I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Monday, September 13, 2010


Kidnapped hostage Johnny Utah speaks! Immigrating to the US is one of the most horrific experiences but it can bring tremendous success and freedom; the basic standard of living is supposed to improve. So you must be sensitive to this coming to America phenomenon. However, this is insanity. These people are from the ghettoes and slums of the world and they terrorize others with one form or another of low standards or lack of religion. They place psychopathic criminals on every block and think the new kid on the block carries the biggest shtick. Love to them is how it must cost to reduce their breast size. So after 200 years of living like sardines and climbing over each other or ripping the hair out of thy neighbor; we have learned the way to cope or fight communism is to put a knife on their throat or slice it. You cannot let up on evil or the enemies of mankind. If you do they will warm your bed and make you dinner each day until they can figure out how to kill you. So we learned this the hard way and Yawpers will have to bloody their nose, slam them, and send them back to Auschwitz so they can terrorize their own kind. Even after 200 years of living like animals, they are still outcasts and hated; full of piss and vinegar. All that mafia life and abuse has made them a soft comfy cajoles; a long couch; I call it the stampede effect or Stockholm syndrome.

As far as this problem I have, we know they will call you “nigger” until you are crazed, radical, and bombers or terrorists like the crazed lunatics we caught and exposed. They are using me to call in bomb plots or broadcast it and I have taken severe actions to let them know I do not appreciate getting in trouble or being caught up in this; pissing twenty years of my life away to some loser or jackass who is full of hate and wants to be superior. Even when he is climbing through my window or up keeping this harassment plot; I threw water, urine, and ice cold water on him; and the scrawny idiot gets bolder. Now on September 11, 2010 he is barking through the walls “we are not scared” all day long and against my orders so I threw not one cup but two cups on him for violating the “do not talk to me” clause. What does he do? The screwy imbecile calls the police, refuses to tell them any information, and says I am harassing or throwing water at them. They forget the most important part. They said Utah was their leader and they had his girl; and vice versa. Then they acted like the police or some informant turning us in while we were trying to put our body between it and subdue them. When they said we were their leaders, it triggered words such as “MF… B-tch… SOB… F’in… “ and this suave or vague way of communicating.

I am not a swine or a liar; I got kidnapped and abducted, then stuck. So I am willing to accept responsibility and said I threw two cups on him, not one. You cannot fight it or them; you go with it. So I do not know what I would do if he got insane again, whether I would grab him by the collar and drag him in my kitchen and slam him like a super X judo throw. There is no way to predict what he would do if the window had to be slammed on his scrawny body while refusing to jump down from the window sill to shout in my face, what if he fell two stories and had to explain it? That is the problem, they refuse to explain anything; all he will say is he was attacked while in my kitchen and I tried to severely injure him because he refuses to keep away or is oblivious to any pressure or danger. If he is caught in the window and is pummeled, it is up to him to explain after he falls down; but this is an imbecile and idiot. In his mind, he is superior and a bomber; we are weak and phony soldiers. This is not true; Johnny Utah is the best and he moves that ball in any direction and zings it them if they are on his team; nobody can hold on. Even the FBI knows I have been abducted and they demand someone pay for my relocation and rent refund. Their message on 911 was they were not scared and we are going to jail because they worked their magic.

I am not the bomb squad give me my damn rent back so I can end this. I was never given any choice and was tortured to cooperate. My point is I have a 1.4 billion lawsuit and do not fear the consequences or even arrest. I have already been framed or spent years in the hardest prison conditions; I do not think a simple assault or even second degree murder (5 to 7 years) if the outcome is to save lives or my family; is unfair. At least I have to fight and try to avoid it; now tell that to the mafia or the labor unions and see what they say. They will say you threw urine in our face and dog crap; an insult. So if he is on my window sill and I grab him and slam him inside; he is the one who looks like the idiot I describe; that is their insanity and feeble idiot act. Did you know that if you tap a bomb on the tip, it can explode? Did you know that if you press the button on a toaster three times, it burns the bread no matter what? So I do not like all the trouble, wasting 20 years of my life, and have a reason to be really upset and demand 1.4 billion dollars; I am not the F’in bomb squad. I never agreed to this job or position they keep suggesting nor am I on their side or team. They know they are white trash and even try to apologize; hence the race card and race baiting. They hate themselves and their own kind; very oppressive. Nobody cares about their jungle fever, bomb squad scam, labor union, iRush white trash life, or if they are scared or not; that is the whole point. We do care for the truth and solving this case; also making sure they know where their place is.


