I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010


The problem is putting the best face on it; how much they are hiding and what they did. When I moved to NY in 2006, Sue and Chris Place acted as if they were friendly and the All American family; but you could tell something was wrong. They were selling the residence or helping to; the best face on the worst problem; soon to come. Meanwhile, the community began to follow me, act as if they were the FBI, and I was being watched. Everywhere I went, snipes or comments were made. If I was a newcomer, then this should stop but did not; it led to a home invasion in June 10, 2006 and the events afterwards. So Sue and Chris were bonding or getting close; we were briefed about this plan in 2009 by iRush. They were described as "powerful labor leaders" by iRush in an interview. In 2006, the threat was elusive by the labor unions. In 2009 they were in the building, wanted to be known as a rebel guerilla or a FARC like Marxist group. They wanted to instill a racially motivated attack for whatever reason and then explain it in interviews. They wanted to spread the message they were everywhere, powerful, and to lookout. Due to the threat and the lack of information, refusal to refund or stop the attacks, a conspiracy and failed retaliation, etc... a rent refund and damages are being sought; an emergency refund and then a punitive civil case. Also, attempted murder charges have been filed with the local jurisdictions.

Q: What exactly is Sue Place doing? Also upstairs and the local unions? Take a hard look how much they are hiding and why?
A: It began around summer of 2008. They went on attack and 24 hours of watch. They wanted to scare me off and injure the relationship between Ann and I due to the illegal surveillance or recording devices (peeping tom cameras). There is a major breech in contract. They want to create the idea I left on my own free cognition. The landlord said I had to "leave before the lawyers arrived." I was given a week and then got stonewalled as usual. My refund requests were denied or unanswered; they basically said go to hell. Around the summer 2008, the death threats, bullying, and harassment became attempted murder. Sue Place repeated "we are ready to die... we do not know what to do... we want to die" nearly 500 times from 2009 to 2010. It became so disturbing and annoying she was called a whore and told to shut up; wait for the FBI. She then would respond with "I understand... okay" but was back at it the very next morning. Primarily, the family upstairs served as a messenger, lookout, and a spy or lookout. To stop Isreal and the communist; you must first stop NY and the mafia.

Q: Did Sue Place use her son and family?
A: Yes. She and Chris Young had sex in front of me four months after I moved in. Then I met her mom and exchanged presents; attended their Christmas party. In 2009-2010 Sue would put her son (Nicolas) on duty or as a lookout. His baseball bats (aluminum bats) were placed next to the door to implant this idea they had clobberred you or clubbed you to death, a typical mafia punishment before death. Sue Place would whimper and cry sometimes, then say "I am going to die... we want to die... we are ready to die." Suicide comments were made from 2009-2010 at least twice daily or over 500 times; documented and dated each time. Essentially, Sue Place involved her son (10 year old) in the illegal activity. She used her son to beat up or take turns when she was busy. Her role was to be a secretary and to add details not passed via radio or missed. Then in 2009 she impersonated Ann Coulter for over 12 months to torment and create a sensation she was in love or wanted to make love. Only until the summer (June 2010) did she change this role and stop impersonation or speaking on behalf of Ann Coulter, iHannity, iRush et al. If you do not stop the left wing or mafia; we will end up looking like Hamas or Hezbollah; fighting NY and liberals.

Q: What exactly is Sue Place et al doing upstairs? How did her schedule change from 6 hours a day plus all weekend to around the clock and 24 hours?
A: There is a watch and a standoff. They are either banging, stomping on the floor, or follow you into every room. They will sit above you while in bed or at a desk working; one hour or six hours. Then they will begin to make comments, upset you, order you around, and implant this idea they are winners or beat you up. Mostly it was "what are you waiting for", "leave", "we do not want you to stay", "watch it", "this will never end", and emmotional expressions and psychopathic anger meant to torment or terrorize you by banging, stomping, or all hell breaking loose upstairs. They hardly talk or say a word, it is subliminal and intended to have you focus; stalk-and concentrate on the threat. Then Sue Place will spend all day and night playing this game of torture and terror. The idea is you are not going to get away, you must do as they say, and resistance has severe repercussions. The message is their will to impose force is far superior and ten times more psychopathic. They knew the importance and the role we had with law enforcement. They even acted as if they were the State Police and FBI surveillance. It felt like a mafia hitman who was relentless and would not stop or let up.

