I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009



Crack a bottle on him! The new masterpiece, “The Good and Bad Movie Called Show Me Your Boobies”:

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 So let’s ask Rat-Dog Bin Sanity some questions and his female audience along with many females who are reading his sexual exploits. What would happen if Bin Coulter cracked a beer bottle over his head or delivered his flattened penis ran over by cars and trucks? Would she be a victim of severe abuse or an aggressor driven to some lethal joke to tell him “leave me alone… leave us alone… stop filming me privately… how dare you break into our homes… who invited you in the first place” and a host of other facts-issues being ignored? Would this make his legal case stronger or weaker? Just like a war time professional enemy or terror group who parades a captive on camera and makes them read things or say things while a captive. This is rather advanced levels and not your common brut or thug. This is the best we have ever seen, almost alien abduction zone. No rape kit, no paper trail, no evidence to suggest a crime had taken place ever. Not bad if you ask me and probably as expert level as elite commandos have ever witnessed or seen; it is a shame we caught all of them and will destroy-eradicate an entire generation of sleeper-moles.

We know Bin Coulter is being used as a vehicle at this time. She claims her vehicle-life was threatened and hijacked by the 911 terrorists but they are using her as a legal defense and to get family members to sign on the dotted line. As mentioned in the Rat-Dog Bin Limbaugh page; he had to insert the family part and getting a family member to agree to this kidnapping, terror plot, recruitment, and rip off. They do not even know it is a rip off. So Rat-Dog Bin Hannity has us both as a captive and must get one of the family members to agree and sign to the murder of the other (Like the Movie Cold Mountain) and why two teams of operatives are on each end and side. By ripping her off and trying to tag along or show cover up how two people are being held captive while this is ongoing; he is going to fist bump each and show they are not (like all POW-hostage tapes) and then try to present a false picture for the cameras and TV. Quite ingenious and shows their master spy and terrorist ability. So let the women out there decide if delivering a flattened penis or cracking a bottle over his head helps his legal defense and if Bin Coulter is acting like Bin Fondaled?

Ann has claimed to be a captive and this terror group claims I will not move out of my residence. That is both of their arguments now. To walk away and not leave a single shred of evidence; but can Rat-Dog Bin Hannity go into a court and explain his case if Bin Coulter takes it too far and does not fight back? This is the problem, they are both silent and both claim to be chasing each other; just not for love-romance. Bin Coulter will have to deliver a solid performance and deliver his ear, his flattened penis, crack a bottle over his head, or cut a part of his body off so the evidence is on her side and to suggest she fought back during a rape-grope-murder similar to the Meredith Kercher and Amanda Knox case in Italy. Do not have a beer with him and talk about this; he is a 911 terrorist and you are the legal vehicle he is using to drive off and away. Either you get out of the vehicle and escape or face criticism for falling in love with some kidnapper, engaging in wild sex or love taps, and rolling over then calling it for what it was. Insane risk taking and a murder plot foiled at the very last minute and when nobody could win cleanly.

Let me also make evident and conspicuous how you said "we guessed and we guessed wrong... so what" and have gone on some smelly public relations tirade about how the "people wanted this" or "they desperately need this" as creditors have file suit and garnishment papers with the federal government. It is not as if you are disputing what you did, you are saying we cannot fight back and you can impose as much pain and suffering while you rip us off more and are caught for all of this. You claim or keep saying how Bin Coulter is on your side and I know why she looks this bad; she is trying to capture you and bring you to justice. I have disagreed and tried to perfect her options and work but even I am not able to raise the level of quality sometimes. She adopts similar strategy and it comes out or ends up a total disaster. So this cat and mouse game is on a back drop; that same back drop as before when creditors and garnishments were filed and you acted like some master of war and some powerful human being. In the last ten years people can research my credit and the garnishments and match it to my life; then ask how or why they just take no responsibility and sit there and think they will walk away and rip more and more off.