There is a really bizarre occurrence over the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. Look up Tamara Rand and also look up Allan Glick. All of this traces back to Las Vegas, the mafia, the iRush, and oddly a .22 caliber killer. Tamara Rand is the name of a female killed in San Diego when she decided to testify against Glick and the Chicago mob. Tamara Rand in 1981 predicts the shooting of Reagan down to the pistol and where he is shot. The problem is psychics do not get this detailed or every see this much detail prior to an event. Most psychics do not even know it when they have this vision until after the event; that is how you know the presence of a psychic power or ability. The only Tamara I have met was at Jaco and I reported this to the FBI in 2006 as one of the suspicious characters; the other was Nadine. The theme here is hot women and using them as a front or to put the best face on the worst problems; image or looking good.


September 22, 1980 is the first incident reported in Buffalo, NY. The only profiles given by the witnesses match the Unabomber (hooded sweat, threatening political targets, and possible white supremacy or Turner Diary computer problems.) What is similar to this case is how it was executed or what events led up to the capture of revolutionary command or this white based leadership. After this serial killer, another serial killer with mental court problems appeared in Atlanta targeting small black men. Both of these cases suggest an X factor and a boogie man. If the Unabomber and the 22 caliber killer are the same organization; then they did not utilize the same weapon for each job. In other words, the killer adjusts his killing methods to satisfy the conditions that challenge is capture. These are not random or impulse killings; they are pre-planned and used to maximize the hunt. The problem with this guy on the subway is he is fighting the clock and has studied the routes. Nobody notices him like a pick pocket or a thief; not a killer. Unlike a purse snatcher to runs up and takes off; this guy operates on the same schedule of a master pick pocket. Another link or similarity is castration. 25 years old Joseph Christopher attacked a minority in his unit and then castrated himself; a very similar pattern. However, we know Chris Young is taking orders and a puppet. We know they are also master thieves. We also know they look like the Unabomber and have a lot of interest with computer hacking. We also know they are revolutionary command and the labor unions; who do not wish to be deported and call America their home.

Ronald Reagan is shot on March 30, 1981 around the corner from the historic Russian embassy on 16th Street. Hinckley has ties to the Nazi Party and has an aversion for the Jodie Foster or Taylor Swift type of females. We also know he is mafia related or labor union; hence, the Evergreen or mining town in Colorado. There had been a history of labor unrest at the turn of the century in the state of Colorado. Oddly, the target or motive is Hollywood and Reagan; media related and propaganda. My neighbor arrested Hinckley and my other neighbor is a miner whose daughters marry all NC men. The Reagan years had the October Surprise, the 101st Airplane Crash, AF Flight 109 to Tampa Bay, Florida Crash, Beirut Marines Barracks, and a whole lot of murders or assassinations by crazed lunatics.

When you compare the links between these cases, what stand out are the weapons. All of them are Ruger (Mini 14, Ruger 22 Pistol, and a 10/22 rifle) manufactured and not typical of Illinois. The one other link to this case I present is the FBI and the Office of Civil Rights. Review the data on who contacted, when, and why; and then how it played out. Also, I walked into an office in 1998 and described what I saw or experienced (blacks, labor unions, communists) whom I could not catch or single out. A theme of racism and single moms is prevalent in all of these cases; also NY or traces of mobsters.


