I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The new masterpiece, “The Good and Bad Movie Called Show Me Your Boobies”:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 Congratulations Bin Hannity; I did not know how irritating you and Bin Coulter was; now I know. You have now officially gotten her in a lot of trouble; so if you had something to hide or if she did; let me say this. Approximately four months ago, I said and laid down the law. I said Ann you cannot and will not violate this, are we in agreement? Even if I am wrong; you are in a probation period and you cannot keep saying how you are trying to turn this around and do whatever you want. When you are in a relationship, even an idiot knows you loose your freedom. Now Bin Coulter is the arm candy for the Bin family and they are going to be in the same city and at the same time. Yes again. Have you ever seen a felon who is on probation and screws it up? Exactly, that is Bin Coulter.

I have yet to get the full story, not even from Bin Coulter. I merely said one more argument about this and I will ask you to leave. I have politely asked her to leave and if I were her and you did this; or kept saying how you had sex with her and she hated you; she should kill you. Punch you and bite your ears off. Who cares it is just an assault charge and it is not as if she has any defense at all. It is not as if you will live through this and she will be out of prison when you go down and this is finally exposed in public by my Canada Plan; oh, thank Bin Coulter for that one also. She stopped me and said she needed me. How I had to marry her on her terms. She should either kill you or viciously attack you for trying to rape her. If you too had hanky panky, then you know she is guilty as I do. She said I did not have to denigrate her and there was no sex or ever but she lives in a fantasy world.

So if this is some game to you and total lies; I hope she attacks you for trying to rape her and kills you for taking away her last lifeline in life. You even used her mom and her sickness to have sex. Ann said there was none and she was in a probation period and I said one more argument and I will ask her to leave. She has no control over her mind and her will. She says it is blind hate and will punish us even if she wants to join our side or be with our life. Exactly what you all are doing? So I am not sure what you got her in trouble about or why you keep suggesting your lips are sealed; but Ann is going to loose this one and you did punch her in the nose. She is bleeding and still going to date you so afterwards, you can boast about loving her the most and being her boyfriend. I will not stop you. If she kills you or attacks you out of blind rage, that is your problem. She has no mom or dad left and what she told me, I was the last one and in line. This is why I call you the Irish bacteria.

If she is a madwoman or a crazy lady, then I believe it. Serious I do. I said you are on probation and if there is one more argument, I will ask you to leave and she said she understood and agreed to those terms. She does feel guilty whether or not it is rivaled or trivial I do not know because it is not my business to stick my nose in the business of crazy maniacs or a mad woman. I also know Ann was really jealous of a lot of things and you obvious know because I had broken up with her and left the country. Read my Canada plan, I said meet me in Canada if you want to be friends; I really do not need a long argument or story. Why Ann feels guilty is not known. Bin Limbaugh says she shares some blame. I asked about this chat site and the problem with guys calling or her talking to men daily; will they misconstrue it also? It is called “I do not give a shit about anybody.” I will give you a hint; she hates the Kennedy’s.

To think she would have sex or was interested with you is almost like sex with a fat Kennedy. I call you an Irish bacterium for a reason. It is very hard to get rid of you. I can’t get rid of Bin Coulter either; she and you seem identical; like the same reality. If I was a military General, I would chew her head off and ask what her problem was and if she is goofy or ignorant; ask her to leave nicely. So if you are trying to get her in trouble, then you did. But if Ann was avoiding an argument, then she did not. This is why they call her a mad woman and a crazy lady; even her own side is calling her this. She is doing favors for herself and only herself; I am going back to my Canada plan. She may be guilty of something but I know I was intimate with her and admit it; if you were then boo on you too. I have asked her to leave and did not ask for a response. I said, look where your feet are, read back to me the rule you agreed to; exactly; it is insane. She has lost her mind completely.

