I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Monday, August 10, 2009


If Bin Hannity-Limbaugh-Clinton-Bama are so terrified, when why don’t they let us board their slave ship and show us the whitey documents they are hiding. Most people who are facing life in prison for 911 usually turn State’s witness and not go on the air every single day about how terrified they are, how town halls are fabricated, going Pyongyang on us and picking up two females for a long plane ride, and then bragging about how he is back. This is a half-ass fascist racist pig and he is protecting dead whiteys, dead crackers, and some white honk slave ship with planes painted on the sides. If Bin Hannity-Limbaugh is as that scared, then answer the questions honestly, let us board their slave ship and let the rescuers and commandos off the slave ship they sail at night and around the world demanding jobs for the dead crackers and whiteys. If it is a race hoax, why not answer the questions honestly? What are they hiding and trying to take to the grave? Now they complain about being terrified and fabricated outrage or town halls of arm band wearing bandits? Obama’s sixth test, is 911 a race hoax and a hate crime on minorities by racist-fascist pigs trying to incite a race riot in America?

If there is something to complain about by Bin Hannity, let me start with the time when he knew he had a captive, when he knew immediate relief was needed, and the behavior and actions subsequent to these gravely “unexpected events.” In other words, did it occur to him that extending this long would worsen the condition and health of the captives which he said they were hiding and did not want the public to know? So by prolonging it; it shows the denial of relief, medical care, and essential aspects of life which were denied while vicious attacks were the only offer. The behavior of the government is also under scrutiny. Knowing the hostages were undercover and knowing they had and were trapping the 911 masterminds and plotters who failed to recruit them and had them on the run; they sent a boom across the world so loud; those in the trap could not do anything but blame the victims and hostages of being Nazis, un-American, disruptive, traitorous, and embarrassing them. The behavior of who was in control and power is under scrutiny. Did they know they were dealing with people who had been kidnapped for over 10 years and did they attack them to conceal this thin ice period? How they act and when they knew is very important to this case. What about the 911 widows or other victims are suffering or soldiers dying fighting this war?

What kind of relief if any was offered or even negotiated if they were captives or being freed? Here we will emphasize several basic necessities such as bills properly paid, life issues neglected, family members not taken care of, medical problems and complications while capturing or trying to force a surrender to those behind this, dental and other problems which were made worse; and basically the term relief if any while a full scale chase was underway. If they are in total control and know deadly terrorists and spies were behind this; what kind of equalizer was provided or what relief was available if any; was it preventable and fixable and why was the critical periods ignored as “you are on your own… nobody is going to rescue you.” That is a good answer if there was no kidnapping or attempted recruitment or some captivity. Why the relief dragged out for years afterwards or some was escape a daily problem? So these concerts, shows, and behavior will indicate the mentality of those guilty and their attempt to avoid any responsibility by furthering the denigration of any relief. When someone is caught, they usually put their hands up and give up; not make a dash and run for some escape plan or invite as many people to their parties.
(From the Bin dead cracker Hannity Show on Monday, August 10, 2009)

Monday, August 10, 2009 All Bin dead cracker Hannity is doing is talking about how his concert was totally sold out and what a great time he was having while we try to apprehend and build a case on him. He is also stating how others are Nazis and how his voice is being silenced, “scared to death to face you.” He also keeps repeating how terrified he and this terror plot is, they do not know what to do and their silence and behavior is merely a sign of how scared they are to turn in or over evidence; to end this. Meanwhile, his life and his career is gravely endangered and prolonged by this denial of reality and how it is over and the candle is getting shorter. How much longer he can last is not known but he tried every day for a full year new tricks, lies, and excuses which spanned from total lies, fabrications, to outright delusional behavior and death threats. We do make clear we issued a capture dead or alive only because we were the only military authority on the scene and knew who we are dealing with.

Had we said they were boy scouts and to dine and enjoy the good cheers; that could be ultra danger for them and us. There are moments during a year of standoff where death threats were made based on the idea they were terrorists and in total control because they had not been arrested and no warrant issues because they had an early warning detection and contacts on the police or government advising them to end and destroy the opposition and save their terror plot and escape. Bin Hannity also is using the medical insurance and universal or bail outs and spending packages as a sign of proper care to who he calls “an effort to hide the knowledge they had captives… drove them to extreme fear and paranoia of punishments” and made no effort whatsoever to clear up or tell the real and true story. The only way to get the true story was from the captives, hostage rescuers, and undercover agents. All of the people who took them down were either their victims, hostages, or been attacked viciously.

