I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009


7/30/2009 3:01:24 PM Rat-Dog Bin Limbaugh “magic honky” says this common nigger calling is about igniting a race war, a get-in industry, opening doors, who pays taxes, is the voice of all white people and taxes, did more to harm liberalism than the devil-Satan, Ann has a friend upstairs with the Rat-Dog Bin Hannity-Clinton unions, and who is going to clunker-heaven. How to profit and benefit from murder, a guide for the police chief and the fugitive side of a terror plot:

If you have ever seen the show “Grill Sergeant” you have enlisted men who have their own cooking show and preparing for their retirement or after military career. The key is to be reputable and if you can market your name or dignify your credentials. So the military channel has veteran cooks-chefs who teach cooking classes based on where they are stationed (Asia, South Asia, Europe, etc…) it is not a bad show and it shows initiative. So the military is preparing people for life after their military careers; even officers but these cooking shows led to restaurants and five star starts up restaurants.

There is another show from Warm Springs, West Virginia that is just as good also and he is sponsored by the best cooking companies out there. That is pretty damn good and if you ask me; that is what it is all about. Bin Limbaugh was saying how Huffington Post was stealing content but they let anybody start up or anyone who wants to try their skill at it. It various from the best to the worst. I think they might get more participation in it or end up hiring a well informed staff to match Free Republic.


Thursday, July 30, 2009 Rat-Dog Bin Hannity is given a chance to court martial his arch rival erection, Bin Coulter. Will Bin Coulter defect and then defend the terror plotters if court marshaled and told to stay on their side or be their voice? Who will take her in and why? Ma-Barker Sue (upstairs) the affable Abercrombie-Fitch (90-120lb) model upstairs says do not pick on our girl and our side “the voice of white people” and the unions come to Bin Coulters side while still trying to recruit and cause a defection. Bin Coulter becomes the first victim to be court marshaled and told to stay on their side or stick to the agreement and promise of no argument or back talk while commandos-police and elite units encircle and sharpen their spears. Will Bin Hannity accept her back and will Bin Coulter be court marshaled for extreme risk taking and showing off while surrounded and encircled by commando and anti-terrorist forces? Is Bin Coulter also Mrs. Bin Hannity as Bin Hannity claims or is she the true heir to the Bin Limbaugh dynasty?

Let’s see how Bin Hannity reacts to the good news that Bin Coulter is going to be court marshaled and told to stay in his camp; they vacation the same time “feel like it is a vacation and going on vacation… for me this is my summer vacation… cannot think of a better way or cause… maybe we should have a beer together… honest… nope, don’t care who it is… just one beer together… bringing some people to this event… maybe this is not such a good idea… obvious photo shoot… damage control as his guest…” So Bin Hannity is saying Bin Coulter and he vacation at the same time and they consider it a vacation; maybe he wants to spend the weekend with her and she agreed or will.

“The people who cares the most about them…” I will say this and it is clearly evident. The two of them talk as if they are very close friends. Bin Hannity boasts about being close friends off the set and a lot more. Bin Coulter denies it all. It is a deadly game and will destroy one or the other. Ann clearly has gone on tape and acted naturally along with allowing men to grope her and does not mind. It is hard to defend her and this game of vague or always having a foot on the line but not over is getting old, almost 50. Now it as and is all a dream. Whose mind is this woman playing with? Maybe she is insane but hides it well; like them? It is all a bad dream. Being punished for this all the time and daily; she wants to be friends; how about a court marshal? What good is she for, to parade behind the lines and have beers or date terror suspects? Not her fault but not one damn explanation.

Yeah take a look at what he is charged with, “eliminate… that is the word they use eliminate…” Bin Coulter said she stopped him and diffused it, “going to kill this plan… it is immoral… you have the votes… cannot blame… not buy into your lies… (if Bin Coulter is this guilty and that dumb then she deserves a court marshal) they all will have to go back to their districts and face you… more he talks about it the less people support him… (No, what I am saying is if there is one footprint to our camp and theirs and there are reports of her car outside his house or his outside hers; then stay in their camp and accept the court marshal as a badge of courage) take responsibility for nothing… did not pull her ponytail, she put it in my hand.”