We will know how deep Bin Coulter is in with you. I said I was friends with her for 20 years and she was trying hard to clear this up the best she could. I said hurry up and please do not lie. We get this. She said she needed my help and I said okay; that was all. Then she asked me to marry her and I said okay. Then I heard you and Bin Limbaugh and said forget this. Then she started crying and having a fit of blind rage about how it was total lies. Now she tells me you all are trying to hurt her, kill her, take her out, and prevent this 911 plot and you know she knows or was listening in while you tried to recruit me. You didn’t know who you had or do still. Read the Canada Plan. You are going to get raided and you can ask or double check with Bin Limbaugh and Bin Coulter. I keep on telling you that I think you all are dirt and she is just like you all. She takes massive abuse and thinks it is redemption, almost flogging you.

Do you have anything to say about why I asked Bin Coulter three months ago why is she going to Dallas, TX and this if this is important? She said nothing, no response. I asked her if she had been at any other Freedom Concert and fallen for your trick of giving her tickets and showing up at the same time while she is doing a show; she said nothing. I said maybe you are a mad woman? She said she felt guilty. She was hiding something. I said what and she said it was notes or something. She said she did something to lead on these people; “selling out its own members… going to Obama.” I want to know if she is going to kill you or assault you for this. She got nobody else. She doesn’t trust a damn one of you and cannot negotiate past me because I have said no more arguments. You either say or get it done now; or too late. She confessed and said she felt guilty and said she gave you “special access” to her life. I asked if it was sexual and she did not say. She then said she wants you to say if you want to verify the truth or story.

“Scared to death… will quit… hands are tied… too stupid to figure this out… set up a date for a beer.” So maybe she had some private party, invited you all over, went to some private party, hangs out with you, went out with you all in Florida, and is playing along or just existing; I am asking her politely to leave and no more arguments. She said nothing and said you all would. I heard nothing. All I heard was how you had special access, gave her some gifts, had all this money, were behind my kidnapping, were the terrorist behind 911, she never turns down a Bin Hannity event, you had your own ring and were engaged, you love her the most, she boasts to me about how much you love her – I called her Bin Coulter and a bacteria, then she said she would quit as a quick fix- which she did not do, then you kept on stressing the concerts, tennis, and vacation in Florida. I asked her if she ever let you come over or talked to you, she said “hell no.”

You all staged some Restoration Weekend to ignore her and it made her mad or annoyed because it was one more story she had to explain. She is trying to explain all these stories to me so I can build her case and I said, is there any instance of one on one where he said she said can apply; she said no. I said you mean to tell me, they stalked you and did all of that when there was nothing to base it on? She said yes. I asked her several times if this was an act of revenge when you were one on one, how about a beer or drinks with one of the Bin families or a stranger who they got jealous? She said no. I said is that a no-no or a solid no. She said no. There were things she could not explain such as the b-day, a few private parties, Billary Maher and LA, and the Freedom Concerts.

She said she went on some dates with Trump to clear this up and also went out to several events to make it known it was nothing. If the damn girl had teeth or some brains to duck a punch; she would not be here now. She claims it was trying to take her out and an act of revenge to kill her. I verified it afterwards and I did blame her for some of this and said, it was a disaster and it did not work as intended. So I hope you are right and guessing right; I would kill you if I was a woman and you did that, tried to rape me, and ruined my marriage where my spouse refused to hear an explanation. Why doesn’t she assault you? Bite your ear off or cut your penis off? I would. “After weeks of secretive talks… the gang of 14… conservatives’ get what they want… what is the cost?” You ramble and beat around the bush. Bin Coulter did say someone was blackmailing or trying to; they had nothing to use. So you are dashing at her so you can get something. She lets you and invites you in her home. Now we get this and she has no defense. “To prevent abuse… former district judge… he removed the demands…

Well, if she wants to prove her love, kick your ass or bite your ear off. How about cut your penis off when you drop your pants if ever. You said you were trying to rape her and she is a total powder puff even when pummeled. She can have it back when your penis is hanging on a tree or ran over by a car. We will know if you or I am lying. “It is not going to happen… it is working… making that claim laughable.” You think this is a joke. Do you have any idea how mean and how demanding I can be? You do not live with me or know me; what I want or feel. I know you got a fat greasy haired Irish bacteria trying to demand stuff and talking to me, “On Drudge and being lectured by the Chinese… whether going to work”; no it will not, your entire plot is going to be common knowledge and the raid in 1998 will now take place. Can you stop doing terror plots or trying to rape and kill spouses? Now Ann has to bring your ear or penis since she is guilty. If I waste all that time with a girl, I will deliver her underwear.