This idea that fear was overwhelming and their actions are justified or excusable by proclaiming a sense of fear, despondence, blamed, and suffering is disingenuous of the reality and criminal mentality. Their mind shows no other concern but escape and to worsen the condition by attacking more and increasing the pressure while they paraded and enjoyed their last moments. This is typical of all major league criminals who face indictment and arrest; they feel some last dinner and moral symbolism as they demand others to drink the cool-aid first before it is their turn; “go on attack mode… lost control of the message… set up a war room… have no control over the matter any longer… turned violent the other night… question their patriotism… question their policies… question their life… nobody is questioning their patriotism, they are questioning their wisdom.”

Was relief or some respect for human life or their victims ever shown or ever part of their mentality or consideration or is it prevalent at every stage of the final raid on this ferocious, lunatic, maniac, and animal like Satan group lying had to be replaced with some genuine care and genuine effort to preserve their own life by their own actions or was it merely a defense mode to escape irregardless? The record will show this and the life cycle; the use of mass confusion; the use of disinformation and fabricated stories; the use of attacks and false facts. Was the only thing on their mind was profit or denying their success while pages of felony charges for murder-terror “resulting to every tactic available… were they routing for America to fail at that time… un-American… McVeigh like…. Sign of desperation… debate on the merits… will be rejected but is not working… was sent home with nothing except ridicule and constant laughing… see this in every survey… instead of accepting this truth and the voice of America… going to denial and denying reality… they cannot believe this is happening 8/10/2009 7:48:56 PM… just refer to them as the mob, Nazis, and un-American… do not like to be called nasty names when representing them with more passion... just intimidation and every tactic in the book… this is the Chicago way… what do you think all of that means?”

It means the level of malice and crimes were so damning the only thing they could do was leave a total mess and disaster in the life of others while they went on defense mode to attack and increase the pressure because like misguided people, they commit murder to prevent a captive or hostage from escaping and calling the cops; much like basic crimes gone awry and not as intended. There are parents who kill their own kids. There are parents who could save some their own child from an attempted effort to end their life but refused to act and claim it was confusion or fear which caused them to bury them or abandon them. Sure they feel remorse but this is not who we are dealing with; the story does not fit whatsoever. If a spy-mole-sleeper-terrorist was detected and their kid or wife turns them in or gives the authorities evidence; that should end it; not another murder or terror plot to see how many know or how big the contingency is; can they shoot it out or try some improvisation or second spontaneous fix?

To face this reality is one thing and surrender without a fight. To face those charges and resort to the public and have evidence presented slowly like a cut-bleed method is another; now the entire public is angry and dragged through this. There is a bigger struggle to conceal or cover it up; to win it with more sin and claim it is an uprising and fair game. It is like a high speed chase, fear is part of the fuel, reality is another, and the means to put on a chase is essential. Meanwhile the nation was under attack by a vicious foreign government, their espionage and sabotage arm, and this constant idea there is some creditable and believable excuse or escape. These are all exact stages of being apprehended and behavior of people who are facing severe and terminal consequences. Here is another big mystery and problem, why not just stay away until this was cleaned, cleared-up or resolved? Why from 2006 to 2008 and then when the raid and sting came in full fury in April of 2008 was no effort made to just stay away?

Is that fear or is that something else? There were efforts to chase off the final stages of a cover-up and Nazi like vicious attack daily in the final moments. It is like the parents who drive their own kids off the bridge or in the water with them and told to shut up or die. There is a final struggle and signs of bound, gag, and torture. That is really difficult to defeat in court or in front of the public, “we will deny it all… what they found… go home… shut up… we need you and your voice… not a… great American… changing… concerts get me focused and energized… the kind of person I want to be… to meet people who protect our freedom… some injured severely… we are peaceful people, we do not believe in violence… we do arrest… harass people.”

(Caller says when he was on stage singing “looking for a soul to steal… you SOBS… I am the best there’s ever been” his head exploded and brain matter was all over the stage in deep thought.)

Bin dead cracker Hannity is basically emphasizing how everybody is coming to see him and it is packed at his concerts, “stacked” and he meets real soldiers and Americans who gave all while he takes it all from them and says he is a weasel; the reason is he claims they will be there next year. Ask him what he has plan for next year and the next! Ask them where they will be in five years?