Right now, every time we have them cornered, Bin Coulter keys in and they get more slippery or take off to some dinner or weekend with them. Now it is how they end the summer on the same trips or events. All the sudden Bin Coulter is carry water for him and boasting how he loves her the most and fist bumping like a weekend well spent. He may be sick of her or has stories which he is withholding as part of his legal defense. She may also. However, it is annoying how she is providing him a legal defense each and every time; so it is hard to charge him of rape, peeping tom, and murder when he says she is on stage with him; that is her husband and he spends time with her mom or family. The goon upstairs is saying the exact same thing and is protecting Bin Coulter and yelling at me now.

So not only are the 911 terrorist-mole-spy handlers calling us a common nigger, they are rebelling for Bin Coulter and saying he and Bin Coulter are a family and to “get out of the way… lets get this debate on, we can win… going to get fired.” Someone claims to know something and can speak for Bin Coulter so it must be true. Bin Hannity dispels the rape, stalking, peeping tom, 911 charges, calling us a common nigger, being behind the home invasion, and this long ordeal to figure out who is behind all of this and why. I am not going to reveal who my sources are but Bin Coulter told me she needed me and they are trying to kill her rescue plan for me which has to do with extreme risk taking and going well beyond the fire line. Like a chef, do not overcook and burn a dish and feed it or ask others to eat it.

We were kidnapped for a reason; a cover up and a way to prevent a raid; Bin Coulter is some form of escape for them and hostage bargaining chip so we will deny this now. There is now no way out. Mrs. Bin Hannity whoever she is; is no longer a hostage or the driver of their getaway car. I am in charge and I make the calls; right now 9 out of 10 pleas involved Bin Coulter. Bin Coulter says she is a prisoner, captive, and being stalked or got captured by them. She tells me one thing; she tells them another; the public gets two stories. This is why they snatched her or is holding her with 24 hours surveillance; also claiming they hang out and spend weekends together. Bin Coulter has denied this and has not ended these claims. “Everybody is in love with her… I bet you are trying to hit on her… hands off she has a boyfriend… “ Is that what Ann Coulter is saying to Sean Hannity and Clinton-Kennedy upstairs?

“I don’t want to bore you by repeating them… really need the support… working pretty well… (Caller says I am covered so I am fine… offering me… my girlfriend works in the health care industry) price is rising for this.” Here is what he is talking about. When you are kidnapping someone and call them a common nigger for 20 years, then force them to be recruited for a terrorist plot or to be some suicide bomber; most people will refuse. They do not take a no for an answer. In this case, what he is saying is if Mrs. Bin Coulter switches sides; this will end the hostage standoff and kidnapping; all of the 20 years of work and risk taking with be for no reason and worthless; not only this, they will be raided and spend their life dead, gone, or behind bars.

“Worse case happens… I have coverage… they are insuring us… my point is what if X happens… they have a heart attack… (if he is not able to exploit and keep Bin Coulter happy or content; she will wander off; we will help him and kick her can to their side and see what she does)… they will make it worse… fairly predictable statement… this is not rocket science.” So Bin Hannity is fearful and scared of us court marshalling Bin Coulter and forcing her to his side. I am denying him the cards he is using to be slippery and Bin Coulter is doing an insufficient job and a nuisance. Even with military-police forces everywhere, she has two ID’s and putting her footprint everywhere behind and beyond the fire line (DMZ) and it is going to stop. She is either a co-conspirator or a real pain in the ass and a nuisance; it appears the attacks from 2006 to 2009 are to win her to their side. All attacks after 2006 were to “offer the best deal… middlemen know… increases the level of care… keeps market forces… have government involvement… run sufficiently.”