Honestly, I do not know what to tell Bin Coulter. I keep on saying one more and that is it okay; then I get two, three, four… now I am saying, look at your feet; what did I say about that line? If you and she are in some agreement, your ear does gain privileges. Your flat penis can be mounted and sold. You are the one with the rape and murder charges or being accused of it; catching you for 911 is horrific also. Bin Coulter actually blew my camouflage and got me in a second assault and stand off when I was going to my contingency and Canada plan. The Canadian government said all I had to do is show them a book and I agreed; their jaw must be dropping now. That was 2006 and 3 days on the border. So I went home and began to write chapters until my home was invaded after the 3rd chapter was written.

Your ass was about to be smoked by me. Whether or not you planned a counter or another terror plot was not known; I had commando mode and camouflage on; I had to contact the Canadian and British intelligence. I had to and then tell them. They would not believe me so I scheduled a landing zone and to await further instructions or when the coast was clear. Your entire global plot to fix and rescue the machinery was going to be up in smoke and God smacked by my commando jokes. If you decided to fight it out; then I would be on a tropical island and tanning. I was fed up and sick of this shit. Then my home was invaded and Bin Coulter wanted to marry me and asked for my help; I agree whole heartedly first; then was walloped and she was saying how it was no big deal after and waiting until the last minute. I blame Bin Coulter because as you can see, I have no camouflage and cannot defend on an attack. If I have it all or can organize it (bleed them if you can believe that now) then you were dead meat and it was underway boy. My blood was boiling and I would not even talk to Ann via Sat phone.

Neither of you cleared it up nor Bin Coulter tried desperately to not upset me; I saw this; but there was a climate of nonchalant distrust and extreme risk taking while you copied me, her, and fabricated some total lie. All I know is Ann felt guilty; of what I do not know but I would think if you can make her life worse, you would pull that same trick now. If you can win this, then Ann really ticked me off as I was heading out of here. There is a complete and utter corruption problem with this 911 terrorist recruitment plot. I was not able to stop or get any protection; I still report being called a common nigger every single day; every day. You just said “The Chinese are now lecturing us…” We have a problem with the Chinese also. All I know is I made it clear to Ann; is there going to be one more argument? We cannot argue anymore about this Ann, am I clear, she said yes. For someone as smart as her, I am sick of it. I do not know if this is about dinner with you, something while the Freedom Concert, or luring her to go and causing a ruckus over it; it is not helping Bin Coulter right now either.

Do you think if I had it all and details; every single detail; as you can see with the movies and can schedule it or release it all at once; I would tell you? Did you not see the reports or the arrests? I still cannot get protection or stop the attacks because of Sue Place and Chris Young. What makes you think I would tell you know and waste time trying to convince you if all I had to do was showing them a book and tell them I need to talk to Canadian Intelligence or British Mi6? That doe not include the satellite warfare and the other mission I was supposed to be on. So after the first week in April 2006, the Canadian government said to just show them a book and they can “expedite this” and pass a judgment what I need. Then I went to the consulate office for a face to face contact. I expected in five to ten years; your entire machinery would be arrested, destroyed, or in total disrepair because you had fingerprints and we had it all.