Bin dead cracker Hannity says you have to have a mob name to call in and everybody is a mobster, town halls are being held by mobsters and Nazis, and his mobsters are suffering.

Nobody will answer this question; what did the Irish, the Jews, and the Catholics give to America besides a lot of poverty? Did they give us science or maybe civilization? Did they give us good leaders? Now they want and are rioting over rights and medical insurance?


Did the person who filed the police report live there? If so, when was it made clear based on reports of sneaking around the residence, attacking and causing trouble with renters and people who could verify they lived here, how many reports of destruction of property and harassment in their own home, racial slurs yelled at or indication of a hate crime, and if any behavior which could be considered predatorily and in gross violation of what a normal person would do? Why or how did they allow someone to file a police report when there is no way to verify his address, where he lives, or where to send any court mailings such as a subpoena? The DA was asked to provide his official address and match this to the police report. Then the Police were asked to take an official police report from someone who actually lived and was still living at the residence and they refused and said, you need a lawyer and to take this to court; there will be no more investigations on this case and the Captain has decided. The people behind this took retirement and full honors. The locals say the judge and his dad is linked to the mob and Bin Hannity-Limbaugh spy ring of judges who do false arrests and recruit terrorists-moles-sleeper double agents. The payment is not made directly but opportunity for their family like the Mumbai captured terrorist.

Once the Captain was asked for a conference, three Captains came down and kicked me out of the police station stating clearly they were about to make an arrest and if there was a problem to have a lawyer contact them. They said if one more attempt was made to file a police report for a home invasion, I would be arrested after being kicked out or asked to leave the police station for disorderly conduct-trespassing. So here is the question, did they verify who lived here and how was it when they knew the person who filed a police report did not have a key, mail, or even knew the landlord allowed to make an arrest for a home invasion and place 5000 in bail on the legal person who lived here? The DA refused to answer that one in court and the judge threatened contempt of court for asking and explained this charge can carry a 7 year sentence. That is how absurd this home invasion in 2006 and three years of harassment by the union people and 911 terrorists upstairs to cover it up. These were all first insults and intended to railroad the 911 investigation which was coming to light. A trap in spring mode and almost ready but we have to wait for the ring master and the head slave trading cracker to appear. Their bosses are not even citizens; they are foreign spies.

Calling a minority a common nigger upwards of 20 times a day and making sure a rape dream recurred daily and 20 times a day was their goal and how to inflict maximum emotional distress or make this 911 plot go away. Who took the first insult and why? Then who kept the insults and hate crimes to an unbearable level so their master and superior white honky could show up and brag? Then that dead cracker and slave trader admitted it all and even the 911 plots after he was informed he was under surveillance and had an open investigation. So why is it still ongoing and we have to produce lawyers? They insulted first and we had to wait until they surfaced or hit back so we could flush them out; why had false charges and accusations everywhere to include DUI, insurance fraud, not paying bills, garnishments, bad credit, bad money management, etc… it is clear this is the white devil and we are dealing with fascist, racist, pigs sneaking around to abuse power and use insurance fraud to socialize society; Nazis. Now they don’t want to clean up a damn thing and say how this was all unexpected because we were playing possum until they surfaced or showed their face? So now we have to move and go home or be attacked and called a common nigger upwards of 20 times a day by a dead whitey honky slave trader? Their bosses are foreign spies and mob bosses around the world. Why not turn evidence to the state and the victims-undercover prosecutors?

The court transcripts will prove it all and so will the 7 motions filed; the request to subpoenas the person who did the home invasion was fought off by a threat for contempt of court. So of 16 court appearances (in over a full year and 5000 in bond); the DA and the assailment that was “evicted” (Jason Conte) never once stepped foot in court; explain that one. The paper trail is there and nobody lost their job or said anything; why? Could it be 911 again and railroading the first arrest with a second one? How is this work unchecked and so much in error if the 911 terror plotters took credit for it and described it as being very-very angry; and then reports about the recruiters-handlers upstairs stating they were about to kill someone? Not one of them will turn state’s witness and want to walk away unchecked or unhurt? They got six figure bonuses to hold their ground and cover up 911? Every bankrupt financial institution got six figure bonuses also in some grand heist to cover this entire plot up? These insect of an immigrant is telling who to go home? First they tried to fight their way out of it, then when it was impossible to win, they grew tired and tried to lie their way out which cause us to catch their top leaders and the ones directly behind 911. Now the paper trail is there and they said it is total disaster and unexpected; so why did the harassment and hate crimes last upwards of August 2009? There was never once any cessation by a dead whitey slave trader.