The problem with Bin Coulter is she said how she must stop you. So she is taking extreme risks, she claims you have her as a captive also. I noticed you cling and bite and do not let go like a pit bull. So now you use and rip off our work as your legal defense and try to just walk away or drive away. The vehicle is the same people you kidnapped; the undercover people who witnessed what you did and somehow managed to get you to surface and show yourself. This was when your world collapsed and we told you there are at least 10 layers on top. So Bin Coulter is being criticized for not realizing she is not super human; she has not done much or has given her life; not money to this cause and my life; and has bet it all. I can understand that.

What I do not understand is whether or not she realizes I have called all my military friends and sent reinforcements. There are armies, spy masters, the best of the best; not from one nation but the entire world contacting me and I think I did a decent job and told a few jokes. The level of reinforcements is tremendous but that does not deter this group at all. Almost like the North Hollywood shootout where there are impossible odds. All Bin Coulter can do is be a nuisance and confuse us; she will soon be a real threat because I know how you are escaping and trying. She and I am the vehicle and you are telling her to drive us out; like Patty Hearst and whether or not she was doing a stunt. The FBI also knows you are targeting my family and there are FBI retired agents on it; I would not advise trying anything while in broad daylight. Rat-Dog Bin Limbaugh was angry and said we were spending his money.


I will take comments 7:11:38 PM, “Have to apologize for everything… tomorrow is beer night… this is their economy… take credit when nothing goes right… (We live in their world and they are dictators – self sufficiency is obsolete)… no to the Chicago way… does what they want… (Rat-Dog Bin Sanity is saying is Al Capone and we are bad employees and citizens) in the end they will do what they want and what is best in their best interest (911 terror plot)… asking for leadership… insignificant… public option is optional but the devil is in the details”; notice how he does not see their plight or tirade as a crime or hope. There is a part of their mind cut out and missing; as if someone operated and cut their brain out, “they will do what they want… will fall right in line… that is what is going to happen.”

Rat-Dog Bin Sanity needs to understand who is on top and where he will be in five or ten years. My Generals and I will love to see him at our events and parties. Just like high school; we will know how he rolls over and talks a mean game. We will also record and see the change in their life, attitude, and what he says as his legal defense and case. Ann has put her entire life in the pot and said do it; ante and let’s see your cards. What they are doing now we do not know. They have lost the card and poker game “you are not buying their propaganda… do not answer to… arm twisted by… they think you are stupid and will vote them out of office… I can tell you the Democrats are afraid… they are afraid they will loose control of Congress… troublesome signs… Obama’s mortality… (Problems everywhere and public is resisting and tired of this) a lot of problems here for them… afraid of his deficit spending.”

Rat-Dog Bin Hannity was supposed to talk about the Freedom Concert-Rat-Dog-Trump “leave me alone” problem. Understand they are calling us a quitter and not them. Ann is being called a quitter. I had been for doing the Canada Plan. They are not quitters “but they have persevered… approval ratings… right to do so… believe in important causes.” He is going on and is not commenting about the Freedom Concerts, how many Ann Coulter went to, and what happened at them to make her go to a Rat-Dog concert with Trump or if he knew the story at Trump Towers. “This is beyond anything we have seen… how can anyone oppose them” you cannot; that is why we are the masters of war and you are nothing more than rip off shysters and con men. Rat-Dog Bin Hannity says, “We had a terrible summer.” Who are we? Did he mean Ann and him in 2006? Or did he just mean Ann? Who are we, the captives or the prison guards and terrorists? Rat-Dog Bin Sanity should search Fox News and the arrest of the paramedics-ambulance while a life and death situation was underway. The police union has not made one comment or one statement on it.