I knew several Stevenson; Christopher from Whittier JHS and a few girls (Stacy and Melissa). Chris led to a guy named Paul Early who is buddies with Andrew Wimbledon. Stacy was a cheerleader and played with a Vietnamese girl whose father was a gangster and gambler - Mr. Do. Melissa is a girl whom I had a crush on but did not age well after JHS; she ended up with a southern motorcycle type. If you want to see an Al Capone look alike, take a look at the HS photo of Jen Lawstoni. She would give me massages during physics class and I wondered why she did in front of these girls (Wendi and Lori who were Mormons). Jen then became the best friend of my neighbor Deana whose entire family married men from North Carolina. They were somehow linked to coal miners because Deana's father had black lung and was a coal miner. Her father was a retired US Army programmer who used the GI Bill after the war to get a technical degree. Her father asked me to date his daughter while in HS and before his death. I thought it was odd how Jen came over daily but now I know where the Al and Capone business came from. The ex lover in HS who wants to have an affair is Kathy; she looks exactly like Stormy and has an identical body, face, hair, etc... That is one way to advertise and get the message across!


The DJ at DC101 in the 1980s was the Greaseman. Tracht was a shock jock from NY who portrayed himself as an unstable VN Vet and killer who switched in and out of combat on a snap. Although not a provable crime, the early 1980s was a period of crime and mental illness. If terrorism was born out of the 1960s, then crime and total disasters exacerbated the drug problem and the communism of this era. Therefore, when you search for the nexus of crime, unemployment, and communism; the early 1980s and the disastrous economic policies must come to mind. After the 1980s and this period of consumerism; debt was out of control because it began as the idea you must borrow to fix and to restore matters. Also, if we are to assess the mafia wars or the global dimension of this; the 1980s has to be the focal point of these two dual universes. The problem with drugs impacted large population areas the most and where people lived closely together; the opportunity to mug, rape, or steal increased. Furthermore, the social decline of the inner city collapsed as drug and crime invested more into this industry.

Q: Are beheadings a local matter for law enforcement or is this a smear to the Japanese ritual of Hairy Scary? Can the federal government get it right before we are all doomed and the native Indians and Mexicans turn on us? Will the FBI retaliate by shutting down all mafia related gambling rights and stripping them of all their power; the emperor plot against the thieves’ world?

Illegal Immigration: Here is the final analysis and if anybody disagrees, they are a problem also. The worst violators of immigration laws and welfare are the Catholic Church. To say or suggest he, she, or AZ is the worst violators is uptight hypocrite wrong. In the 1850s the Catholic Church used immigration to expand west and drive out the Indians. The majority of immigrants from Europe and poor nations came during a specific period after the Civil War and before World War II. The entire drive west is called Manifest Dentistry and this was the reason for Alaska and Hawaii. After Hawaii there were opposition to the Filipinos and even Asia. So this doctrine is something the Catholic Church is responsible for and invented. It was intended to drive the British Empire backwards into a sleeping somber because the Europeans had been at each others throat. Imagine you are Ann Coulter; that is the sensation of Europe or Christianity. When the cold war was defeated, manifest destiny became counterproductive to labor unions, liberals, Jewish lawyers, Democrats, and race baiters. Worse, it made the whites look more stupid then they were. Manifest Dentistry was a political tool to expand church doctrines, a wild and natural trinity that all things in nature shall be free of laws. Immigration has always been used as a political weapon and even today that legacy lives on. Also, immigration to a new nation is a horrendous ordeal at times; the hardships, the lack of support, the exposure to the elements, and the exposure to every danger imaginable is there for the criminal world. It used to be an open flood gate and today immigration is only about jobs.


Howard Hughes ended up in life surrounded by criminal elements much the same way both Ann and I did. The end of the road or the meet and greet with the communist in America is Las Vegas and the underworld, the labor unions and leaders. So Howard Hughes got a surprise and died of the same neglect or abduction we describe. He was not aware of it; we were and tried to escape it. All roads led to the same end. Hughes problem was his brain injuries and his inability to determine logical formulas’, which had advantage or more power. He OCD bred this constant fixing and never satisfied with perfect or a total mess; in his world everything was the same; a form of blindness or dulled consciousness. Hughes is the pioneer of spy craft, US aviation, commercial aviation, satellites and CIA equipment, etc… He even bought out the mob in Las Vegas and enjoyed their super hot prostitutes. I describe these super hot females and just nonstop or an endless list of them; until you are stuck with a fatso or goon as is the case here; a bluffer or marketing scam. At the end of the chase you are beaten up and clobbered; so the goofball is a loving and will never leave you. This is why they also hate Ann and got a big surprise.