The primary message is they are assasins or sent to stop us. They are suicidal and ready to die, we will not get away; leave now while you can or face more and more. Then the pile up from 2008 to 2010 were physical injuries and bacteria attacks. Around the summer (June 2010) Sue Place quit work to do this full time. Before she came home for an hour or two to torment you; then went back to work and then sat in during the Bin Hannity show (7pm to 10pm); went to bed and did this at lunch the next day. By summer she quit and did this full time; all day and night; same schedule and over 12 hours a day. It was on the orders of the landlord and a conspiracy; a lookout, a watch, a prisoner status, and a form of captivity. Although they had no direct or action that warrants attempted murder; the psychological and intimidation was to terrorize someone in their trap. The attacks and snipes publicly ended in 2009 and began to quadruple inside the residence. The people behind this was the recording devices, surveillance cameras, and a peeping tom camera described. The staff of Rick Johnson was behind the $300 gas bill; it was total confusion and finger pointing.

They knew this was an FBI manner and wanted to punish or make sure those behind their capture paid the ultimate cost and knew how they felt at the end and what they would have done had things turned out differently or had we not been undercover, death or murder. Although repeated over and over, the message was "leave" and "watch it, we are watching, following, and trying to take you out any way we can." Then Sue Place would simulate beating you or clubbing you while you were brushing your teeth, bending over or bowed your head, and would try to trap you and make you get up or move away; all day long "leave." If safety was the number one priority or concern; the problem was blamed on Alex as a coverup and suppression of this case. This fulfilled a secret agreement and pact between Rick Johnson and Sue or Chris Place to stop us and make a last stand. So the question is who pays, where is the money from, and why am I so mad at the police? Why am I told to take what I am given and leave before I loose my life and much more, my loved ones? The pain they caused and the negligence related to that pain was unmatched; pure cruelty and senseless violence on suicide.

Both Sue Place and Chris Young represented Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity up until June 2010. As we explained our story and filed the charges; Sue impersonated Ann or our investigative techniques. She tried to impersonate undercover agents, and our story to suggest it was done back and we were even; move for move; then both iRush and iSean would declare war or state we were at war. We were bringing them down and we were handing them over to the FBI but they kept saying we had penetrated or stopped them; we waged war and were the problem, they were in total control of our life and refused to let both of us go and were plotting and trying to execute this murder plot. When we asked why or if they wished to explain, they said "we do not know what to do... we are ready to die... we are at war... we do not want to get hurt" and hide 80% of this plot and their criminal life. It took us over twenty years to figure this out or catch them; to provide human and scientific evidence and all they said was we had waged war on them and they are ready to die. They match or beat anything we do and say.

Sue Place thinks Alex is a fictitious character named "Sambo" and he likes to yell out of the window, "Sambo in da house, on the 9 all the time, cock, locked, ready to rock; here to take care of you baby, until you dump the limp dick you cannot kick." Now try saying that 20 times and that is why she can get very violent, horny, and ridiculous in her own stupidity. "Dump the limp dick, dump the limp dick, dump the limp dick..." In their mind, they both are players; watching 24 ours and trying to get the jump, first shot, or win at all cost.


This land or Pearl Harbor real estate problem is a scam and a conspiracy by enemies of the US. It has to do with the gambling plot, shaking down or the white man war with the Indians, and this right wing conspiracy or sacred land-military base. They put this land away and now it went bankrupt and an utter failure because it is protected by something else. They built a garrison and revolutionary command on top of Indian land or some curse. They see it as a right wing or federal plot to eradicate the mafia and liberals; to evict them and kick them out of America; I agree and it is true. The birds do not know what it is or if this presence is more powerful or will win the galaxy. It also has to do with Alaska and Hawaii. All of this traces back to JFK and manifest destiny. If you ask iRush, he thinks it is the ghost of New Orleans and mimicked it as BP; it is not. Whatever they tried or did with Love Canal blew up on them and it is condemned land; no wildlife but they are there. If this was a proposed retirement home, then it is an utter failure but gambling is involved. This has to do with water, fishing rights, and most of all electricity. It is about Indians fighting the mafia and now the blacks; help them.


Who is Chris Young? This is just one event; I describe from 2009 to 2010 daily events and also demanded a rent refund because on the other line was the landlord who was also taunting about how “you don’t even have a job or money.” I tried to describe how they set me up in this living arrangement and hide the entire plot or conspiracy. There was so much hidden they tried to put the best face on it and to suggest they did nothing wrong or had nothing to say, pay the rent or leave. When it came down to the peeping tom camera; at no time was it turned off or ceased; used as the method to track my movement around the house, read my emails to the FBI, read my personal and financial information, and also to gain advantage or be one step ahead at every intersection or crucial moment. Chris Young also described a Jewish friend as his lawyer, a big burly bearded man who kept walking by the house at 3-4 at night holding a cell phone. He is the one who claimed to be “Sawma” or this hacker I had reported to the FBI who was demanding money or was extorting; using computer hacking to demand ransom. I was not able to prove it or hunt him down electronically. Usually, they retaliate with poison ivy, bacteria, flesh eating bacteria, or shingles rubbed on my laundry while hung to dry in the laundry room. So the only access with the peeping tom camera is to degrade you sexually, retaliate with bio-terrorism, or online and hacking efforts. This attack is one of thousands documented from 2006 to 2010 and why they refuse to refund the rent.