Fox News - Trooper Chokes Paramedics after pull over in Oklahoma (Watt’s territory):

This show is not about him and “had a terrible summer”; this is about the Freedom Concerts, how many Ann Coulter went to and the Rat-Dog concert. How did she end up going to them or did she ask him out? Was this another fist bump trick and is Bin Coulter maneuvering to sue or take him down? Rat-Dog Bin Hannity sees her doing what he is doing and is insanely mad-jealous; thus the murder plots when they did not stop but was going to muffle where the voice “stop” – “get away from him” – “we know you are 911 terrorists” – “what I am doing to you now”; he is trying to locate and silence that voice while keeping an eye on the hostages.

If you have not watched the interviews with Greata Van Susterin starring Obama Rat-Dog Bin Limbaugh then do so and look at his face and match it to Michelle Milking. Now watch Obama Rat-Dog Bin Sanity’s facial expression: (Video on Fox News with Greata):

“They do not realize they open the door for us… what kind of political pressure is he putting on him… do not know what exactly the political ramifications are… had David Limbaugh on…” Rat-Dog Bin Hannity is trying to do what Rat-Dog Bin Limbaugh did on Fox News throughout the entire interview. Notice how his face chances, what he says, and how he keeps fighting the current and stream. Rat-Dog Bin Hannity is not making any ground on this fist bump and the Freedom Concert; why Ann Coulter was there; what they did; and why Rat-Dog was needed and Trump. “Do not realize how screwed up this is… how these people have screwed up everything.” I saw Ann gambling with me at Trump towers; she bets the entire pot and double-down on it then wins. I followed her also and she was able to 60x 500 and I was able to 90x 40 dollars. I came out with over five grand and began with 40 dollars. We doubled down everything. She would throw the entire pot out there where I would not go over 300.

“Do you want to go to France… or the Mayo Clinic” Rat-Dog Bin Hannity seems upset and is yelling and on some tirade; for a 911 terrorist; “suffering or not… why should they provide for… no you do not agree with me, that is the problem.” Just walk away Rat-Dog Bin Hannity while bodies are everywhere. At least help the wounded or call 911 for them, not try to drive off or away Rat-Dog Bin Sanity. A lot of people will say the classic Terrorist-Police scenario; to pretend to be the Terrorist and steal a uniform. They have our clothes and vehicle and we are in it also. They admitted it is our uniform and we are the hostage rescuers; they want to stay in the vehicle and we are trying to kick them out and run them over, and then back up. The story and the ten long years of struggle, standoff, and combat are gruesome and explain who they are.

Crack a bottle on his head and sue him for the Freedom Concert! He is sneaking into the military balls and show, “get the heck out of the way… taking responsibility for their own life” just not by self sufficiency. They do not believe in self sufficiency as I try to point out or kidnapping people. How about stalking or kidnapping? The home invasion in 2006 in New York was a diversion and revenge motivated for Trump; he thinks I am Trump @ $. I am dirt poor right now; how about everybody else? There is nothing to rip off. Only an ape like paper trail. I can also shut down and declare bankruptcy but left a window open and the back door unlocked. Rat-Dog Bin Vanity does not even want to go into why the Freedom Concert, why have a Blake Shelton concert using one of the radio stations of his; and the home invasion in June 10 of 2006; the same week. He thinks I am Donald $ Trump. They are looking for SDI and failed. They must figure out how to have a diversion and end the investigation; to seek closure.

Here is the story in 2006, the entire year. In 2006 it began when they backed off. Then they began to see a plan surface; Ann moved and hostage 2 was selling and vacating also, buying a resort condo and all cars. Location he is going is known, calls made, and arrangements made. Then a trailer and storage was done. It took 3 months to find an apartment once I got here and plenty of time to catch up. What are they up to and why? So they began to ask and I was asked almost 100 times. Their goal is to cover this up and if it gets out, the suspicious and egregious paper trails will expose a major conspiracy. There must be a scapegoat, diversion, and something to say it is real but a bad day or experience. This is not master level spies and super duper secret spies so powerful; they make up the Zionist-Israel alliance and the Irish-Kennedy alliance on the other; add the Democratic Party in America. Their goal is to rewrite the Constitution and fix their grand automatic strategy. They saw SDI and wanted it; but could not get it; almost.