You think this is a joke? You want to help now? I cannot believe how a white bread honky like you can sit there and brainwash all my white and black brothers, no less the entire country, to your new slave ship with 911 planes painted on the side and you are sailing that dead cracker slave ship around China, Japan, India, South America and other places thinking they will trade with you and this is about jobs. Dead whiteys don’t have jobs. Look how you have fooled your audience and brain washed them; they don’t even know what propaganda is or when they are being lied to by the white devil and clansman like yourself who is desperate for a job. If they trade with you or even attend your college, a whitey dead honky like you will probably put them on a slave ship (somehow) and lie about it. A dead cracker like you now thinks it is some joke and you are actually helping us and nothing is wrong with your slave ship being sunk. The first thing to do is take off the 747 planes you painted on the side of your EIB El Santa Maria slave ship you dead honkey. My white brothers and sisters know when you are brainwashing the nation and trying to sail your slave ships around the world and claiming this is about jobs. The white devil has risen! We are your favorite slaves’ dead honkey? You need slave kids to work on your 911 mission?

A whitey and honky like you will probably find a way to enslave or kill off my white brothers and sisters who came over on the Mayflower and find out now they are on board the slave ship called universal health care. Not only are my white brothers and sisters being killed off by our plantation owners in 911 terror plots; this whitey hating honky is also trying to rape our women and sell them off to some secret slave ship bound for prostitution and bedlam of a perverted a hole like yourself. If we trade with you, we end up on board your slave ship headed for America and it is not called the Mayflower or Santa Maria either. Even people of color are scared to trade with you because hooded 911 terrorist will be storming into their buildings in white sheets and yelling “go home” as you beat down people of color for not wanting to be on board your slave ship. Dead crackers and kill the whitey like your types are all the same; you have no respect for any human life and it is all about profit and slave ships or planes crashing in buildings. We can’t even make a fair wage because you steal it all and want to be called master. You better fix this you dead honky because my brothers and sisters, no matter what race, will make sure this dead cracker isn’t going to have no job and this slave ship is not about jobs. This is a joke to you?

Look at your history of treating people of color and now how you treat my white brothers and sisters who are scared to trade with you or vote for you because they know you are a plantation owner and have a slave ship sailing the trade winds. You managed to figure out a way to enslave my white brothers and sisters now white devil and whitey honkey; are you proud of yourself? Now we have to pick your cotton and clean your hospital beds with this universal health care and have to listen as you beat down another man of color and your own crackers who just want to be left alone. Quite clever how you do this and use the good name of black folk to make them pick cotton again for some 911 terrorists who has a hard on and sailing high in his slave ship every day on the radio. I will free my white brothers and sisters from your chains and sink your slave ship when it sails past our house in the middle of the night honkey. Who would trade with a dead honky like you when you respect nobody or human life and use trade to put others on your slave ship you call the El Santa Maria to hell? Now you want them to buy your products and you demand jobs but we find out it is some trick to put us on your slave ships to sail into buildings? I have to listen to this whitey lie and a six year older being taught this and stomping on the floor while I am calm and asleep? Go take an oxymoron and stop eating you dead fat cracker; do I look like I want to be or am your partner? This is about jobs?

So what part of this murder-terror-oxymoron blue dog pill have we left out besides who has a spare kidney to sell or a place in line we can share (for a fee)? If you ask me, I caught me modern day slave traders and you have the USS KKK flotilla in port back behind the house and one of these days if I talk to you or do business, which I have rejected, your fascist, racist, and whitey ass is going to put me on your slave trip no matter if I was white or some other superior race. A devil cracker like you all has no respect for anybody and we would send your honky kite ass starving back to the potato land your slave trading honky and watery white devil cracker ass got off the boat from. So I am a little offended a cracker and white bread like this would see me as some slave and you are riding around starving and trying to put me on your slave ship called the USS KKK; can you dig it? A dead honky like you trying to enslave or kill my white brothers and sisters in terror plots is a good way to end up a dead cracker. Take your starving ass kite back home to Israel or Ireland or the black lagoon why don’t you. You peddle lies for a dead whitey devil like you and you tricked your own white slaves to send you money and to carry you on their shoulders when you are too fat to even carry your own water. Look how brainwashed they are and how they cannot even tell a lie and get the truth from a white devil like you.

