I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Monday, August 17, 2009


I will recap the arguments about the death panel and this problem with dispelling the town halls where people are genuinely mad and really upset with how broken the nation and society is; this is a Christian nation, who is not supposed to experience this, but it is and people are mad as hell.

From the Bin Limbaugh Pages: LA, snitches, health insurance, town halls, death panels, Joker-blame, Fiddler-same, Catholics v. Ann Coulter, Me v. Ann Coulter fans, Me vs. her publicist and staff, Ann Coulter vs. me (now), going to miss them a lot, have missed them a lot, how not to fall in love while falling in love, how to explain to… about… or why… and who will listen… and actually do something about this… why? Blame the publicist and staff?
Video: Love Song Live! By Telsa (From the Album “Live from Philadephia): look how nosy and gentle they are and how they will wait forever while ruining the life of who they claim to love or want to rape-stalk with a meek fantasy. At least Billary admitted he did not date her finally after 6 years and dispelled she was his Drink-N-Bed buddy. Ann is almost done and over; she says it is all them and blames them; so she will have to destroy them and make it clear “look what you did” and make them pay for it dearly. It took six years to have him admit and shut up about dating and other frolics. She said she avoided him and Bin Hannity and threw stuff at them to let them know she did not want to date them and was not interested; I believe her there.

When I arrived in April 2008; she told me to be silent and she was kidnapped also but managed to win her freedom by cooperating and doing as they asked; they had encircled her and I began picking them off; she told me who was doing what, I said to keep your head down and do not jump in front. I said, let me build the legal case and stay behind me; so their story will hit mine and the phony love-romance blitz would stick to me. Once I broke Bin Limbaugh, they scattered as if their king was beheaded and I was showing him the head. They went into panic mode and lost all wind to their sails. I basically said, is that all you got? I clearly saw how aggressive and how they set her up (went on their show, went to a party or photo op, they hang or fly around her like vultures, use false stories how they escort or are close friends, use their name to link or associate their work, and a host of non business things such as dinner, trying to get a date, only dates gays, etc…) She told me about the pure pressure and the phony stories and phantom to discredit her and anger her. Can she walk away or is she addicted and brainwashed by their star power and rich life?
Monday, August 17, 2009 Let’s see if Bin Hannity is going to end this nonsense and stop his effort to stalk, rape, destroy, and murder plot on Ann Coulter; she is single right now and you may call her Ms. Coulter at my behest. If it is or was about competition, then this is his window of opportunity finally. “Knew… state problem… operate regardless of laws in particular states… belittle us… the problem is the core of this… control by the Senate… nonprofit organization… playing with a different set of rules than anybody else… will be destroyed… a real threat to the best in the world… needs to be defeated.” Here we go with the rambling and words only describe what is happening or what is occurring in their life; they do not believe in the truth or facts; only what is happening to them or existentialism for all the “statists” out there.

“Clearly bamboozled… will form focus groups… polling… find someone to beat up on (Obama and blacks)… not finished yet… make sure we end this… engaged to the last minute… making a big mistake here.” Who the hell is he talking to? “All the evil mobsters out there”; so he has to give them orders about how stupid and phony he is; I also see how he tried to cheer Ann up this weekend and invite her to his Freedom Concert to help how competitive he is and how he can afford her; oh and to help her ratings like Billary Maher is trying to say now, “if it was not for me she would not had a proper start in the media.” Billary nearly ruined her life and Bin Hannity, Bin Bush, and Bin Limbaugh and others took over where Billary left off. Billary did not become so engaged as they got more freaked out; but he has conspiracy to stalk-rape-murder charges. Because the effort was passed off, he actually washed his hands of it before it was carried out. Billary is also lucky his lucky jalapeƱo pepper has not been Bobbitized and ran over by a few cars; that would be really funny and he can make hot tub porn over it.

We could also do the “oh, it is not for me but a friend of mine… she likes sex toys and men on men action… I need to know how serious you are and how far you are willing to go.” That would have been a real dooly. (Bin dead cracker Hannity is not the slightest bit concerned but he sound panicked and terrified where he used to openly tell me “stay away from her… you have been warned… we are engaged… shares the stage with me” and then blocks my internets all day and night, reads all my emails, and listens in on how much I know about what they did to Ann and how much she knew about what they did to me (kidnapping and terror plot). I tried to warn him we knew everything. He did say or imply he will invite her to his Freedom Concert the next year! That is probably all he and they will say about things after knowing nothing works and none of the lies are effective.