The Howard Hughes case has to do with the US Army Top Secret programs and the Cold War development. The only link I know to Howard Hughes is the Generals at the Pentagon who served with my father in Vietnam, Ann and our relationship, and two Mormon girls. These two girls are stunning; Lori Peacock and Wendy Smith. Both Lori and Wendy are MENSA or near; always two years ahead and even if they were two years younger; were in all of my AP college courses senior year. Although Lori was whom I secretly desired; Wendy was elegant and I was confused how they either flirted or how I never noticed them. Until Wendy wrote this in my yearbook, “I enjoyed talking about sex with you in Physics and other classes… keep in touch with me over the summer…” and then wrote her number. Of all the girls, I had no idea and did not expect that but several other girls did this and got me in a lot of trouble. These two girls were Varsity everything; super genius and ultra conservative. Sex and flirting with them never once entered my mind and we had a very good relationship; Lori always in the background and cracking jokes about me or how I try hard to look like a girl, ha-ha (I had long hair and wore ripped jeans with soccer shoes.) The two were never jealous and a raucous in class; strait As and incredible.


The Mark David Chapman Case: has to do with atheism, book burning, Hawaii and a Pearl Harbor attack, liberals, War on Poverty, plot to rule the world, and hiding a conspiracy. They used the Japanese much like they used Arabs to instill this Nazi=Halocast to advance communism or the American discovery for the poor. In other words, the poor and the lowest standards become the heroes, victims, and liberators. Who actually does the heavy lifting or the work is not known; but they steal the credits. This is the mental health court, the mafia insanity, and the movie The Final Option and the Peace Movement. The Catcher and the Rye has nothing to do with it; like the Salem Witch Trials, it is only a controversial and double edge sword, a dual universe. We see how Asians are pulled together in this utter white trash and full of hate plot; but they are ready to die and strike out against America’s two antagonists; the Japanese and the British. The problem with Vietnam is the double meaning or the dual reality; that is the problem. That is what they do not understand or lack knowledge of. This and the Howard Hughes case is the work of the Democrats; not the mafia. They had been probing both Ann and Alex and got confused; twice fold. Their female emissaries claimed it was a conspiracy to kick them out of power or prestige. Both Chapman and his rich Japanese wife used the murder for fame or propaganda, a publicity stunt and love story.

They are using race or these attacks to suggest anti-war and radical communist are super soldiers while real soldiers are phony, those who fight evil instead of those who are evil. The Vietnam War was a major test for them and got exposed; even the mafia looked very bad; all are quiet or this kingdom of the poor that hijacked America. So here is the question; name one mafia or drug lord junkie who has made it to retirement? Now ask if this sounds like NY or Israel? Does it sound like a plot to take over the world and immigrate to America? All of the sudden the Muslims look like they invading (Crusades, Attila, Genghis, etc…) and attacking the poor. The whole point is America and what happens if you drive in the wrong neighborhood. Who are the arch enemies of Rome and the poor? Oddly, the bad guys saved the world from another inquisition by white trash, the poor, and the liberals. Does it look like they are helping or hiding? Now they need the Indians and it is a fight over foreclosed property or local politics; gambling rights, water rights, etc… The problem is they came to America before the cold war ended and now are rotten to the core. They do not like war or violence but when it comes to drugs and crime; they love it and the total lies. They hate money; until it has to do with mafia or the thieves’ world and for profit only suicide plots.


