bomb again; I will knife your police fantasy and knife your stench; so we can talk about it and debate it in court. You think I am scared and terrified of you and the moronic beauty queen upstairs sent to quiet and control this; but it is too late and she is a rank amateur now.

You are moving into the ranks of what they call “state sponsored terrorism” or “the proper use of terrorism.” Kool-aid is the only reality you know when and if your world turns hostile-violent on you and it has; it is the only answer you have and are going to give and this is viably clear. I think you are just another garden variety upstate New York Woodstock liberal and murder has become some industry you can profit off and from but really helps to camouflage your fantasy and destroy your country so you can fight the same battles as the alienated and un-American groups who seek protection and wish to trump a Christian nation who is able to see themselves. You want an across the board victory or loss; all or nothing game. You call this religion and ethic scandal where nothing is real and there are no facts, truth, and words are just tools to describe how you feel on our side when you think we are lying to you or the public; the problem is you are too stupid and do not have an ounce resemblance to a first class intellectual; your expertise is lying and brainwashing “lets just say they are professional assassins… they want their country back 8/14/2009 12:15:15 PM.” What are you some super honky super hero we have not heard or seen in action?

You stalk and cling to us until it leads to kidnapping and terror-murder plots trying to push you away and fight you off before you rewrite history and our life; you call this reunification, partnership, and unity; we call it bony insanity from a pudgy loser. Murder has become your industry and profit when your reality explodes; the kool-aid fantasy. Even when the Marines Corp offers you a plea bargain, you are offended and attack so you can say how it makes you more murderous and hostile. It is supposed to help you become the biggest sheriff and police force. Crime is not a vehicle; it is your criminal inanity of genius where nothing is real. You insist this is about Israeli when this is about American and Americans who are Christians. All you do is make trouble all day long and berate others to cause trouble all the time. (Hint to the “superior and more powerful” super honky terrorist upstairs in the business of perpetual trouble. You are no myspace dot con babe and if you could see below your belly, then we know you will reach farther and wash it. So start with washing the nasty hair and then visit the fat farm so we can place you a dog show before psychiatric help for all of this and turning down the plea bargain by the Marines.)

People are terrified of your murderous police no matter what the lie is or who you are. They are terrified you can end this. They are terrified you chide us daily about 911 and how stupid the authority, police, and military are. This is how you humiliate and say you are more powerful, genius, smarter, and cannot be stopped. You had been using some legal excuse of being terrified, did not know what to do, and was striking out to accomplish something-reaching out. People are terrified they will have their life stolen as we did and they may or already have their life stolen or rewritten as the storm and dam will break when you are gone or safe. It is pretty clear why crime is rampant in the super honky community and your police are feeble; it is a trouble maker culture and cannibalism to keep others away. Hey, when are you going to “send him a rice cooker… lives in a hut”; you promised me a rice cooker at least ten times and my brother who lives in a 3 million dollar home, search what was said in 2008.

You set the domino theory off on automatic mode. You had to go back and fix the machinery and it got you caught and nabbed; the machinery will implode on you and your smaller family of moles-spies-terrorists will turn on you eventually as they know it went into your Maddoff dreams and sameness where they end up with nothing and a complete joke. So stop saying how you are the voice of America and here to show others out of the death trap; what is your solution but kool-aid right now? This does not happen to your superior immigrant class who work hard and love their country; never. Who is in control and the police here? So like usual, they raided me first and claimed to have bad investments needing to be policed; it is a grand heist and a massive trillion dollar bonus for executives. But this is not what is going on; it is simply not the truth and is not going on in our life; it only happens in your truth, words, tools and speech. This does not happen to honest and decent immigrants who work hard and love their country; never any truth, only what is happening to your life or to your life.

Who is in control and the police here? Who are you following and trying to copy or clone? Why can’t you understand this is a tolerant and Christian nation where you are expected to live very “see me also” and not Un-American; so if you cannot see yourself then you need to be deported, use more care and intelligence, accept the charges being levied by the best commandos you attacked and kidnapped. If you cannot see yourself now, then you have no excuse and have to be caught dead or alive. So you have a choice if you will accept the truth and reality; or you wish to escalate and take this even further into the insane and homicidal ranges. The only vehicle we can see or you can explain is crime-terror; now it is for profit and care, insurance, or a safety net of protections.