He is not discussing any details and says the problem is the core of this as I am and clearly have made that evident. Let me also tell him how good they are and how they were caught; the only way is we knew everything and but det-cord on one, then the next, then the next. Now the entire thing is a domino to the core and a chain reaction; would they ever do this if it is only in sleeper cells? So how do you catch sleeper cells when two major leaguers are undetectable? Yes, one contradicts the other; our side has one story with seamless interloping. He is too selfish to fall on the sword; but way too deep to walk away unscathed like what Bin Limbaugh did.

The rule of law behind a sleeper cell is they operate wholly independent. When one cell is captured or destroyed; it does not jeopardize the next or the up and down structure. Some cells have dual or duplicate missions in case one is taken out or fail; that is who you are dealing with and how they were able to pick up on this when Billary lost the scent and had to pull over. “We would have been sleeping with you guys… my wife… been on the radio… now it is what are you talking about… her phone was shut off the other day… a fortune in her bank account… do you know how embarrassing this is… know how mad she is at me… laugh out loud… choking… know she is married… look for weaknesses…”; and that is the greasy grimy rapist, terrorist, stalker, and lethal weasel we know as Sean Bin Hannity.

“A snitch on your neighbor… chief propagandist… my job… that has ended… confusion of all of this… attacking everything… Waterloo moment DeMint mentioned… I do not see it that way… Obama-care may be toast… I am not so sure… I am not sure it is real… just what he wants… signals they will abandon the ambitious proposals… (full retreat while he goes on full charge) at the core of this is the government managing… what they will charge and what they cannot charge… what they cover… it is all over… no chance for compromise… confession… you better understand the public option… scared of all of this… getting paid only 600 per week… working for change but making a lot of friends… paid to do it, 10-14 bucks an hour… why show up even?” Listen to this guy! Lets not 8/17/2009 8:11:50 PM!

If you have not seen the interview, then watch it; you will see the problem with Billary Maher and all of these people. Mr. Pitt said it best when he said on religion, “sometimes you need to check what country you are in… same sex marriage… you can’t tell people how to live their life… but if they prevented you from practicing your religion, then I would stick up for you and be your voice also… have you ever been in a socialist country? Well, I have and we are doing fine, just fine.” You can see Billary become unhinged and not able to sink his hooks in; the slide and slippery situation caused him to loose his base platform and then drift by himself. If you want to watch Ann Coulter mess up her life; she said she is scheduled to be on Real Time and talk to the Billaries (Bin Leech-on, Syncro-Kaus, publicist, FReeP, Ron Dog, Pia know it all, Horror-putz, and the rest of them); if you want to see why her medals were stripped and how she got in the trouble she is in and refuses to walk away from it all and convict them; watch her mess up and trip. Who is the joke and why is she enjoying it so much?

“8/17/2009 8:36:21 PM We are the ones who need medical care… we cannot afford this… okay we will take care of you… she loves you and is furious over this… thank you… loser pays… totally died… narrative we are engaging in… (Kidnapping children, cloning them, and trying to attack or overthrow the government or stack the Supreme Court? Yes, raping a woman@ in front of her husband! Wait, then seeing how long she will wait and trying attrition to see when she gives in; both her and her husband! They admit this now but know the core of it is 911 and other terror plots-SDI-espionage) were going to murder you 8/17/2009 8:43:06 PM… that is why… give me a specific example… words used against… against Rush Limbaugh and me… town halls, being called Nazis, un-American, and others… right out of the Saul Lewinsky rules for radicals.” I do not think he is going to beat that and make more appeals to the public; I think he impresses them and has their support; why we do not know.

“That is alright they will take care of grandma… (Using her mom as some vehicle to power and a mad dash to make her hysterical or crazy; I rescue her even if I am trying to tell her to leave; or make her decide now – selfish vicious coward and murderer) make her life hell… that is all it means (oh you did much more than just hell or infliction of emotional distress and harassment and slander)… Obama spoke to veterans and was going to charge them for their injuries… (If you rape a woman and she kills you; your family is not owed any insurance or reparation, got it? If you loose a war or terror plot, then the police do not arrest the winner or who got knifed! Got it?)

(If you are on a battlefield and ordered to surrender and you charge; you will be mowed down and your limbs will be meticulously and efficiently removed from working parts of your body, understand? It is common sense.) You don’t raise our kids… different take on this, hang in there.” Bin Hannity is saying he lost the fight and his injuries are so bad; he wants to be paid and wants medical care for some fight? Who has pages and pages of felonies? Who has the death penalty once the civil suit is in court and the terror plot is eradicated? Do another 911 terror plot and see if we pay you or give you medical care for your injuries; if you ask me, that sound like extortion or murder-terror for profit. I openly display my anger and why; I asked if there was a formal and legitimate crime by your accusers and victims? You can’t press charges as terrorists even if you have police uniforms or penetrated their Police Chiefs Association.