Thursday, September 02, 2010 at 1445 he began by making a loud stomping noise similar to the sound before the Trans Am was vandalized. It is him jumping up and down. I was asleep and woken. It was to startle or put fright in someone, part of their tricks and repertoire. As I laid in bed I began to hear him talking to me “you ain’t got the money… getting kicked out… leave…etc.” So I got out of bed and went to the window to close it. Before I did, I kindly asked him, “You know, tell your wives Sue that I would appreciate it if she did not spend 3 or 10 hours a day on me. If you were a real man you would take care of business and F her like a husband should.” He erupted in a fit of anger and spewed off incoherently about how his life was so spectacular and made lewd gestures suggesting he had a woman, I had a problem with self gratification, and if I was a man I would come outside so he could “kick my ass finally.” It angered me how incoherent and how total lies would flow out of his mouth and into my window. This was the bedroom window and he climbed up and had a face to face; a screen window was between us. He gestured he was going to throw a full beer can inside the bedroom. He got animated and began to walk in a manner of a ferocious fighter or champion. He kept on daring me to come outside, face him like a man, and punch him in the face. I told him we were in an arrest phase and to not talk to me and shut the window several times on him. I know his tactics and his game; it is the same terror plot we describe.

This eruption of mouthy incoherence did not stop and I demanded an answer why his lady was doing this. The answer should be, “because I got castrated and have a penile dysfunction.” However, he kept on provoking a fight, “why don’t you come out here… you ain’t got the balls… you are the one who does not have a woman, etc…” So it is just aimless talk and incoherent jibber-jab meant to anger or provokes a fight. Then he received a phone call whom he identified as Rick Johnson the landlord and he began to make up a story. He then put the phone up to my window and began to say, “Why don’t you tell him what you just said to me” and I said, “I am working for the FBI and picking fights is not what I am here for. Secondly, I would destroy you because I know how to fight very well and know I need to be careful.” I knew this was his act and even when he told me he had taken Tang Soo Do, I checked him out; his ground, blocks, and weapons; he is an idiot and with a master of martial arts; powerless. I also put him into very simple moves in 2007 when I had been the friendly guy upstairs willing to teach him martial arts. He does know how to wield a knife and knows a lot about firearms and explosives.

So this got nowhere and I explained to him I was not trying to pick a fight and this erupted made it look as if he was some better man or powerful. I got up and went to make coffee. Then I opened up the kitchen window and the eruption of him taunting and yelling into my window began again. Now it was I had no right to exist or had no right to open my window without hearing incoherent or aimless comments meant to make me feel bad. I got fed up after several minutes of asking him questions such as why his wife does the same thing or spends 4, 6, and up to 10 hours a day. He then pulls out a wad of cash and makes all these comments about his life; “you cannot even pay your rent… you do not work… you are getting kicked out, etc.” Then I said if you are that; why you don’t just knock on my door, so he proceeds to knock on my door. We then exchange more verbal abuse both getting nowhere and he either pretends or is getting angrier. So he approaches the window and I asked him, “When someone does not want to talk to you, just stop” and he begins this eruption of incoherent and taunts meant to overwhelm and overpower you right into my window. I casually went and got a glass of water and while he was talking threw it into his face. Then I asked him if that made him feel better and he began to suggest he was more violent and out of control. So I got another cup of water and threw it in his face while he was talking. I asked him where this was getting or what he was going to do now. It seemed like he grew angrier and wanted to inflict physical harm or violence.