Even your nuclear codes and full weapons system; why are you calling the wrong people a common nigger upwards of 20 days; I can take down your entire machinery and arm the entire allied forces in the same day; believe it? It was no choice in 2006 and I was gone; see ya! I would come back when you kiss my feet or when your entire global machinery and spy-mole-sleepers are dead and gone. Now, thanks to you all; I have no camouflage now and no defenses. I got wounds and injuries everywhere and I am calling Ann Bin Coulter. Her life is fine, she just cannot stop making problems or parading likes an idiot. I told her, in tennis, a foot fault is a penalty no matter if it is intentional. Look at the line now. You do this all the time and I hate the McEnroe types. You have really pissed me off with this common nigger thing and the daily attacks by some fat Irish clown who thinks I love her and will have her baby.

God damn banging on the floor all day long sometimes and then acting like radio Hanoi. I did not even want to accept your white flag; got it? I did not and would not even consider it, it was Bin Coulter who told me to crash into her and I as now on the ground and fending off her attacks. Once I was done, she went to dinner or a concert with you and I said; will you kindly just leave. So if you’re global industry and machine is going to get raided and shut down and you will fight it out; then blame your fine performance here now. Blame Bin Coulter for stopping me, I did not have to and I saw them all over her on the ground and said fuck it. Ask the Generals. I ordered Bin Coulter off the hill and she did not follow orders. I said “you will do as I say or else this will end and I will not argue about this.” I asked her already about Dallas TX and she ticked me off.

Well fuck it, I wiped your ass out didn’t I and fended off how many people? It is documented and all there for the records, do you think I need the joy of Bin Coulter and her insane clown act? She is proving she is a mad and crazy woman; so deliver your ear and flat penis if it is a romance as you keep saying. We are not terrorist and not going to be recruited or intimidated by your insane murder spree. You are going down anyhow you look at it, now I just have no camouflage on and no defenses. I have to deliver a damn book to the Canadians. Bin Coulter wanted me to stay and she punished me and made me angrier. She did not tell me 911 terrorists were proposing and trying to get in her pants. I told her to get off and clear the hill, they are going to be raided but she would not; then I blamed her for stopping me from raiding you all. That was the Canada Plan and my new life. You better go back and check the record you clown and read it carefully.

I will ask you now if you wish tell me what happened at this concert now that you keep emphasizing it? She might have your ear and all but your flat penis needs some air right now. Someone is going to blame you for something… how Ann got one of the files I do not know; maybe one of the commandos gave her it. It was a moral dilemma and I would not take such huge risk given I was shot up, had an exit, and don’t particularly like Bin Coulter. They had surrounded her and she radioed for help and I just did it; without asking. Now she is getting ripped up by me even. She is fine and the attack was smashed if not crawling away now. I saw it and said, get behind it and do as I say or else I will kick you, am I clear. She was conscious and said yes. Then she got up and took off and I began yelling at her like crazy and she started crying incessantly and kissing me like.

I was like what the fuck are you doing, who is chasing you and do you know they are all over me? How did you get these files? She said you all were only “deranged fans” proving how you loved her and wanted sex. I asked her if she did put out and had sex and she said no never; they told her most of it to make her interested, trust them, and show love. I then double check with my psychic commandos and they said she is legitimate and not lying. She was licking my face and jumped my bones like you would not believe. I had no idea she felt guilty and had secrets still not out there, she said there was nothing to be jealous about but she felt guilty.

I went bananas with her rhetoric. The information she gave me checked out and it was an offer to hook up or some marriage proposal. All I know is I crashed my chopper, she was surrounded and in fierce fights, I literally cleared the entire perimeter and cussed out some people. I had no idea she was either romantic or dated you or you were her boyfriend. Never, she told me you were going to tell me. Then she would verify it. I said to make her presentable and she said okay. Then I heard about Guccione, Maher, cocktail parties, happy hours, and all these dates and dinners. I said her life was busted and she is too old to be doing this and she began to explain; just not all of it or in details.

Now it is how many freedom concerts and one on one with Bin Hannity or what she feels guilty about. Even if Maher caused a stir, Bin Coulter would be on thin ice again. I said, was I in prison or in a coma? She kept saying how it was all lies; all of them she hated. She did not tell me she went to dinner or concerts because I was at one. I had no idea. She did not say she was on a date because I was on one with three military girls; just friends though. She is not able to defeat or get past this Bin Hannity problem and he keeps citing the concerts, dinner with her mom, and knowing what she is doing all the time or talking to her everyday. Bin Coulter don’t understand I am grossly fatigued by this and do not trust her either.