I bet you had another ship for Ann Coulter and her melon ass to be a white slave and sex slave for some rich Pyongyang college shooter who can’t bust a nut right and the USS KKK was going to float to hell as your whitey-cracker fleet needed us for some 911 whitey and honky kite terror plot. Thanks for the memories you fascist racist pig, thanks for the memories and us going AK-47 on your slave trader welfare dodo hairdo. Is your slave ship sailing tonight along the St. Lawrence as you go “chow-chow” and full steam ahead the whitey express? You are talking to a brother and I am down for this struggle and to see your honky ass hung for asking me if you can borrow my sheets and hood so that you can murder innocent honkies on 911 brother; your kite Zion slave trader ship needs to sail home starving you fascist racist cracker whitey. You all are so stoned out you think we want to talk to you and trade with you? Tonight we ride aboard your slave ship and EIB terror plot right? A shout out to my white brothers and sisters who are down with the struggle against this fascist, racist, pig of a dead honky and 911 terror plot kidnapper. Yell in my window some deader whitey with the slave ship and the universal cotton picking medical care where we have to change your dirty hospital bed sheets. Now your slave ship is a hospital and you want to help and give us advice?

Well, if the American people are having a 911 crisis or emergency either on the health care, national security, or even catching terrorists and murderers running through and hijacking the infirmary; we sort of get what we see right now with a lot of shuffling facts or words around and then leaving out a major part of the story that makes perfect sense and is the wooden glue of so many unsolvable crimes and a crime spree. Since France is number 1 with crisis, emergency, and can handled courage under pressure; let’s ask them for a debate and also a full disclosure; are they game or are they willing to admit to the facts and the obviously clear problem? So what is the problem and why does it keep coming up and around like a pest or nuisance we cannot shut out, get rid of, fire, torch, and kick to the street? Who wants to trade with some psycho white dead cracker honky going around kidnapping people for a slave ship sailing into buildings and we have to pay to be on board and pay the authorities? We have to pay to get on and get off the slave ship? Your authority is final and if we do not like it to move and find a new home?

What is this ghost like demon in our life and why do they feel they are the police? We thought the police can handle 911 and emergency calls expeditiously; we will let them handle this one and see how well they chop it up or butcher it; no less how long it will linger and go on and on. So far from 1998 to 2009 is how long it has been full swing and on attack mode; then April 2008 to August 2009 is how long it has been on capture or kill mode for those behind it; a raid. Is it power and greatness as we and the public are told or just pure evil and stupidity; a total state of clueless fraud. Why is a dead cracker honky like you calling me a common nigger upwards of 20 times a day and stalking me around the clock; and now wish to help and say how you are not racial profiling and the President is not an Uncle Tom honky whitey? That half baked whitey honky is done. He is a white devil and another dead cracker like you, done and messed up my white and black sisters. You heard me, that white slave trader we call the 44th is a half ass whitey honky cracker! My white and black brothers are not getting on any slave ship again; do you hear me? You are the cause of this recurring rape dream and rewriting our life to some gulag and labor camp in your plantation of white brothers and sisters. The white devil has risen and he needs a job. You think this is a joke and you are powerful dead fat white boy; call on some half white bread cracker trying to mess up everything is typical of the white devil.

All I hear is how superior and more powerful you are; a dead cracker and honky is telling me how powerful they are? So let's ask Sean Bin dead cracker Hannity something which might get rid of this threat upstairs about how we are their prisoners and they are more powerful. What if anything has the Irish given to America besides a lot of starving Irishman and corrupt politics-cops; now the pain in the ass Democratic Party and the idea we have to figure out how to get rid of a lot of starving Irish man who kidnap, torture and try to rewrite our life because they either wish to go home or make us also. Can you tell me what longevity you had or did which puts you in such a global standing to say Ireland or the Pope rules this world, this nation, and our life? Anything? Maybe a flood of NASA trainees? Maybe computer scientists or a stack of patents?

Maybe some scientific development so genius nobody can even recreate or reproduce? It sounds like a slave ship leaving port and sailing to America to look for freedom and to terrorize my white and black brothers singing how they are the best theirs ever been. Listen to this dead cracker and white bread terrorist looking for another soul to steal. I hear he got my new favorite girl and is going around bragging how he was on stage with her; I’ll kill that dead honkey. Do not question your authority - my big minority ass you scum sucking dead cracker; you are down with the struggle really? Do you know how brainwashed these people are because of you? Only a dead whitey honky can be such a used car salesman and a dead Madoff shyster; a pathological liar while dressed up so nicely and messing up so badly.