Bin Hannity has indicated suspicion to Bin Coulter and she has not dispelled it but bragged how he is number one fan and loves her the most. Also he boasts how they are husband-wife on stage. He boasts about how they spend time off air together and refuses to disclose any of it. Bin Coulter denies it. She says it is not the “might as well call it a vacation” or “this is my vacation” because she does not have a job and usually keys in on my life. Now she is wandering off and so I get the wrong message. Both of them are holding cards and one of them must throw one down. Neither wants to and does this to keep it paperless and approvable. “My wife wrote me… put on as many voices as possible… will be fun…

Ann says she is not a terrorist and has not rescued him once; she claims he will not leave her alone or get out of her private life. She says they did not have any relationship outside of business; when her mom came to the studio it was because she was under severe attack and wanted escort. How that ended with them having dinner, we do not know or have been told. Ann said he asked them; took the initiative because she has never asked him to join her; but her mom was there and so they did; thus, he now has the upper hand and used it against her. Bin Hannity can verify this. Ann said she covers up because he was following her around and knew when she would be in this city or that one; nearly stalking to see if she was meeting a man or inviting people over. She says she did not when I asked if she ever invited anybody over.

This proves there is some burglary and if there is a peeping tom tape; it has not been released; it may be blackmail material. They claim to be the cops-police. We call them 911 terrorists and kidnappers. It took over 20 years to catch and bring them out of hiding; they flipped out and did not expect it. So they walked in some room and all the lights were flipped on and they cannot see anything. Who knows they are insane and lunatics. I personally do not think Ann is worth all of this; there are girls much younger with drop dead hot bodies and will put out. Ann does not put out and they all know this. She does not even kiss men. She doesn’t hold their hand. She doesn’t call them. She doesn’t invite them over. They call her a man and a lesbian. She calls them faggots. It turns out she had a guy but who that is we do not know and Bin Hannity keeps saying it is him. Now she punishes and watches everybody get punished for her damned life and sex kitten story; and wants to be more than friends?

Here we go again; the entire last year from June of 2008 to present day August of 2009. It is never over with them so Bin Coulter will be court marshaled for foot faults and stepping on the line incessantly. This is why she is being court marshaled; they are too slippery, using all her legal defenses, use her as an escape route, and is trying to have her drive them off and away. Nobody said she agreed; they said it is not over and they are not giving up because the Abercrombie-Fitch union leader upstairs is speaking for Ann and protecting her; her resistance and handler. Sara Conner is my handler and recruiter; she is now the handler and recruiter for the Bin Coulter-Bin Hannity alliance.

So Sara and John Connors (AF models) said Ann Coulter’s mom before going to their clunker heaven, made some agreement with Bin Hannity. Ann said Bin Hannity initiated it and then made up this story with dinner with her and her mom after the show. Then he began to hang out near her or alter the story of her life. Meanwhile, Clinton-Kennedy is telling Ann Coulter they are my mom and represent me. They were good to my family or have them as a captive also. So Ann is being chased away by mommy and fat ass daddy who were to replace my biological mom who died of a mysterious death when I was 5 years old; thus we have this recruitment and terror plot for some mole-spy-sleeper cell which I am not aware of but was called a common nigger for. Two parents, two false stories; no chance to dispute each, a rip off and “put on to trick as many people as possible.” If they are trying to win her; then she is theirs. We will confirm this with Mrs. Bin Hannity.

“Check the facts… this story is immoral… no compulsory consensual… done by other means… less repressive… suggestive… sterilization… greeted with dismay abroad… but left no choice with the time remaining… fertility decline.” We are in the stage of why they are calling others a common nigger and trying to suggest we must join a deadly murderous 911 terror plot and forcing us to denounce our citizenship or else face some “death sentence.” It is not what they said or do directly; it is the blocks and barriers which force us to do what we do; which doors are shut and which ones open. You will see this with Ann Coulter also because all they did was relayed to her. Who opens the doors and who is shutting them; no hands or prints ever; no paper trail? All they have to do is terror and sabotage and it will shut a door. A rip off comes in 100’s per month and it shuts doors. There is only one door open, to join up and we have the handlers and recruiters upstairs. It is Clinton-Kennedy-Moynihan-Unions-Hannity-Limbaugh police plot to profit from murder and 911. Bin Hannity and Limbaugh said they are teachers; not us them.