Friday, August 14, 2009 “It is I who is the biggest supporter of Israel… it is I who… anti-Semite… support their policies… advocate giving them aid… will always side with them unconditionally… 8/14/2009 12:38:29 PM (Anti-Christ and the Devil).” I never said you were the Missad, a racist, advocate blacks migrating to Jerusalem and the West Bank and said you cursed the US by immigrating here and terrorizing the common citizens until the most elite commando units were used as bait by you and were flushed into the open and the public level where your lies are feeble and a toilet toy. You keep jumping the gun and taking the first punch and kill. I never said you are or were an Israeli citizen living in America and usurping the Christian nation to advance Zionism or Israel; never. What I said was you have a murder-terror plot for profit and it sounds to others as close to Nazism or will advance your political experience of holocaust. There is no truth or facts so you must figure out how to reload and continue shooting when the world is hostile and kool-aid is the only way out. We all heard your explanation why or what use “the proper use of terrorism” and love of Israel is about.

I do not care if you are a hit man or an assassin; I don’t even care if you are Carlos the Jackal; not a damn bit; I do care you were knocking up my ex-girlfriend (fiancĂ©) and was a peeping tom in her life and mine because you and Billary were obsessed and in some threesome or some delusional recurring sex-rape fantasy which will not go away. Now you are meeting the best in the world and crawl like a thief and a demented illogical repugnant human being calling the pretty-nice people creepy for rejecting you. I never said Israel was behind 911 and global terrorism; I said they have a lot of problems with this and have recurring nightmares about the halo-cause. We are learning more and more as you refuse to cooperate and end this standoff with real life and the most lethal commandos on this earth. You cannot win and will get ejected and ridiculed; end this now before the wrath of a transparent Christian nation and the voice of God strikes you down and cuts your shirt and trousers off your body.

“8/14/2009 12:51:29 PM We do not want to loose our freedom… medical care (pampered in life)… Americans are showing this is not what they voted for or want… called a unruly mob… beat up blacks at meetings… all not working.” You had said you knew “every inch of our glorious body” and knew who we are (as if you saw something like we did); can you tell us how many minutes we were in your life from 1989 to 2009? Was there one hour out of 20 years you did not stalk-kidnap and study us? Now from 1989 to 2009; how did we know about you? Are you saying we were in your face and in your life? How did you get defeated; the world is watching and listening to you; you must educate them on how to accomplish missions and how to be a super duper secret spy and mole. World and global leaders do not beg and crawl daily or are ripped apart as a national joke.

You said there was no truth, facts, and words are just tools to describe what is happening to you (a halo-cause); you said you can never be caught and will never be. Can you explain how we caught you and opened all the doors for ten full years while you walked in every single one? Even study us, you could not copy and clone us, why? Just when you thought you were walking across the finish line and the coast was clear; you find out even 200 per cent effort was not good enough. Not one hour in 20 years was not breathing down our backs, humiliating, torturing, kidnapping, and now all you have is to cover up a murder-terror plot and a bunch of widows you tried to knock up and rape? So why did you loose in both love and war if you are this astute and superior as you say? Why? I have yet to hear your study or analysis? To this day the topic has been you; now share with us what you think was your mistake or demise.

We know all about your life. If you cannot be caught; why are you and all of your work-lies-political fantasies so jeopardized and jealous? Was it because you are dirt stupid and fake; a total shyster and used car salesman; or was it you have no respect for human life and human beings who must beg and call you master to live in your world? Can you tell the American people who you are so proud of and who is going to water the tree of liberty with the blood of traitors how our nightmare of being kidnapped became your perpetual nightmare of an assassin, terrorist, mole, sleeper, master spy, propaganda master, total Maddoff lying businessman, and a complete mess? “It is a huge career risk… I am confident because I love you... 8/14/2009 1:08:05 PM doesn’t matter… not important to debate… I don’t know, I am just stunned… intellectually I am confused… cannot be done… have no answer… preposterous… cannot help you now.”

