I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009


It is a little bit late to make a legal plea and a final charge legally and honorably; however, I will give you a hint. Before you seek an acquittal, begin with looking up the offense, the punishments or gamut of punishments, and begin talking like any other lawyer would. Do not come to us and “scare the hell out of us by going nuclear”; use your kids as an excuse; use your power or money; and finally say this “why fight any longer… they are going to die anyways.” Start with the UCMJ and see what it says, then check with the civil and criminal laws about conspiracy or murder charges. Now you are ready to speak in legal terms to us or others. You have to prove to us you are good parents and it is up to us to log and document what you say, demand, and do; got it? You can plead guilty on a military tribunal and innocent on a civil and criminal one! I am charging you for also being an alien disguised as an insect or rodent you call “a weasel.” Welcome aboard!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 I have had several literary professors who “are astute observers of life” comment on the constant resistance to “a fair and speedy trial” and the “lascivious contradictions and behaviors” of the same people who claim to be our partners in crime and are “full of broken promises… and are hiding (O’Bin Hannity).” Here are what the literary professors are saying, “their random outbursts… controlled of emotions… openly displays a capacity for tremendous atrocities on women, it is unimaginable… some of these women – openly show a measured need for sex… grossly embarrassed and exaggerated their positions… the complexity of their character and their bawdy outbursts… a melancholy dislike of who they are and even worse a nonchalant boast of who they are becoming.. Would sit at dinner parties and suggest their willingness to cut their wrist with a butter knife.” Those are just some of the comments I am getting from professors who are astute observers of the news, media, and these clowns.

Here is another one, “women would faint upon meeting a character” such as the likes of this bunch or “they would traverse from one soiree to the other to be with… and then return to the Lady of the House they would loose interest with after a years passing.” I am thunderstruck at the nature of their scalawag pride and the open confession to the most bipartisan and unbiased attempt to discuss the raw endeavors of their life and now seek an audience to the unfolding of the sweaty cloth they need not take off before our eyes. It is painstakingly obvious to compare a sporty fist-bump to the intractable search for a life preserver missing the rope and punctured by their fistful tail; “people are blown up by laughter… the fraud they are trying to uncover is a stark one to the one they wish to recover… a constant swaying of disbelief your audience does not have the capacity to believe anything you say.”

Rush comments, “He is going to make clowns out of all of you and you will not enjoy it for the rest of your careers…” huh? Is he asking us or telling us 7/22/2009 2:30:07 PM; “she is under magnificent care.” 7/22/2009 9:40:50 PM Sean O’Bin Hannity says their rational is “why keep fighting if nobody is going to win this… they will die in the end so what does it matter?” So they were going nuclear and “this is not over yet” because there is no point in us fighting them any further because “they” are going to die anyways. So why pay taxes if it is just going to them? It makes no sense, right? Why keep the Irish and the unions unless we license them and can revoke it now that we know they are all the same and 911 terrorists?


7/22/2009 7:10:20 PM Sean is one of those people who cannot tell when someone is upset with him or if he hurts others. As a bacterium who is dividing, his primary objective is to infect and split into two single cells. He feels that Ann and I are getting aboard the USS Bacteria and he is the captain. “The worst used car salesman who uses everything”; hey O’Bin Hannity, did you ever noticed when peddling uphill it feels a lot different then when coasting downhill? If your legs hurt and you are having it all you got, chances are it is uphill and not downhill. The bus to Hope left a long time ago; “he has already pulled this trick on us before and it has disastrous results… but we passed it anyhow.” Why are you trying to sell the Kennedy family to the Republican side?

“Damn sure want to sell the President… have beers with him (Ann said she never had a beer with your likes or the Kennedy’s; we don’t like them)… (or grab Jill O’Bin Hannity’s mushy cushy and smack it hard)”; is this how you are going to fix the communist forces and this terror plot? I see, so you are the voice of the damned; maybe one of the widows will beat you up and fly planes in the Kennedy pocketbook; how would you like that? It is a spy family and a sleeper cell; why you are the “new” leader. Wow, you go from cell to sleeper to cell the Presidency! I also think that may be illegal. The President is New York and made of families? You Irishman are all alike, I love it!