(Bin Hannity is saying something about dating… we are dating and I am Micky the mouse; Bin Hannity is dating his wrinkly kack of a dick; then makes it real with his hand) “Making it work… to improve the situation… help the economy to turn around for them… feeling it also… I am stunned, we are helping it… people do this? …Get us out of this… embarrassed now… bankrupt… all promises.” So he will not admit the attempt to rape Ann and the murder plot or details of it? “Executing it… reinforcing… show them facts… if it works on the down turn… talk to the industry… pull out of it altogether… show some sign they can now recoup all of that money… not kidding, they are all closed for business… city of Chicago is closed for business… sunning out in California now… all of this spending… even in Albany, NY is mind numbing… when are you going to make this right? …Purposely taking them out… stopped looking for work… none available for them now… (FBI and CIA said they will hire you if you sign a contract and confession; contact Marine Corps and warrior negotiators?) Just playing along… look at this debt… no evidence leveling out.”

Okay, if you do not want to turn state’s evidence; why say this and turn down the effort to apprehend or bring you to justice? “So tone deaf… sneak through… unbelievable what is going on… people are now finally catching on… getting it… know what the results will be.” We are professional negotiators and commandos who know our jobs well; do you think this is a joke and you just walk away from it? With the entire military and security forces on earth with guns up, cock and licked, you are going to walk away with hands up and shocked? Your family is in the SUV and waiting for you, so if we can hurry and get this done with; it will be a tremendous help? That does not sound real or is going to work, what you are going to do to “Making it work… to improve the situation… help the economy to turn around for them… feeling it also… I am stunned, we are helping it… people do this? …Get us out of this… embarrassed now… bankrupt… all promises.” If I understand this correctly; we had a twenty or so year trap on you and you managed to use every deceit and trick to gain control and power, you have to do more such as “Executing it… reinforcing… show them facts… if it works on the down turn… talk to the industry… pull out of it altogether… show some sign they can now recoup all of that money… not kidding, they are all closed for business… Purposely taking them out… stopped looking for work… none available for them now… Just playing along… look at this debt… no evidence leveling out.” 8/17/2009 9:23:23 PM The interloping is not working.

Bin dead cracker Hannity admits he is behind the denial of service attacks and the person called (Sawma and black pit) who he described as “his web guy.” He said “we will fight them by denying the means which they fight us with… electrical problems (utilities, zeroing hard drives, etc…)” and he says this is merely a fight and denying our means to fight him. It is not a felony and he is not the slightest concerned about anything. Bin Hannity did not cause the site to shut down or the new name; but he told the FReeP and his Billary crew in LA to shut down the server I wrote about which caused me to get fed up and stop writing to Ann and sending her love notes every day; she cherished them and said it made her so happy to read my letters which were very intimate, sexy and personal. So after constant harassment; I said no more and she fired the LA crew after I told her who was behind it and said; I had it. Ann shut down the site a month or two after because I stopped writing and posted her letters online now. They did not want this to happen; it blew up on them because they said the sight was for them. However, they became emboldened and happy as we fought and were angry how badly they had her as a captive and how she went along so she would win or laugh at them.

Sawma has return and so has this “heart machine” where the APS technology they just got is being directed from Sue upstairs. Their plan was to have her “find the body” and “tell the story” so the driving to court and trying to be romantic helped their story after they used the APS or some drug; then she as a neighbor would call for help as our captor; then their story would be undetectable; makes perfect sense and fits perfect. So that is why Bin Hannity was trying to get close and she banged up Bin Limbaugh instead; who is behind my situation and a copy cat crime. They hit my chest, said they are back, and said they did not want to fight this out and she took off; only to return the next day or next time. I told them do it and it will be your last finger exercise. I say call an official military air strike on them and their military chicanery. Look up who is behind it and give them a clear warning how disappointed and hateful it is to have a foreign military operating at this level and from some other country. So they are saying the facts are against us and they won; just not the war and was caught at the last moment. Sue Ma-Barker upstairs is speaking for Bin Limbaugh-Hannity-Clinton-unions and said they could have won this easily if they wanted one deader person to add. So who is yelling go home?