You are to help yourself not us; who the hell are you helping right now, us or to save your slimy reptilian skin; “mad, add it up… intelligent people… look, feel, but it did not happen.” So you admit you are inferior and are crawling on the ground for waging war on the US and tried everything to stop the harm on you. Your shoes are gone from feet braking, your shirt is cut in shreds, all your hair was pulled out and in a bucket with a gift wrapped wood glue, and I am wearing the size 47 waist trousers when I need a size 29 waist pant? You are helping me right? I will give you a few more minutes to end this question and your intelligent and genius analysis why you are where you are and the red light blinks and the alarm now has stopped screaming; that is how bad it is for you. Search the site for the rice cooker; when you sending it and stop picking on my brother.

“I have been defeated… beaten back… they never will stop… do not call themselves socialists, call themselves progressives now… no different than Harm Emmanuelle… it is what the left always does and will always do… must be opened and will do what they do to force it down your throat… how you define American exceptionably… those traits for freedom and liberty… it has always been here but they never got this close… own white house, congress, senators… will not own 2010 but will always be back… just who they are… do not care to explain their motivations, it is just who they are… after they own the Pentagon… whatever they can own, then they can own you… that is how it works.” Are you insane and a delusional moron? Who in hell sits around life and thinks of this stuff? It is like Dr. Evil and some meticulous way to impose evil, Satan, the demon-devil, and transform America into a slave camp for profit.

Now I will end it with this. We know and traced the immigration process and know which governments sent criminals to the US to fight the same battles which was erupting around the globe with the cold war. These civil wars caused countries to sabotage and usurp the Christian ethics and nation of tolerant future leaders of the world. Apparently, you were unfortunate to meet someone who destroyed you and meticulously explained ever moment of every waking hour of our nightmare now your miserable nightmare. So you sent the poor and the worst to be great and rich; then used leaders or spies from these hostile agents to have a stake and this is how it came out. We knew there was and how bad this concerted effort was around 1900 to 1939 and they are not Americans but live in a Christian nation where they are expected to see them and follow the Christian ethics and laws to promote tolerance.

We get this battle of crime and criminals trying to do what you said for take over or total control, “I have been defeated… beaten back… they never will stop… do not call themselves socialists, call themselves progressives now… it is what the left always does and will always do… must be opened and will do what they do to force it down your throat… how you define American exceptionably… those traits for freedom and liberty… it has always been here but they never got this close… own white house, congress, senators… will not own 2010 but will always be back… just who they are… do not care to explain their motivations, it is just who they are… after they own the Pentagon… whatever they can own, then they can own you… that is how it works.” You left out rewrite the Constitution and change the Christian ethic of seeing themselves and transparency. So we know to do this battle against the government and to use crime; you exploited the wealth, talents, anger, morals, and truth-words-reality of what we call culture and society.

This is the level of evil we currently have in politics right now and you just said how close you got before we stopped you. “It is now all a mess… our health care is broken, it has to be fixed… it is totally immoral… people don’t like it... wants a government option to keep all of the private ones honest.” The market is the most honest broker, trust me. We encourage government to adhere to these rules if they do not wish to be destroyed or punished by the Christian ethics. Companies are not there for mere profit or to be a vehicle you perpetuate lies in order to get what you want out of life. I was on your trail as far back as 1979 and began study out of fascination and watching TV. I will give you advice; we caught you because you had no chance. I have at least 10 contingency plans and Ann suppressed and surprised me with marriage finally; she was not going to wait another 10-20 years or move on.

That is all I can say and you are a very lucky idiot and beyond what I would call the devil or a monster. You tripped the final line and fell. All I can say is it was a trap set by the US Army and the best commando-Generals of World War II. Do you know how long it took to get here? If you were going to steal or hijack SDI, then it is your last chance, make it count; ask Pollard. It is off the charts while your lies are so angelic and Christian. So before you say money, more profit, and expand or how superior you are; tell me how much it cost to imprison someone. You owe them an answer not me. They have no future and will be poor for the rest of their life fighting your god damn war to overthrow the US government and take over using Democracy, voting rights, and our Constitutional kindness. When you think you are brave, brawling, and courageous enough; you can tell us how you got beat so badly and what was going through your mind; we did, what is your story besides, “were defeated… got beat… that is all there is to it.” Don’t forget this is about self sufficiency, not Hitler or Stalin; telling us about studying us for 20 years and violating that? Sounds like a blond-blue fantasy of a loser who still cannot win or explain it (Terrorism-Murder).