“He is the one who did this… it is a depressing moment… if you asked me for a beer I would go… not hold back… not intimidated by… not intimidated by the sight of him… why that meeting will never happen… you are driving all that way to Dallas… you still have a pretty long drive to my concert… you are going to Dallas…” Bin Hannity is stalking Ann or showing up at the same place to stalk her or create some plausible denial “to make it happen if you want… show up for you” and this is why Ann covers up and says, if they see something they like, they know it is not them in the fantasy or bed. “Maybe some game to play with… summer vacation… not going to be here… (Why is he spending the entire month in Texas and who is the spy in Ann Coulters camp who is giving out her itinerary? That is dangerous and they are 011 terrorists who know flights, private information, family information, who she dates, etc…) “it is so they know we are dating… 7/30/2009 8:20:22 PM” Bin Hannity just says he is doing this not as a threat or to kill her in some final blow as we broke up and scared off; it is only to pretend he is dating her.

Is Bin Coulter playing along or forced to be a prisoner and hostage? She says prisoner-hostage and in some nasty dialogue with my kidnappers telling her to get lost he is dating one of their terrorists. She how they are isolating each and denied any emails and communications; no paper trail or notes to confirm this. The only verifiable data or proof is what it posted and written. It is a big, bad, and nasty struggle and Bin Coulter makes it double worse by playing along. The people in this murder or death sentence as they call it; scattered and ran after April 2008 and began reading all her emails and tracking her so they could snuff and block any effort for a rescue. How do you do that? A terror plot, close the doors and leave no evidence. Look at the entire plot and how they figured out a way to kidnap and abduct someone without any paper trail, then call them a common nigger for upwards of 20 years and leave no evidence. Only until you can trap them and trick them bit by bit will they reveal the 911 plot. Bin Hannity says that asking him why he called us a common nigger and perjuring himself without knowing who was behind it “made it much for difficult for him to defeat.” Now comes the medication parts and the answers.

“Do not appreciate the fact… at any given moment they can face danger… their life can end at any moment… stop a madman from taking everything they have… group of people out there who can do this… teachable moment for you… projecting your life on a teachable moment… “Bin Hannity is using the 911-police-murder plot to reinforce his police defense. It is almost unshakeable. He can do this with Bin Coulter also and it is really annoying and menacing. Bin Limbaugh calls it “indirect rape” and paperless or almost a crime; all the doors are shut and you must consent or get the death sentence. This is also the same people who are calling others a common nigger defense.

Any security or body guard can confirm this. When you are seeking a stalker, shadow or a deadly assassin; no less 911 terrorists who leave no evidence; you expect an alien and do not rule this out. There are zones. There are cores. Like martial arts, certain zones or rings require a specific defense or style. When you are in the last core or ring; then it is time to apply the most lethal and dangerous martial arts skills. The same here. By following her, being in or trying to be in the same hotel, trying to spend the weekend, to gain access, and to use total lies and fabrications hiding they are deadly lethal 911 spies-moles-sleepers; you are stalking and playing a deadly game. They did not release peeping tom videos yet but it is the same thing. If they are the police, there should be no shame or effort to hide the total lack of morals, ethics, or murder plots. This is as deadly as a stalker and kidnapping can get where all doors are shut down and only one door is available or one option. All else is killed off or sabotaged and destroyed.

“That is not even cheating… we have not even had a flirty IM… (Caller says divorced… emotionally abusive) we are not making out in this relation are we… (stage 3 cancer… survivor.. type of cancer in blood… scares me to death… very disheartening… talk to you at all cost) friends of mine who have gone through treatment… celebrate success, beaten the odds.” This is like the home invasion (police, jealous boyfriend, cheating girlfriend, going crazy, politics of police and domestic issues, race and calling someone a common nigger). Also, Bin Hannity did not know in 1992 I worked in a hospital and the cancer ward. We are or were doing some research on this and I cannot disclose it. My military records will show I worked in infection control and the cancer ward.