The case of John Hinckley and Moynihan is very similar. We cannot tell who is who and why Moynihan, a striking and drop dead gorgeous female continues to show up and even show her body parts. The similarities are the iRush private parts of her life. The dwelling of Ardmore is where students live. Ardmore is on County Line Highway near Villanova and where college students live off campus. When I was at GMU, I looked up Villanova in an attempt to ask her if she graduated or not. Again, I am not sure who she was but I am not stalking her and she started this cat-mouse game or catch em if you can. Oddly, Reagan is shot at a labor union convention at the Hilton. I recall a similar story in Paris. Also, if I am correct the Hilton is on 16th Street NW, in view of the Russian Embassy, DC; the nest of the KGB. I describe a story of them pretending to be parents, trapping you, torturing people, and doing things which only lead them to say "we are ready to die." So they were or are programming Hinckley like robots; filling them with rage and outrageous mistruths. I feel as if I was abused or mistreated; I was Hinckley but did nothing wrong. I describe a climate of horrible friends and intrigue with mysterious females to scam people to a lack of credibility or crime. I was shocked to find out some were married and would overload a target with mystery. There were women over 50 striking, rich, looked like Valerie Plane, and would meet you at 11pm at a supermarket in a skimpy jogging outfit.

The story of Jodie Foster sounds more like Limbaugh or Sanity; the bizarre nature and behavior they displayed. Then how they used me as a proxy or felt I was the bomb squad; for females. So these bombs were in my head or something but I had ignored the Zombies. If there was a feeling of winning, they did not have a desired outcome. It turns out they do this among themselves and we got caught up in it or supposed to be their joke; under their total control. The residence in Lubbock is a massacre sight. The address in Highland Park is where Sprint PCS is located in Kansas City (mailing address). The Colorado residence is random and coincidence. All of these cases have one common thread; communism, Democrat, Irish, police, stalkers, assassins, labor unions, mafia, and NY. Worse part is getting them to confess or cornering them at their own game; trying to ID who is doing it or behind it all. In this case a feeling of inadequacy or inferiority was sought; brought out along with nonstop humiliation, exposure, neglect, and this evil world that does not care. It is the same “female makes male feel special and loved.” So there is this creeping sensation of actually being these losers and a sense of desperation or despair; I report this to the FBI in 1998 after ten years of college. It is one police ticket after the other; one girl after the other, one problem or insane nut after the other; no end. I could not tell the investigator who was doing it or why; I said “blacks” and “the labor unions.” It was a ghost until 2008.

This handgun is the standard issue of the FBI and law enforcement at the time. The physical appearance to Mark David Chapman and the use of a 38 special Detective Edition is strange. This emphasis on the ammo is also bizarre. Hinckley was booked by my neighbor, Edward Meyers of the DC (Dept of Corrections) Police. Mr. Meyer’s sons (2) used to play with us but had a very weak and feeble manner which caused them to mimic or follow too closely. Edie Meyers looked exactly like W Bush; I swore they were or had been clones. Edie and Bobby were separated when their parents divorced. Edna moved to Colorado and from what Bobby said had a wild lifestyle. Thus, he came to live with his dad and older brother; you had to feel sorry for Bobby and he was a cute kid. There are pictures of Hinckley and Mr. Meyers in the booking room and they used to show me boxes of police photos; the most gory imaginable. Oddly, my ex girlfriend has a mom named Jo Ann and she is Polish and worked for the BFI labs in DC and Pittsburgh. Her husband Curtis Woodard worked for a Turkish businessman who had been in DC for over 30 years 1950 to 1988. I was told he was in the US Army and Korea and started out fixing TVs until a back injury. I always felt I got a bad deal and was tricked into this relationship with her; pure dissatisfaction and fantasizing of other women who were smart and took good care of them.