Erasing the mind did not work. A mental defect and crazed person did not work. The list of excuses is dwindling down; all of them used. The only option is to do a home invasion, make it a ten year case, and it will overwhelm and cover over the last ten years of problems. Now you have a new case; sounds like the old one; we have real injustice; and we know why they are calling us a common nigger every single day. Now it is not about slander or 911 anymore and lost. That was too big so we had to “duality” it and this was the Duke Lacrosse Case. They have a list to check off. Neither Rat-Dog Bin Vanity nor Rat-Dog Bin Limbaugh has even spent a day on either of this; it is a cover up and not a core focus. What is the core focus? They always put you in a financial or some trap, a stranglehold to kill you. All rapists enjoy the pain and fight of a victim before they die, to see pain and grief on their face because it makes them feel powerful.

So we will go back to year 2006 and see what Rat-Dog Bin Vanity will say. What he says now and what he says when the evidence comes out will show us the penalty and who he is. “Fight… disgrace… showing compassionate… agree to take them in (massive union hub here and only Al Qaeda in US)… laugh at (we are terrorists)… budget… (degree of cronyism and corruption in New York)… ready to mutiny… throw it down a slot machine… not against gambling but… throw a quarter in a slot machine and become a millionaire… (It is like Vegas, they bus in old and rich people, you go and blow off some money, tell some stories, and have a good time. It is where you go for marriage and to just blow off some steam or see some shows. If you see it more than this, you have a problem.) It is like Vegas and Rat-Dog Bin Hannity even is trying to lure Ann to Vegas. Rat-Dog Bin Hannity has not said what he did before, “on stage with his wife.”

Rat-Dog Bin Hannity does not want to revisit 2006 and it must be stressed why he is avoiding it but not 911. 7/29/2009 8:13:09 PM Rat-Dog Bin Vanity says this is “about pride” but notice that what he says is never heard; you have to be able to tune into their special language and encryption. They are calling others a common nigger, trust me. He will do it for over 20 years and have you buy his material and go to his concerts. Rat-Dog Bin Hannity speaks of Country music and his love for it but when we ask him about the Civil War or the South; he is an idiot. I am what they call a southern gentleman and a Virginia country hard body. “Welcome to my world… how do you know Rush.” (Caller says “here is another one for you… birth certificate.. you are a great American). As a country boy or southerner, he does not know anything about the Civil War.

Rat-Dog Bin Hannity is racking up negative equity and debt and when it comes time to foreclose on him; there will be a paper trail and everything he brushes aside and walks away. They love to see the pain on the face of someone when they are strangled; go and look at the records; what they said. Rat-Dog Bin Hannity just said this is about pride. They own it and taken it over. Their history has warped their entire mind where they are now pure lunatics and maniacs. Look at their statements and actions after 911, it is about pride. It is about taking responsibility; take what from who? What is the core focus? They always put you in a financial or some trap, a stranglehold to kill you. Notice how he treats Ann and other women, serial killer material. Now watch the movie Manhunter; who is the blind woman? What is he doing? Who is covering their face and why? Look at the date and when we began this. They are lonely and do love; but it is so bizarre.

All rapists enjoy the pain and fight of a victim before they die, to see pain and grief on their face because it makes them feel powerful. Now he and they can get in any military ball, circle of power, or can have shows and exploit the pain and death of others. Do southerners want to grant him his own world and planet on America? If he talks to the southerners, they will say “we will grant you your own nation like the Indian nation.” That will not work and stop him; it is about pride and taking responsibility, taxes, and disaster. Listen to his health care and tax policies. It is only tax and profit; there are no values or truth. They are so unethical and criminal, they mess up and guess wrong even if they kidnap and keep someone under 25 hour surveillance. They have so much fight and are so unsophisticated, they are not able to understand the problem and been lobotomized. There is shame and repulsion. Study Manhunter and understand where we got some of this. That book was the first book ever on these predators with advanced intelligence.