Just remember, if I was going to unleash the levy on you and corner you with it all; but had to get out of this lock; do you think I would ever call a strike on my own position? I would rather be sipping daiquiris and tanning. You are the one calling me a common nigger and what I am going to do for you upwards of 20 times a day. You are the one who tried to prostitute kid porn and little kids, hookers, and invade my life with financial chaos and insanity even at work. I was to live a life of poverty and join when I got sick of it or sick of being discriminated. Bin Hannity even said that over and over, “I grew up… tired of being discriminated” and that is why you called me a common nigger for over 20 years. I never said you were racist; but it is clear you are. You did not dispute doing it; you disputed being a racist and the intention.

“The white man is the devil” here we go again with the white man is the devil crap. “Do you think I am the devil” SEAN BIN HANNITY IS THE DEVIL AND BEHIND MY HOME INVASION, ARREST, THE 2006-2009 AND THE EVENTS BEFORE AS PART OF A CO-CONSPIRATOR TRYING TO BE MY TEACHER IN LIFE. AS AN IDIOT I NEED TO BE TAUGHT BY A TOTAL DEVIL AND CRIMINAL-TERRORIST. IF HE WISHES TO DISPUTE THIS, HE CAN ROLL BACK THE CLOCK AND EXPLAIN FROM 1998 TO 2002. THEN WE CAN TALK ABOUT 2006 TO 2009. THEY ADDED THAT LAST PART NOW AND IN PUBLIC, THIS BEFORE PART WAS WHAT WE HAD BEFORE 2006. THAT WAS ENOUGH TO SHUT THE ENTIRE MACHINE DOWN AND RAID THEM GLOBALLY. Bin Hannity now says, “Now we are in agreement.” Well, they will still raid him and he is still charged for calling us a common nigger for over 20 years and we would have shut them down before that last section was added. They were dead already, why add another part on the end?


All I have to say about Michelle is she is very dangerous and face death penalty charges; she is part of the conspiracy but is only ornamental, a crony. They got it wrong again! If cornered and raided, they will remove the evidence and prevent a raid. She is their staff but was trying to clone the masters of this. She would punish us, “make sure everyone would follow the rules of the administration… patriotic… and I told her that… how is it, skilled Harvard educated.” Pure criminal intent and lies sweetheart. “America is a downright mean country before the election of her husband… if they can focus in on this… upheaval.” Things are changing very quickly and this mean-tough America will be on them soon or in a few years. “A card they would dare to play… raise their voice at her… “Michelle fuck you peasant; we know everything. I did go to Kent State also, were you there when I arrived? They saw me go to Kent State and Bin Coulter goes to the tomb of McCarthy. Kent State is not that big of a campus and has only 5000 people; most are local and commute. Friends?

Funny how you have reversed it “its right… kids glove… the political muscle she has exercised”; you are the “wife… beneficiary of that old boy network when she benefited herself…” of a Zionist spy or on their roster. Let me guess, you love American servicemen, are a mail order bride, and your husband is Mac? “Low income housing in Chicago… minorities… smuggle them in… press there and community activists… so the wealthier ones would not share their room… (oh kick us out) to try… selling it and it was bad medicine for them.” Good try. Got busted now and it is collapsing. “Hope and change has its privileges… their friends… (will do anything for them) private wealth… ponies of the people… of course they are wrong.” You had no idea what we are up to either? No a clue? “Bullying… benefiting own… highlighting… etc… “ no we had it all; all; “you Sean are the one who helped to expose all these Tsars… talk about wealth, this woman (wow you are good)… may have been involved with those secrets in the white house and forced to do it… (Spies)” We know you are a spy and ornamental, I met one in college. They are very good at talking and I did not know why. It is because they are total criminals. They have their own language. She was Asian and even better than the peasant here; they wanted to see me do it and talk like them. I got up there and said “more and war (more and more)… Join US Savimbi (Jonas) from Angola… ecstatic about this denial (liar).” LOL and are delusional; they were like oh my. Michelle, friends?