So all of this stalking and finger pointing will lead to one question; do you know anything about Ann Coulter or me or is this kidnapping to say you do and suggest we only have one option out of this? (Caller: since they dropped the charges, it is neither here or there… do not stick to the words they are ruling on… ignore issues... here it is, it is a disregard for words… conduct… intends to disrupt the public.) Nobody has accused Bin Hannity of calling Ann Coulter a common honky or a hillbilly hick; maybe other words but not a common nigger. I am a minority and I am asking them why they feel it necessary to call me a common nigger; can they prove it since the 911 plot has no paper trail; we have to do the Canada Plan if we are going to raid them and I do not plan on sticking around to be honest. There is no protection and we are not going to be on the bad end of the stick again and again. At least Bin Hannity mentioned chat and flirty IM’s. Why are you stalking us, claim to know everything, rewrote our biography and now; this.

When I was in the military, they warned us that they could find out any information and we were warned about several things such as taking drugs with girls or mixing in a bad way with the girls. So when that came up; we had a meeting and said no way; it is not worth it. Strippers who want to date us and get high are not worth disobeying your command or boss-nation. The same applies with Ann and her current situation; it does not have to be about sex all the time and she knows this; it can be mixing in a bad way or inappropriate manner. I asked her and she said there was nothing to tell. That was over a year ago when she said she needed my help and was in danger. I was headed out of here to do the Canada Plan and raid on this terror and spy-mole-sleeper cold war.

I told Ann one more argument and she cannot be trusted and she said okay and agreed; then turned around and caused and created an argument; so she can say why. Did she back out or is she turning herself in and a court martial, he must go to their side now. She is not able to make it on this side and it was with Bin Sanity the Irish bacteria; he was telling the truth. She may have cheated or went to bed to do a rescue or to apprehend a fugitive 911 terrorist. She only said she needed help and I had to marry her to find out or know more. She claims and openly claims there was no sex beyond me and she will only admit we have a long standing relationship. The language and the comfort is a no brainier; but no man has ever said different or no enemy has either. The only written data is here and by me; that dates 20 years ago. Why Bin Coulter would take such extreme risk when entire militaries, police forces, and Generals are looking is not know but she may be a crazy or mad woman. If so she will perpetuate and keep taking extreme risks with no sense of how to explain them “it did not work as I had intended… a total disaster also… I messed up.” As far as infidelity to me, “only you… only one man in my life ever… it has only been about you and I.” Now ask why she is being court marshaled? Is it all total lies or being used as a drive away vehicle and share the blame?

“Afraid to admit it… that is what people like about me” Bin Hannity is not saying he had sex, he says afraid to admit this. (Talking about Osama with Caddell) There is a reason why Bin Coulter is being court marshaled and if it is about sex or infidelity; then that has not come out yet and some other honorable reason. She is going to extraordinary lengths for disapproval now on both sides and her most trusted. As a best friend or friend; she is okay; I have no qualms about her dating habits, life, or freedom. In a relationship she may rub others wrong or send the wrong messages. She goes to extraordinary lengths to have certain people hate her and certain ones adore her and it has gotten her in so much trouble and she thinks the world revolves around her sometimes. If she needs help; then she got it and can defeat or join up with them now. Otherwise, she cannot keep dragging this out and being some escape vehicle. Nobody knows the true story and the more she hinders the trust level; she must accept fault and responsibility; not say it is all lies and how she shares the blame. Bring a body part or crack a bottle over their head. If my work or some “so called boyfriend” did this; he deserves a bullet in my book. Taze him or break a bat over his head for ruining your marriage and life, peeping tom, and attempted rape. It sounds like some mutual consent and friendship which is deadly; that is the best way to describe it, deadly.