We now have a recurring nightmare about being raped by ethnic groups who come from down and out countries but managed to hit gold or exploit the talents of others in America; so now you want freedom from what? Freedom from your future or your past? We can now apply this to a few other ethnic groups and the state of New York. What did your country produce which makes you so great in America while being so annoying and trying to fit in? We constantly have to hear how you are more powerful, how genius you are, and to be honest; nobody give a damn if you die or leave because there is nothing to show for it. What you have is the ability to escape some effort to get rid of a scum bag, dirt bag, and cock eating insect we call 911 terrorists and kidnappers. Now you want to be our political masters and you think you are the voice of America? What does that say? I have to listen to this every single day upwards of 20 or more times. if you are going to take over the nation or all the power, do it openly and let's not get caught trying. A white devil and a dead honky like you need to tell the people the truth now!

Stop peddling your lies and asking for money while you brainwash them into thinking you are the police and never to question your authority; most of all take the god damn pictures of planes you drew on your slave ship off and stop sailing into Pyongyang to pick up some women who are crying hysterically and was sent there by some dead whitey honky also. A typical white devil trick to make his slave ship sail faster; that is real black power and if you think you are the voice of America, then you do not know real black power brother. A dead honky like you does not need to worry about jobs, your golf game, or what your police union thinks. This is your problem and if you are truly that terrified of the mob, fabrications, black power, and some half ass honky in the white house; then why not answer the question honestly, give us the details, just say no, and turn over the people behind this. Instead, the love story goes on and on and it leaders to dead bodies, murder plots, and terror plots. Read my lips, “Stop, pull over, and let us board the slave ship.” It is not a love story and is a murder-terror plot; who is terrified.

It just so happens we are the authority and we survived it and they did not; what is their problem? Let us board their slave ship and let the hostages and kidnap leaders of the world go free. Let them say and do what they want so they can bring you to justice you dead whitey honkey. So the first part is to release the hostages, release the people, release the rescuers. The next part is to let us board the slave ship and ask some papers and verify. They said no and said they are racist fascist pigs and do not have to pull the slave ship over or answer to nobody. The pictures of planes on the side of their slave ship are merely a joke and nobody takes them serious because they are so brainwashed and this is about jobs. Sounds terrifying also if you ask me because now the police are passing out the kool-aid on the slave flotilla and there will be dead honkies everywhere and dead crackers hanging off the side.

So the police are driving the slave ship now and they are passing out the kool-aid which is hidden as tea bags. Pull the slave ship over dead whitey and if you are this scared, turn state’s witness before the people go ape shit on you and your half ass honky in the White House. That Uncle Tom cracker is fighting the black voice and black power of a brother who is called a nigger upwards of 20 times a day for almost 20 years and his wife raped (attempted) viciously by well dressed dead horny honkies who think it is a love story. You do not call minorities a common nigger unless you have some real reason or explanation which says you are down with this struggle white bread that won’t pull the slave ship over or release the slaves they have under the decks. They said they wanted our slave blood and this was about jobs. Leave the white devil in power and he makes a half ass honkey. Look how brainwashed they all are as the slave crew on the slave ship; typical of a dead cracker to do this while peddling lies. Want to help, free the slaves and get that ridiculous painting of the planes off the slave ship. Turn over all the evidence and state witness.


Sisters Alexis Glick and Ann Coulter (Number 1 fans) v. Sean Bin Dead Cracker Hannity on his show:


Come to America if anybody needs a kidney! Bin Limbaugh-Hannity says “wanna buy a US kidney I got from a seller… maybe the blue dog pills, I got many sellers of them” and the eruption of riots in rural areas where electric cannot keep the lights on at hospitals. Bo says that he finally managed to stop the free fall of unemployment and things are starting to turn around and those who created the mess to stop talking and get out of the way. Who wants to trade with a broken down slave ship and a dead cracker and bad honky who is headed to jail if they cannot find work? How to legalize designer drugs and sell human organs? Are captives and prisoners suffering while they are headed to Oz and on the northern path to destruction? Next it is cop induced cool-aid and People’s Temple hostility; also forced medication of poetical opposition and “unfit to stand trial.” Drink the kook-aid or else the police union will invade your home!
Dear Ann Coulter (good job-good record) is this about who she fights-what team she is on and what she is debating as a bad honky leader; or what they answer honestly and being court marshaled:

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