Now the story is they will be in the same week and city; not the same day. Tyler, Texas later this week; so Bin Hannity and Bin Coulter is plotting and goofing around with each other.

I warned Bin Coulter and said if it made things confusing and your life could suffer from your problematic curse, why chance it? Why cause an argument when there is a probation period and extreme risk taking underway? When you are told to clear the hell, get off the hill please. No foot faults and arguing about how you did not intend on doing it. None of that one the line shot and expert backhand and forehand I do when I shotgun that ball with all my arm and weight. Trust me, I put it on the line and these are on the line shots. Now Michelle is bragging she is not a peasant class spy or conspirator? He can attend high level meetings of 911 terrorists and military commandos to brag about how powerful they are as a mole-terrorist group? Why don’t we take you down tonight and stop guessing or speculating this? Bin Hannity says the white house will have a meeting over this for them, “I wonder when the white house will meet…” The Michelle trick is not strong enough of a defense if you called me a common nigger for over twenty years. Now an Asian to the rescue again, two days in a row.

DRUDGE, WHAT THE HELL IS THE DRUDGE ABOUT WITH ANN? “I am glad you are reading it… Drudge has great stuff out there… has some great conservative stuff for sale out there… (Total rip off)… have you just waken up or something… are you a pot smoking liberal… you obviously have good influences around you (or the devil)… you are very annoying…” oh showing off to the upstairs Irish bacteria and asking if he was alright and this, “what would you do if you were in a desert and had a satellite on you right now? Then I said, you will get lit up and I will describe how your dermis is not being hottened but the inner core of your body. That is called being lit up and you look like a red dot on radar.” Then the Irish bacteria upstairs nearly sucked my dick.

Then I said, “Why does your sniper matter, if I said you just felt it and to ask him if he did also; that cruise missile can come from 500 miles away because your sniper is no longer a threat.” You all are delusional man. Well, “have you ever heard about being lit up or even know what ‘lit up’ means… nobody can stop you.” No, it means you need to wake up and stop acting like a complete idiot. If your machinery and this global broken grand strategy are released; how fast do you think they will be in custody? Exactly. Will they go after the HQ or the weakest first? Exactly. Will you try to fight or stop the raid? Nope. You got the dirty bomb and want us to know. Do you think the best and most elite are scared of you or has no idea of what you are doing?

Bin Hannity says, “We would pull back from that involvement… everybody is evil and equal in America… this nightmare… it will end up fair, it does not happen this way.” I would also. Have you read my Canadian Plan read it? How do you hold a sniper weapon when lit up and red hot like a dot? They see you as a lit up red dot also with infrared. You wish to sit next to me or what? It does not matter if you are a police officer, if you are lit up and a red dot; it is a code red. That sniper is not able to hold that rifle when lit up. This police fantasy is going to end real fast if I keep hearing this BS degree you have and keep bragging about as a political fantasy.

I warned Bin Coulter and said if it made things confusing and your life could suffer from your problematic curse, why chance it? Why cause an argument when there is a probation period and extreme risk taking underway? When you are told to clear the hell, get off the hill please. No foot faults and arguing about how you did not intend on doing it. None of that one the line shot and expert backhand and forehand I do when I shotgun that ball with all my arm and weight. Trust me, I put it on the line and these are on the line shots. Now Michelle is bragging she is not a peasant class spy or conspirator? He can attend high level meetings of 911 terrorists and military commandos to brag about how powerful they are as a mole-terrorist group? Why don’t we take you down tonight and stop guessing or speculating this? Bin Hannity says the white house will have a meeting over this for them, “I wonder when the white house will meet…” The Michelle trick is not strong enough of a defense if you called me a common nigger for over twenty years. Now an Asian to the rescue again, two days in a row.




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