Edie one time brought me his father's pistol and it was loaded; when I noticed this I freaked. I even yelled at him, "SOB... this damn thing is loaded." He told me the gun was jammed and I did not believe it. I asked him why and he did not know. They were exposed to pictures of crime scenes (knifings, females in dumpsters, head blown off by shotguns, bodies sliced wide open, and gunshots to the head, knifings, and both male and female mutilation), I had never seen anything like it. Edie used to laugh at pictures of prostitutes who were stuffed in regular trash cans, placed so their butt and private parts could be photographed; that is the sick stuff occurring in DC. The moment I read Hinckley's biography, I got the name Katherine in my head. I too made an attempt to talk to her or write her; but not to drool or obsess over some girl who showed me her private body parts. That is just not something I was expecting or had in mind so abruptly. I also did not think it would the link to my own kidnapping and twenty year ordeal proving this. So if anything, Ann got them back at their own game or it was just a standard they used to ID each other. It led to sex, lurid affairs, and insane behavior; serious risk taking.

The odd part about this is the volume of girls in my life and what they did to captivate me; (Moynihan and this girl named Jennifer Miner). Miner showed up in class only two or three times and each time had no bra on and only a white see thru T-shirt. It was a different approach to what Moynihan did and how many years she waited to do it. I felt she felt awkward, as if she did not know if makeup looked good or not. When she wore makeup it looked like a little girl and you retracted a bit; just unsure or clown like scary. It made Moynihan look and feel like a mute; someone scarred and who avoids others. This period or stage was a very vulnerable stage for me; in between relations and Ann on the hold. Soon Ann and I will pair off and begin planning; but I am overwhelmed by problems; just total overloaded and stress. This was also one of the easy reasons for enlisting in the US Army. The problem is this ghost is following or stalking me and it caused both Ann and I to investigate it further or see where it led. Then all hell broke loose when we hit them back hard and knew; so I led them in all kinds of directions while Ann got closer to ask them what they wanted or did.

Miner was different; she had the attitude of a stripper, dressed like a trophy wife, and had that street angel look and feel. It stunned me to see her in a white shirt so tight and see through; you might as well not have a shirt on is how I reacted. Also, Playboy or Penthouse would drool for a girl of this caliber. I remember Deana my neighbor telling me how Playboy magazine approached her several time in public and asked her to pose nude or for modeling sessions; she was angry by it. I got the impression Deana saw me as her brother and followed in my footsteps; but her father asked me to take her out or wanted us to date. Deana and Debbie Ice had bitchy attitudes and made sure I knew they were not sleazy. So most of these problems are from women and friends; which is now all cut off and ditched for a new life on my own. These so called friends took my life down a terminal ending point and total hell; so I avoided them. I felt they were predators or bullies but could not tell or did not care to; whatever. I got plans and I want no stragglers with me. So if this was a game, they came out of it in really bad shape or destroyed and trying to hide; it is the communist and they play with genetics and need ours.

Moynihan was more family and more sheltered; never been outside or allowed to a party type. When she said she was very Catholic, it felt like she was Amish and I asked her if she was; not jokingly. It did not make any sense to me how a girl can jump on top of a list of 100s of others and present this image or insecurity. I felt she was playing with my mind but made an effort to be friends or at least pen pals. As I traveled across the US and met 100s of strippers, I learned their behaviors and characters. Strippers seek your attention and business; to keep you and come back; not stomp on you or say, “hey I am awesome, F you…. Check out my boobs and ass.” A stripper does not make you feel ran over; this was more like, “chase me now or loose me forever… I tried your loss.” My attitude was, “I will give you two or three chances to impress me or be friends; I am overloaded with women and problems.” So I did feel special for a brief moment and began to realize who I had around me or how awful they were as I matured and was on my own. Also Ann was super duper mature and always trying to brag or impress me; just like a little sister. We discussed these girls often and she would tell me what to do or say. I would say to Ann, “hey, WTF are these chicks doing… some are married… this is insane.”