What are you hiding or are you this stupid and this evil? I will give you some other advice; we can beat you by just lifting a finger; you do not even have a chance and you hide this also because you never did and are the best enemy this world has seen; not the best but most evil and murderous. This puts you up there with Stalin and Hitler; who you want to be when you are ready to tell us why or how you lost will show who you are. Remember, there is no facts or truth; only what happens in your life and to you. I decide who you will be. I can show how violent you are also as you tried to do and arrest us. Who wins and who looses; who gets raided makes the rules and decides who you are correct? No facts, no truth and only a tool to describe what happened to others. Yes, the Russians are freaking out reading this and did not know how good the Nazis are and how evil you have become or violent. They fear you too and 911. 8/14/2009 1:45:11 PM (Crying and breaking up voice)

CLOSEDOWN: 8/14/2009 1:56:17 PM



8/14/2009 7:08:04 PM I am surprised a viciously curious why Bin dead fish cracker Hannity mentioned he spent CPAC 2008 with Ann Coulter (says the entire event) and also said they hung out at the bar the entire event? Then he said it was like a majestic ball, “the crowd loves you… loves us… influenced by Fox News channel… on the right… information from the left... none of this is true.” Well, I did not say it and if you hang out with a girl at CPAC then you miss out on the juicy honky honey melons that always go there; I been to these things and boy are they hot and single. It is like a hotel orgy and a frat party. I never heard Ann tell me she got blitzed and was raped or got drunk; she says she is very careful; she said a couple guys may have touched her in a friendly way which was suspicious.

The only people who do this stuff (Twin Peaks – Laura Palmer story) are the Billaries and you; are you saying it is two separate missions and stories? It is not; I know from upstairs, they get it on in front of me when I was there and their kid is almost like a child hooker; I was shocked. You talk to me and feed me some recruitment, she goes to you and makes you delusional; such the case now. If I were you, I would stop recruiting and trying to cause a defection; we know everything. She addressed it all to you and acted as a lawyer to a hostage hijacking. You cannot see Ann and I am better at faking you and outmaneuvering you; to outfox you by being like you terrorists and spies. 8/14/2009 7:19:14 PM “Every liberal editor out there accusing her of making all of this up and now they owe her an apology… targeted by Gov. Paling and others (Ezekiel)… they hate her… attack her family… make sexual jokes… try to destroy her.” If you know you got beat and how high this is; and you know that the US Army is behind it; I would say your combat energy and survival rate is low if any.

I think what you will do is thin out your forces and remove the weak points of failure; it is the only way to cover up. (Bin dead cracker mentions the Freedom Concert in NJ and free tickets to Ann; trust me, she is dumb and stupid enough to go and then cry about how it was her staff and her publicist-close associates who scheduled her or told her to go for publicity. She needs to overrule them and put her foot down if she knows who it is doing this.) I think you had Ann on the top to thin out that threat and continual problem; as I had mentioned foiling. Yes she knew and told me; she knew it all and who was behind it, “they love him… everybody in the room is standing up and applauding, they love him 8/14/2009 7:29:54 PM.” As I said, in your mind you are some super honky hero and a total pig face fascist. A super honky hero who cannot see himself; is fooling or tricking Christians who do; and has pages of felonies and known to cause trouble incessantly? You still do not have a clue.

(So Bin Limbaugh could not explain how we beat them or can trouble shoot and learn from their mistakes; let’s see if Bin Hannity can or at least tell us how he was beaten and schooled?) “Black is white and white is back 8/14/2009 7:36:34 PM we are going to watch and wait… they are terrible people… counter the myth… not telling the truth here… CBO says otherwise… (Rush stressed his profits, success, and his ratings; he says it is all documented and a credible business plan) dumbest press secretary in the world… polls shows one thing… he is not taking them head on… political event… megaphone in chief… demonizing group… they demonize this… demonize that… do it as a strategy… take medication and may get reimbursed for free medical care offered… they do not know which patients will develop acute mental illness (so kidnap victims and terror plot recruits-brainwashing are patients, did someone sign up for this or do they volunteer for this?)… Looks like they got their facts wrong (yeah it does)… telling one outright lie after the other (oh really, we did not notice this either)… same meeting… goes to our seniors… endorsement is useful except it is false (who this happening is to and who is doing it)… spread out… over ten years.” Not bad but that is only with Ann; how about the entire thing.