So I must ask since you and Rush have explained in detail our kidnapping and said “you guessed wrong… just in case we were interested… a complete disaster… revolting against our success.” Why must you choose a minority, single him or her out, and call them a nigger every single day (sometimes upwards of 20 times) and make life the most humiliating experience imaginable? Now you are doing this now? Can you at least tell us what you want or need from us instead of stealing our spouse? Why would an Irishman or the unions call us a nigger for over 10 years, daily 365 days a year, and then say, “if you want to get paid, you have to work for us… pure profit… sell the Presidency… partners still.” The fat one upstairs says she is an alien, a 911 terrorist, and she wants to do us in the ass to reproduce; is this true O’Bin Hannity? Oh my god, they are 911 aliens who want to do us in the ass! This is so scary and they keep saying this every day. Is that how you reproduce or talk to each other? Is it an Irish tradition or how you share food? So telling us you are 911 terrorist will make us less resistant to you doing us in the ass? Oh my god, this is so scary; why is princess so angry at us O’Bin Hannity?

So you rewrite our life and make sure we struggle and suffer; call us a common nigger for over a full decade, and try to cause or create as much medical pain and suffering imaginable; for what reason? Then you study the VA and adopt the prescription drug plan; now the universal medical and single payer plan? Why are you all doing this for and to us; we are the masters of warfare and soon will be your bosses. Why have you from 2000 to 2009 given me flesh eating bacteria, released bio-hazard around DC and anthrax, given me 4 corns on my feet, 20 warts on my hands, and skin rashes and dermatitis problems when I usually go to only the skin doctor for acne and my gorgeous “tan all the time” and “Vitamin E conditioned” skin? It will take me at least a year to remove all the warts, the hair loss, the cavities, corns on my feet and hands, and the removal of the scars by the flesh eating bacteria. Isn’t this also illegal? You can’t do all of that and then turn around and say “medical, prescription, Kennedy-Clinton-Moynihan-New York families. So the Bin Hannity, Bin Limbaugh, and the upstairs union and cops; are claiming to be behind this who thought they were being raided-sued for slander in 1999-2000?

You can get the death penalty for just 911; read the entire account and the full ten years; who is behind all of this. People lost their fathers, sons, and husbands-wives; now you impose that “ultimatum” on us also and fist bumps each of us? Are you trying to steal SDI and figure out what your rivals are up to? Why would a communist-terrorist sleeper mole spying for the unions, the Kremlin, and Israel trying to call us a common nigger for over ten years and saying or doing “disaster” while showing us who is recruiting or our bosses? This is total humiliation and outrageous behavior by you all. The message and the ultimatum were “work for us or die resisting.” What if we do not wish to join your union or sleeper cell? I worked on the Right to Work laws when 16 years old; why is it being challenged now and with the powerful union leaders upstairs and those who claim behind this or cannot be overruled? Shouldn’t we be locking down the entire country and government until this sleeper mole group is arrested or destroyed? This is dangerous and a lack of care to a major crisis. I heard you aliens eat your own feces and when accosted, eat your own feet! I hear your police have a special elixir to aid in your search for concubines so you can build a space ship and return home; why you keep saying “go home” and reproduce while drunk. Bin Hannity go home ET. It is humiliating to be one of your concubines and how you keep saying you are a 911 alien terrorist and wish to do us in the ass; drink this elixir and do not call the police. That is why you call us nigger; you do not know who you are.

Do you humiliate others the same way and are there cases of this or reports? Why is President Obama just ignoring you all and seemingly pardoning your sleeper-mole cell? Is he an alien like all of you are also and carry ray guns or come from a ship called the Titanic? So you are trying to infect the champions and invest in this President? Oh, O’Bin Hannity disappeared and got Bin Lying on. I want to know why they are humiliating people by calling them a nigger every single day for over ten full years; then demanding we work for them and getting a pardon from Bush and Obama. When are you going to face up to the charges and turn yourself in? You have to get up there and begin to explain this; not get Obama to talk on your behave. Is he your spokesman or leader? Again, there is a total lack of care and a complete and total disaster. Shouldn’t we shut down government and execute each and every one of these homicidal maniacs wherever they lay their heads down? You have the right to remain silent; but that is outrageous; it is almost like calling us a common nigger again, then wishing to “hit that baby who got back.” Every single day it is how you are 911 terrorists, super angry, have super semen, and are going to blow up as some ticking time bomb; union and Irish power?