The only person I know who triggers thoughts of Hawaii is the HS yearbook spy ring. There is Marlon from Tahiti. Then there is Hobie a native Hawaiian. Then there is JJ Dano (Dano is the name on Hawaii 50) and whom works in the bike shop. Then there is Miye Gregg who is another drop dead gorgeous girl trying to get close to me or who mysteriously reappears at Georgetown University after HS and in 1994; Miye and her sister are half Japanese and half Swedish. Brian Honeycutt (whose family is of a southern heritage) bragged how he went to Georgia to make his fortune; he grew up with us but we did not get along with him well or his sisters. We kept in touch through the gorgeous Classmen sisters next door. Then when I was dating my ex Linda; her best friend was You Chin who is a look alike of Tokyo Rose; very wealthy family; she dated a fella from Marshal HS and has only Asian friends (Frank). All of this changed in 1986 when I began to work for NRTW and met Chris Liebig and the Camelot crew. The only other link or clue I can think of is the Chasklis family. Aaron Chasklis is from our church (Presbyterian) and showed up at a party in HS. Aaron is the only boy in the family of 4 girls and is the kid next to Ann at the Dead Concert. We had a few Australian kids also who grew up in America at our school. The closest link is a guy named Mike Palace. Mike and I did not get along. Mike had a very pretty sister named Ann. Ann went out with Jimmy Chatman whose dad is married to a Lebanese mom.

The Chatman brothers are weird. Jimmy and Chris live in a shack, so dirty and filthy it was strange. Their clothes smelled like a dog and were filthy. Jimmy introduced me to a junkie he know from childhood named Dillon Greenbaum and Dillon knew Amber and this Jimmy Hendrix looking guy who visited often. Jimmy knew a lot of people from other schools and somehow fell into our crowd. Mike Palace as we were growing up is of the Camelot crew; his father an Army medical doctor now civilian surgeon. Mike plays a lot of instruments and bragged about his musical genius; also similar looks to John Lennon. Mike never took drugs or got in trouble; a bad academic who tried very hard. He is not someone you shake hands with or remember; but he fell into our crowd and showed up with the Camelot crew. What was odd was Jimmy kept bragging about how he took Ann’s virginity and it was so weird; I could not put my finger on how or why the two ended up together or in bed. To me it was a publicity stunt or some way to fit in. There was another girl in my class named Kristen Delano whom had the most gorgeous eyes and whom I would sit in class staring at. Somehow, Jennifer Miner (super duper gorgeous NVCC “show your tits” to the class) reminded me of Kristen Delano; how they acted, how quiet, how they just came and went. The one guy I hated the most and whom picked on me all the time looks like Robert Gibbs the Press Secretary; a red head who was a total mooch and loser; he is in the yearbook also. He hounded me about riding my motorcycle until I got fed up and snapped at him. Just list out all the “Chris” or “Christopher” in my class and you will see Gibbs’ red head look alike bully; he was a mean and scary one. His goal was to intimidate you; I would leave parties sometimes when he showed up.

iRush mentioned Scott Wilson as a rapist but Chris and Scott are close friends and bullies, predators. The most suspicious of all is never mentioned. His last name is Childress. Childress was nobody but has close links to Patty Hardershell, David Edwards (black basketball star with the awesome Parks girl) and I knew him through soccer. We both sucked but I used to have this magic when younger. Childress and I became friends when I was in a fight at the beach and had to move. He took me in and said his grandmother owned the condo at Ocean City. From there we (friends of Childress) used his grandmothers’ condo all the time; even while at George Mason and college. I recall a lot of Pittsburgh girls “goo-goo dolls” would come by at beach week in the 1980s and stay for an entire week; one guy to the next. I recall their makeup; caked on and looking like a girl I had a crush on named Leila Simoniez (Polish). Leila and I grew up during JHS until Debbie Ice took my mind off her. Childress shows up in 1996 at GMU and then disappears to Texas for medical school. He had rotten grades and was a dreamer. This is when Patty reappears, then Pete and Russ Bennett who knows Childress enough to take off for the weekend and use the beach condo. When we get there he says Childress told him how to get in and where the key is hidden; I was afraid he broke in. All of these people are the Camelot crew Leila is best friend with the Gregory girl and a Polish family moved in three houses down in 1984 (5 girls one with Down Syndrome - Lisa Kazlowski). I ended up with a Polish girl in 1987 to 1989 before Ann and could not get along with her; hence Ann, I love the hair, dress, and looks.

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