“I hate… sucks… bunch of Nazis… known for precision and so informed… so smart but now makes one misstatement after the other… words mean nothing… destroy his credibility… (Write a book and tell the real story before it is told for you; accept the Marine Corp plea bargain).” It is that other weasel Mark Bin dead whacker Levin (don’t have time to sit here and ramble; he says listen to the schizophrenia now. Well, when I show you my belly and what I am carrying or what I will shoot you down with; a little paranoia and schizophrenia is needed; this is why they detected on an MRI my genius secret and ability to see your footsteps; I am rated at over 30 per cent but my relative level is at 10 plus and is totally invisible; almost like a Terminator. The only way to see a problem was with an MRI. With the already existing problems and sharpening the mind to do the security and develop the manuals and plot a course; there were pre-existing problems that were hidden; anybody at this level realizes this; any street cop knows the elements and exposure to it.

My neuron-transmitters fire like pistons and machine guns. My synapses-receptors are dulled by excitement and danger. Do not try to understand it unless you can be like a body builder and perfect each muscle and in perfect detail. It is also called a chemical-hormone psychosis. If done right you will be at peace and calm when chaos and discord is everywhere. So you ask around if that is not the best and what they know; it is individualistic slow motion stoicism.) So the MRI pictures told a different story and a chemical imbalance that was managed by a super-natural power. Once being kidnapped, they took which is as high as you can get and go; the trip wire for Armageddon and the last line before it; and added 50x stressors and bombarded it hourly so as to steal it and rewrite our life. Their goal is to steal as much as they can; our goal was to try and shoot as many of them as possible; maybe capture or identify their super duper mole-sleeper-terrorists.

So what to do when they cut pieces of your body? Do you suck it up or call it quits? This on top of the idea we were protected and had disabilities that are well over what is considered normal or deviant. There is no way to operate at this level, to optimize the brain to a max balance (Movie Universal Soldier); and then have some enemy capture you to steal it all and the king or queen. When you are 75% in enemy territory and there is no logistics; what do you do? Do you use escape-evasion until rescue or some search party finds you? Do you try to signal (mirror, smoke, radio, walk-in) some authority or enemy hostile? Do you try to blend in and be an average citizen when they know you are a retired veteran and hate your guts; the symbol of what they must kill? With no support or logistics, what do you do; do you run, hide, or push onwards to victory when you know how it will end? So how did we get injured so badly mentally and physically? Who is behind it and why is their character and viciousness embodied by 911 and terror plots? Simple, we were chasing them but academically and knew they were there; but they raided us first and stole everything.

The reason to capture and kidnap someone this high and use bait at this level has a dual advantage; can you win? It is the biggest gamble you will ever see and only played by the supreme commands of two sides; there is no three sides; only two because the third, fourth, fifth are always taken out. Only two in this world can play and take these chances. Either they were looking for some “nest” or some recruitment for this terror network and mole-spy-sleeper. It is different when you are in a house and being invaded then the people doing the invasion. That is the advantage, to raid others before the evidence comes out on them and it puts them in a better position of strength. To go against world class spies is one thing; to have them kidnap you for over ten years is another and try to flush them out. Like undercover work; do you stop now or suck it up when it is so deep and you are so close to them being convinced they won.

Hey, nice shot but still has not answered why Bin Limbaugh mole-terror plot failed or was nabbed. How much do we know and how did we know it all; when also? Now tell me what you did when we told you we knew everything and when? Evil and Satan does not come near who you are and what you are capable of. It is hard to play along with you sometimes and act like you are undercover or nabbing you; you become despondent. The anger sometimes is hard to hide and you get sick of it; try this for 10 years. It is liberating when everything is perfect again. Both Ann and I have unlimited ability to change our character and who we are; on a dime and snap, trust me. This is off the charts felonies such as false imprisonment, stalking, malicious prosecution, kidnapping, extortion, espionage, waging war, murder, terror conspiracy, etc… If you offer them a plea, they take it offensively and attack (Sue the man-cow who cannot see below or what is down there; Sue who?)