When someone says they wish to see pain on someone’s face for no reason; they are sadistic and torturous; a psychopath who has a wrath. Unless you are military; you know pain is not honorable, a proper death and burial is. You do not mutilate and desecrate innocent or civilians even if it involves killing or war. This is the difference between counterforce and counter-value killing. It is two different species. In Manhunter, they do not say why the Leeds family has their eyes gouged or body repositioned. It is to show and take a picture; to show pain and suffering. That is their pride. Rat-Dog Bin Limbaugh says this is about raw naked power and ripping everybody off. When asked if it is necessary, Rat-Dog Bin Limbaugh said, “It was necessary to get the votes.” Power is the reason and to have that feeling you have to strangle your victim and make them show pain so you can get your pride back. This is an act of revenge and retaliation after the end of the cold war. In the video, Rat-Dog Bin Limbaugh is asked about hope and he says, “Greta, I am not going to just sit there.” The reason why they claim to snake or rip off the other side is because of credit problems and reputations.

Now we can use that when they get to court and ask if they wish to speak to us about 2006 and what happened after? “Shuffle… getting thrown out… getting wet… a sure area Congressman (Jason Conte)… maybe losing your governor… (he did not mention Reynolds the guy with Conte that night in the home invasion) they were the host… giving you my genuine opinions as I see them… you can figure out who they are but it is not me… (He knows I like to listen to the Smashing Pumpkins and the song Disarm because it is about a serial killer; it appeals to him and his senses, the pain in the voice, Ted Bundy in Seattle, etc) Rat-Dog Bin Vanity is Ted Bundy clone produced by the same people and fell for the trap of that song. They studied him after capture and it is almost the same thing; terrorizing women during the 1960s and blaming, the shuffle. They know abuse and torture produces the song “Disarm.” I would sing it to them and knew they were listening.

Rat-Dog Bin Hannity is still silent about the Freedom Concerts and details; how many cities did Ann show up, what he tried, what she did, and if she played along or knew what they were doing? This is how good serial killers are also. All he is willing to say is it is about his pride. Why would Bin Coulter take extreme risk when reinforcements are everywhere and her life is being burned down? Is she being blackmailed is the guilty, or is she Bin Coulter the black widow? Rat-Dog Bin Hannity recruited her and did a lot more afterwards but is still waiting for an erection; why? “Give them a little more time, you are rushing them here… Republicans don’t have answers… rattled off”; the damage Bin Coulter is doing now as I watch her footprints shared by them is enough to give them her.

It is almost a traitor unless she delivers his ear or body part; she is just acting dumb like them. With all the reinforcements and it is damaging to her; it raises suspicion on both sides. There is divisions and battalions, why is Bin Coulter super human and doing this when it is a legal defense for them and the footprints are hers and untraceable? “If you think about running for President… can you do me a favor… I would go there in a heartbeat… go on his show… just let you go… congratulations.” We will give them Bin Coulter and she is no use to us. What they want from us; the same. Bin Coulter will gladly go and has not put up one fight and is close to violating the law. Her court martial is being processed at this time for being the vehicle and volunteering to drive them away or deny a legal case. She is giving them a proper defense and showing John Wayne idiotism.

Bin Coulter punishes both sides. They flipped it on her and use her as an excuse while she is denying several charges. If she is a victim, she is not displaying it or refuses to crack a bottle over his head or engage in self defense tactics. She wants to be a lover and bed buddy instead. To who? She is not denting them one bit and has to be rescued over and over. Also the entire division is asking her to just get the hell off the hill and she won’t. She is showing off and wants to parade some power or control over others. Unfortunately, she is not perfect and has low self esteem. She does not follow orders well either and in the most intense moments, will soon be a hostage if not already. Hence another god damn year of this insanity and her busted up life as Bin Coulter. Everybody says the same; she gets pummeled and always has to be rescued. She wants the dirty work that which others do not want.