“It is much deeper… had a beer… do not understand”; no this Bin Hannity stand off is deadly and suicidal; to the death and Bin Coulter has beat him and gotten the better of it. Bin Hannity has lost everything; is Bin Coulter going with him? It would be nice if a kool-aid party was thrown in Dallas for all of the ring leaders. I am fed up with the idiot life living by an idiot partner of mine. The best course is to court martial her and tells her to stay on their side and lock the door and windows; secure the cellar; and have round the clock gaurds. Bin Coulter has not come out once and rescued him; not once. She has disputed him and pissed me off with dumb decisions; but she says no sex and nothing else; Bin Limbaugh says, “Go away and leave me alone.” Ann Coulter has been telling them to leave her alone and go away because of 1000s of dates, single parties, and lewd or stupid behavior. Some were so painful it was hurtful and the most humiliating experience “she does not care for anybody… has a chip on her shoulder”; from Bin Limbaugh it means they tried to kidnap or rape her. Then the final result was to lure or trick her into some state of adoration to get rid of her. She called her best friend who landed on her and look how it cleared up and fast.

Caddell says, “you can ask me until I die… it is none of your business.” There is only one suspect left, Bin Hannity; no other is left in this struggle if a deadly stalker is out there. Coulter claims it is almost a kidnapping but instead of closing doors, all of them are opened and others closed; a protection racket, money scam, and criminal syndicate. It is about the Presidency. If she had a kid, then she already had one but gave her egg to another female. Bin Coulter feels insecure because I dominate on everything; mental, physical and it is evident. Coulter is a subordinate as they were warned repeatedly and told to back off. They insist after 20 years stalking or studying-recruiting-promoting-teaching us clandestinely or without us knowing; they know better and know us better. Now the story is “we guessed and guessed wrong… so what.” They tried to recruit us and failed. They tried military or combat and failed. They tried tricking us and failed. They tried total lies and failed. Not much left and not much remains. The only one who is a major threat is Bin Limbaugh and Hannity; the two big bosses (number 1 and number 4 only). These two are serial killers and as deadly as they get. To suggest they are the police as they insist is how deadly they are; no morals or truth; pure criminal power. They are freaks of nature and chosen not by random or chance.

Treating people well is not in their genetic code or moral value. They do what they have to or need to perpetuate this spy-mole-terror sleeper cell to a new recruitment. They want on the global stage and to stand by others, “when I am on that stage… I just want to thank you… for those of you who got Christmas presents.” If he has a death blow on Bin Coulter he does not use it; I used it on her. For their reputations, they are clowns and lushes. “He didn’t lie about this… is she a liar… blaming… all she did was regurgitated what the President said… that makes her a genius.” They are in a deadly game and they know it; but I busted the murder plot, busted them of the 911 plot, and got them to confess to our kidnapping and this common nigger problem where we get some judgment and forced medication for lies. I never said they are or were racist, the voice of whites or Satan; I said they called us a common nigger for upwards of 20 times a day.

So nobody will play a real or deadly card so the military-police will; Coulter earns a court martial and told to stay on their side if she loves the excitement and extreme risk taking; to show off while the militaries are surrounding them and asking if she is some mistress or hooker on parade? She is boasting how she is cleverer and more criminal genius. They take that and use it to walk away and she is driving it. If she wants to join them; she will say and do it now. She will join them by default and they will accept her. “Get me out of here… she is clueless… I know… have no clue…” she enjoys men as peeping toms and enjoys being watched naked even if she says she covers up. The last line of defense for the 911 plot is Bin Hannity the Irish Bacteria.

With this much pressure and in broad daylight, his underwear is knarly black and he thinks it is romantic and women want to see it or sit next to him. He says, “Some life saving drug she needs… that is all you need to know” and it is blood. Ann said he is lying about some blood problem or any blood miracle 7/30/2009 9:47:42 PM “Sean Hannity and his wife have donated thousands… (stay out of the military and stop trying to recruit military personnel Bin Hannity; we have Generals who are not a bit happy) you are benefiting from this… thanks to our friends.” Bin Hannity is warned about recruiting military personnel and trying to and will have a Generals respond to what we know about him or this new cold war. There will be a meeting with the best military Generals to express some discontent about recruiting or approaching military personnel using money and charity events. From what the Irish Bacteria is saying, it looks like Bin Coulter is on their side, has been and is going over there and staying there. He is blackmailing her and will play this game until one of them is dead or takes it to the grave. They have not broken their deadly pact or love-sex “death wish.” He is still saying this is why she is doing this and taking extreme risks to be with him.

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