8/14/2009 8:16:51 PM Bin dead half ass slave trader Negro honky Hannity mentions a rumor they are advancing harm on the President. We want him alive like we want Bin dead fish Hannity alive; however, we go to a knife fight with a gun. The only way to figure out what the hell they did and prosecute or capture dead or alive these moles-spies-terror plots is to keep alive the scum bags who made them or hid them; so unfortunately praying for Bin dead crackers being knifed will never come true but I do hope Ann cracks a damn bottle over his head and kicks him in the nuts so bad, he bleeds on her. I do not know Bin Lying so I cannot say I want him dead. I know this half ass Negro slave trader and whitey honkey racist, fascist named Bin Limbaugh-Clinton-Hannity because they said they had called me a “common nigger” for upwards of 20 times a day; why is that now a problem to them or exposing them as a terrorist?

If you were in my world I would knife and cut something off their body for 911 or a dirty bomb; but it does not work this way and they do this troublemaking all day long and never end or stop. I want them alive and then all their plans which we flood out there and let them see how long they can survive. I consider Bin Bama a brother and skin against a white supremacy and oppressive slave trader who hates the best and most talented. I hardly mention the 43rd and 44th; it is Bin Limbaugh and Hannity who are obsessed with them. Check the records and how annoyed I got with their obsession with the Magic Negro; they cannot get their minds off of him and I always change the topic. Check the records who would not stop with Obama and how he was an easy target 8/14/2009 8:29:28 PM; we tried to help and fix the country and he turned his back on us so we did him; they could not and did not. We want him to fix it, not screw our world and life over. They saw Obama as an easy target and an escape to boost ratings; to show how powerful they are as slave traders and horrific-sadistic honky monsters. It is good press for them and this culture of corruption.

Pleading about the safety of others and while in an odd predicament is odd. How come we did not hear this before and this pleading and begging? I do not think for one moment someone so vicious and murderous can actually say “one of the most staunch… no resources should be spared to…” and his rambling as if God is judging him and he is going to hell; he said he was going to hell and so did Bin Limbaugh; how do we trust him if he does not say as I and others do, “we know and can say this to your face we will meet in heaven if not this lifetime, then the next.” That is a genuine character and a pure soul; this is total BS and really weird. They are obsessed with the magic Negro and I have commented how annoying it was; like picking on him to make them bigger or stronger. We dated all of this and who they are. Take them out magic Negro 8/14/2009 8:51:08 PM?

So how does Bin Hannity feel about Ann’s column on KP and the south being anti-government, anti-Constitution, and more state’s rights and secessionist. Who must secede and who must now? Just like being fired or ran off. Is Ann saying that the blame for walking the plank and the constant problems with me and her regard to one of her close associates-publicist who invested? Hence, we have the South Carolina recurring rape dream (Sanford, Caddell, Chambliss, Newt, Parker) and the “Republican Revolution of 1994.” I do not see it that way; I see it as living in a Christian nation and being able to see oneself as a Christian. So on Pop Modal, it was not Lisa D. but KP; also who was making her walk to plank and pushing her to go campaign when I had no plans of this yet for Ann. Who is the creator of Ann and who knows everything? Who is behind the Bin Limbaugh-Hannity crap also? Why don’t we look up the Restoration Weekend in 2006 which got Ann in major trouble; Kathleen Parker documented that and had nothing about Ann there. FReeP – busted and fired also. They are not going easily and will put up a filthy fight.

(Someone contacted me and said they lost because they dreamt I was their leader or dreamed some romance-fantasy; then felt I had that dream once it was clear they were not. This is almost like when you are removed from your desk; the person can be promoted or fired. First we were being fired, then we were being promoted; however, the reality was they were being fired and apprehended for pages of felonies and had this-the book thrown at them. This is a very powerful book and so are the people behind it.)

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