“He is not the President anymore… met by fierce resistance… what is their plan that is the focus.” Bin Coulter is way beyond the line and criticized of behavior and she has denied it and told a different story. Apparently, this sex kitten for Mr. President may be true. Now who wants that thing? The chick is a hot potato thrown around and joked about and now with entire divisions wishes to show how strong and powerful she is? The entire military is saying get the hell off the hill woman and she is riding around to each of their camps and going to dinners, parties, etc… with radicals and moles. It is hard to press charges when invited to their parties, concerts, homes, fund raisers, shows, etc… Now she must crack a bottle on their head or deliver a body part. That will prove her anger, not theirs. I kick them in the back at concerts and tell them to get up. That is real and real protection, real security and safety. That is why. Fist bump!

Thus, the private and the public/business or casual only relations. There are two stories here and two sides; the law of diminishing returns has to be taught to her again and again. This is giving them an exit and a way to fight back and wipe out our side. Bin Coulter is getting annoying to each side and the axe sharpening. She thinks it is a Harlequin Romance and not a war going on and dangerous. The fucking military is surrounding them can she please get the hell off the military side? Go to the other side and stay there, do not come back and make an excuse again. Stay there. She is the vehicle coming to our side and she needs to stay there because they are more slippery.

“I do not know what bill you are reading but… the end of your lie… you buy into it… think they have superior ideas… fine create your own system… why don’t you come and take everything I have… sick of it… I don’t even know any of them… (Rat-Dog Bin Hannity says he believes Sinn freedom and liberty; he believes in spying, terrorism, and walking away from a disaster he created and can fix a time bomb.)” Rat-Dog Bin Vanity now claims he does not want her and thinks she is trying to take everything he has; what is he being accused of? “I will pay for your air fare to Cuba for care… now you are saying you want me dead?” When we want to go to Cuba, we will call you next time. “If we gave you choices… hang on a minute, you are the one who told me you wanted to go… repeat after me… checkmate.” Either you are delusional or you can show some contract and written document; bring Bin Coulter there with you. “I just do not buy it… in the end if given the option you would rather stay here.”

Wait, this was a love story and he was on stage with his wife. She goes to his concerts because he is the Irish bacterium; now he thinks she is taking everything he has? Is this about kidnapping, terrorism, or recruitment; or is it a love story? This SOB is confusing me and scrambling my mind; says we wanted to go to Cuba, checkmate, etc… if given a chance? I thought we are being recruited for a 211, 311, and the 911 terror plot; not given a plane ticket. Oh, he means defection and escapes his Zionist-Irish bacteria recruitment. “We are friends… no values… read his speeches… always dedicated to preserving liberties… no morals… quick break and we will continue.” What is the core focus? They always put you in a financial or some trap, a stranglehold to kill you. All rapists enjoy the pain and fight of a victim before they die, to see pain and grief on their face because it makes them feel powerful. Who the hell agreed to a plane ticket to an Al Qaeda camp ran by elements of the CIA in East Africa? Was it Katherine Moynihan or Clinton-Kennedy? Who the hell is teaching us how to be ripped off artists by ripping us off and taking everything we have including our family? Leave my family and most especially my brother alone; do we have to flush them out again?

Oh great! Next time do not talk to military personnel on a mission and if so, provide your name, rank, and branch of service. Also, I had no idea you worked for the CIA and were trying to recruit others for double agent work. Why didn’t you tell me; I would have logged it and shown you my so called dossier. Now you claim you are super secret and work for President Clinton, Bush, and Obama but CIA is trying to kill you for pretending you are CIA and hiring double agents. What if I get arrested and killed? How about asking me or discussing who and what you are up to? Now all the sudden, you were never there and we cannot prove it.

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