OBAMA SPEECH IS ON MEDICAL CARE: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 “Need some help… getting clobbered… got to get this right… listen to the American people.” Oh my god, they are aliens and came here on a mother ship. One of them has a ray gun and shows me his deformed arm. The fat one upstairs is a beauty queen on their planet and has some kind of knife contraption. Oh my god, they said they came here to conqueror and take over the planet; and if we do not share our life, they are going to hurt us immediately. Oh my god, now the skinny dumb one is doing his own kid. Why are they doing this; oh my god, now the fat ones are driving by our house with caps on and their leaders keep saying how he is an alien and cannot be overruled. Someone help, call the Army; we have aliens who like to get drunk and reproduce! Oh my god, we are so scared, someone help the fat one has a knife! The 911 one said she was going to do us in the ass; oh my god! This is so scary and she is so mean and ugly. They said they were aliens. (Ha!)

O’Bin Hannity says, why does he have to chase our spouses and why we have to keep fighting him? It makes no sense and they are going to die anyhow. He is right, the Irish bacteria finally makes some sense; but he cannot keep scaring us and hiding to the public they are 911 aliens and trying to mate with us by using terrorism and doing us in the butt like the People’s Temple. You Irish aliens are sick bastards; for real. You hide you are aliens, then 911 aliens, then wishing to do us in the ass, then you go and try to scare the hell out of us and go nuclear; then just say “why do we have to keep fighting… going to die anyhow.” Bin Hannity is coordinating with the fat one upstairs; during an “help me they landed in a mother ship” scream off and panic with the union upstairs. You damn alien. How dare you call me a common nigger for over ten years then pretend you are John F. Kennedy and some stud who is marketing princess chubster who cannot be overruled. You are the common nigger, stop calling us one and humiliating our life, work, and country! Alien! You do know the princess upstairs Sarah is wishing to get captured by CIA and Pentagon? It is a prisoner swap.

Sean is using the union leaders who cannot be overruled upstairs to suggest we do not have to fight anymore because it is futile and they are going to die anyhow. Look up the part in the UCMJ which says “destroying or attacking military property or personnel in civilian clothes” then ask if your rights have been violated or if you wish to file a complaint? Can uniformed officers fire on your position or exert lethal force or do we have to make an effort to bring you to justice or trace which planet you landed from. That is how you can stop this; that is how you show us you do not exploit or abuse your kids and is decent parents; argue your legal cause to your secrets. I would halt the scare the hell out of us and go nuclear iPhone also; asking for hostages to stop or prevent a raid on your Kennedy sleeper cell and ring. Can I seize your mother ship and hold prisoner the head alien? Look this up: 1.Prince sues Runway Bride 2. I Married a Terrorist 3. 199 Traits Employers are looking for in… 4. Man Commits Suicide Over iPhone 5. Peephole Tape at ESPN - Erin 6. Hell’s Kitchen Stars trade punches and then storm off stage
Here is my smoking hot sweetheart on Hannity as the Irish Bacteria uses a fist bump as a sandbag while incoming and suppressive fire is on his position (Uh-huh… that girl got style baby; my baby got a back!):

My gorgeous sweetheart on Glen Beck calling Bin Limbaugh and the Irish Bacteria “an insect” (You go girl-fist bump!):

Here is a skit by another EIB copy-cat and student of Rush, it is called “Rush is Back!” They are reproducing at an enormous rate:

Forbes magazine on Sarah Palin:
The girls of The View say “We love you” to the Irish Bacteria (You go girl-fist bump!):

Taylor Swift v. Tesla: Love Song

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