After the fourth cup thrown into his face, he climbed the window sill and had a face to face conversation. He began to throw the plant into the window which caused me to shut it and then flick a cigarette into the kitchen window. To taunt him back I began to smoke it and thanked him, he did the same and said he needs a bath and had been outside all day, it felt good. So he then says more of the same “you are an idiot… you are no man… why don’t you do something about this.” I said to put his hand inside my apartment or go for me if he was a man. He refused and takes my mastery of martial arts serious; he stops immediately at danger. Now he hit a danger point and began to calm down. I said what else is there but to knock on my door, so he did; walk inside and knocks on the door. Then he is under the window again and climbs up on the sill to talk inside my window and I had more water waiting. Three more full cups of water was thrown into his face while he was on the sill and after he climbed down. Now he is mumbling incoherent and does not know what to do, he is afraid of climbing the window sill and his game or stupid trick is not working. I then said, in a forceful manner and with the fury and might of a killer soldier, “Did you hear what I just said, when someone does not want to talk to you, do not waste your time or mine.” He then was intimidated and out of this incoherent mode of verbal abuse and began to talk in a civilized manner; another cup of water was thrown on his face and the window was shut and the matter was left alone. His whole point was he was some master, others were powerless, and nobody could fight him back.

Then I was frank with him (they), “When they read about what you did and how shameless you are; they are going to shank you in prison because that is where you are going and belong.” So the damage they did had repercussions and those repercussions were outside of his thinking man’s game. There was a complete disconnect in reality as far as what he and they did and where it was leading or the damages they had caused; now reaching an end. He also made sure I heard him and this phone Rick Johnson if the exploration of arrest was needed to quell the sign of disrespect I had just made very clear and concise to him. So that was how they played this James Lee Discovery event in Silver Spring, MD; much the same as Mumbai, BP, and several other events in Pakistan. They were watching at the same time in 2006 as I wrote the chapter they brought to life at Virginia Tech, where I had attended, to suggest they were more man and nobody could fight back. This was just the mouth end to the events and the provocation, next is jail for you. The trick or psychological warfare they are deploying is called racial profiling and this was how was used repeatedly against this matter or ended this way. It is a team effort and the labor unions and they are using the power of others to intimidate. That is just one incident of 1000s documented and why a rent refund was refused by Rick Johnson who hid all of this in a conspiracy to either rob or murder, or both. So after over 10 cups of water thrown in his face, he still screamed into my window, said he enjoyed it and asked for more, and I asked him not to talk to me because we are in an arrest phase; we know they want to die and do not know what to do.


There is a cold case involving Curtis Sleewa and John Gotti. I began early in life studying Shotokan Karate from Okinawa. I was not able to find a Kung Fu teacher that I admired. Sleewa in the 1970s took Kung Fu to the subway of NYC and they made a movie; an action one and it was really good. From there on movies such as Good Guys Wear Black, Every Which Way but Loose, etc… began to capture my interest. In the 1980s a case of the .22 caliber killer erupted in Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and NYC which involved a US Army private who was on leave. Someone is watching Alex, knows the US Army is involved, and the NYC police; the US Army is involved now. This has to do with martial arts and Sicilians; taking this to Hollywood. I should mention that Moynihan looks more dominant and prettier than Lisa Evers, stunning. This was in the 1970s and lasted into the 1980s; about the time when Ann and I grew up. Another movie called “Escape from NY” also came out during this subway shooting. So how does this involve the labor unions, iRush, and communism or the Vietnam War? So they mistook and got the entire story wrong; but know something is wrong and closing in on them; some Alien like creature. So this is how and who they intended it for. Now take a look at who hired my older sister and what her address is.

Sleewa had tracked and came to Buffalo in the 1980s; and it led to an arrest in Georgia of a private who “lost his mind” and began to “ramble incoherently.” I am not sure if he is the only person involved in this but soon after the subway shooter became Bernard Goetz. So Sleewa was working at WABC, how all of this began there and with Hannity, construction workers, or IRA terrorism; in 1983 (same time) Gotti takes out Castalano at Sparks Steak House in NYC or the underground; whether the two are related is not known. Sleewa is on the tracks of Gotti who in 1987 is taken down in a sting; then in 1992, Sleewa gets kidnapped and shot several times in a cab. So if we link the Gotti case, Sleewa case, and the .22 caliber killer case; it goes back to NYC; much similar to the McVeigh case and this gambling problem. Another odd event is the Love Canal and this land-real estate turned into retirement or pension fund for those who are waiting. Is something buried there and is it a weapons or treasure cache? If something is buried there, then they are looking for a buyer; to retire or launder the money; cash out. In 2006, there was a white-French cab driver that was very suspicious. What was strange was his race and his name; and then his demeanor when asked questions. After this I stopped using cabs and flagged down cars or paid private people. If you compare the DC-VA area; the land at ground zero has driven them off; crime was eradicated in DC-VA until 2002 (BC Bud Crew of Chantilly). Real estate in VA from 1980-1990 quadrupled; hence the Whitewater land scandal of the Clintons.

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