Monday, August 17, 2009 (Rush Limbaugh from Los Angeles? Are you stalking Ann again, you are like the god damn woman upstairs; a total nightmare and vagrant.) Let me tell you about this lady named Sue, your powerful union boss who cannot be overruled. She thinks she is my boss-manager, she makes my schedule, she is some mother figure, and she is a dictator who breathes down my back and penalizes me or punishes me when and if you do not like my behavior. She is fat, she is nasty, she is worthless and useless, she constantly is looking for some way to be involved or such an annoyance, and worse she thinks she is some God for bastards and dead honkies. This is why your kids grow up hateful, mean, psycho and end up homeless-in the sex industry, or have a total dysfunctional life. She thinks she is my hostage captor and mom; I am three times as educated, twice as smart, and have a pure heart; she is a total animal and honky devil; so why white kids so messed are up and why do they project or cause so much trouble because they don’t give a damn? Could it be the mom factor and female?

LA Times, “what movie are they watching?”,0,1748845.column

This bunch is beyond lunatics and stalkers, you can throw the sink at them, you can call them names; even they admit you have to shoot them; they are animals and bloodthirsty and want to live with Christians and in a Christian nation? They seek freedom in a Christian nation and over Christians? I find it quit difficult to even sit before our eyes and hear us say “you live in a Christian nation and you are expected to act and behave like all Christians; this is a tolerant nation and you refuse to see yourself or take responsibility; never once in this.” I am going to tell you right now; who you are-was; who your image is and reputation; there comes a time when you have to show your true colors and be the person you want to be; you all cannot and if you do will get the death penalty. So we get this cat and mouse game and we are trying to get you in court with our own money and time; imagine that, the 911 plotters, spies-moles, and terrorists are freed by the government and normal people have to do the heavy lifting and catch you; what does that tell you about the government?

If you are trying to torment me about Ann Coulter and Ann Coulter is enjoying the joke with you; then all I have to say is I have asked her to leave and never to use my name or cause in vain again. I am fed up with her and who she keeps telling me about and who I end up getting. It is as if you all are a used car salesman; you say princess and we end up with something like the lady upstairs who thinks she is an Abercrombie model and mommy. I get the same sense with Ann and you honkies; who I know will steal the shirt off your back, yell at you for being some terrorist hijacker, and pretend you are religious or authority protecting freedom. I have gotten this for over ten years and have never been able to figure out who the hell is behind it; but it is clear who and what it is, or why.

So I am fed up with Ann and asked her to leave; not pull this act we see all the time and by the same people who kidnapped both of us. They say it is a Ferrari and it ends up some 430:1 model scale for kids made by Tonka. Know what I paid for it? She is doing it to me also and it is the biggest turn off you will ever know or feel; the recurring rape dream and nightmare on replay. If she wants to keep pissing me off and wrecking her life; then I want out and nothing to do with her; I asked her to leave or give me some reason to stay and I got a Catholic observer explain in favor of her side. I am not going to repeat everything he said, it takes several hours; but it is too many excuses and layers of deceit; this is how bad the nation and country is now; the layers of this is incredible.

The evidence and data suggest that in order to save the American culture, society, nation, and restore it; these ape like baby factories must be eradicated and replaced with real human beings and someone we like or can live with. How about those racists and bad honkies that have black friends? The fat ass chick is like a bully and she wants to act helpful and superior. She picks on, like this terror group of sickos and murderers, pretty and smart people. I have never met anybody of a Caucasian race so sadistic and so evil in my life; I grew up encircled by guided by church elders and the Presbyterian system of schools and Calvinism. You are taught to be strong, healthy, and what I am which is a mold of previous military Generals from the same lineage. Do not ask me why they chose me; but I know you put enough effort forth for me to say it is kidnapping, hostage taking, and will be in court about this entire matter; why resolve it? I hope they are beginning to notice these predators and some lout who calls themselves “mommy” and “teacher.”

I honestly love and cherish Ann; however, in explaining her story and the lurid details of her hitting back between the liberals in NY and the liberals in LA; she created a war of moles and spies in NY-LA on the conservative side also. They spared no meager punch or tactic to destroy her. So I honestly love her and want to be with her; but if she ruins and destroys who she is, what is left? If there is nothing to respect or cherish, then why do it? If she continuously and perniciously attacks whom she trusts and who is her best friend; intentionally or not, then carries on as if there is no problem and her life is that good to her; then how do I tell her “after what I did for you and asked nothing in return, you pay me with double the pain, misery, and humiliation while taking our victory lap? What kind of a friend puts you in this kind of danger and says it is for you and us? You cannot love what is disintegrating and you cannot keep dreaming about a day that will never arrive using any excuse to force your enemies to say or look at the truth; that is the key to her story, the truth and reality. Who won and why; to win, nobody has any idea what you must go through or how barbaric these people truly are. Let these women learn from her mistakes because she made a lot of them but not enough to use one of them; that is the fed up feeling; they are minor and miniscule mistakes.

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