I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Friday, October 9, 2009


• Do you know how educated I am and I can school you about the history of Israel and Palestine; then name off all the UN Resolutions from 1950 to 1968. I can do all that and then school you on computer science and electrical engineering; what can you school and teach me besides lies and BS which you package and wish to sell as some street language and knowledge. It is not even valid or truthful; you cannot even sell it or peddle that lie you weasel; now you say how you will destroy us and peace is your ability to terrorize and destroy the USA? Terrorism is your Nobel Peace Prize and peace is the ability to destroy your enemies? You are a low life and a piss on mole; you seen not to understand what no thank you is or when it is yelled 300 or 500 times a day at you; are you this brain dead? All of them are uninvited and are always a Trojan horse of lies.


If you ask me, if Ann had a kid, our super soldier would either look like Anthony Wiener or that CPAC kid who gives speeches for the conservatives; that is her choice for her ideal man because every single time I see a man on her, it is one of these weasels and Bin Hannity losers. But when I ask Ann, she tells me how much pain she is in how it feels so good and it hurts so bad she wants to scream and keep screaming while she tells me how much she loves me and wants to jump my bones. Yet I keep thinking she has a kid who looks like Anthony or that Jason Conte guy or the low life Irish union guy upstairs; born to dig his own grave and menace others. So either she is fooling me or you think you are special as some low life because kissing you and sitting next to you is almost like eating dog doo-doo. Do we call you? Do we even express any interest or act like a peeping tom? How many times do we yell no thank you and call you a foaming faggot? Now you speak out about pedophiles and child molesters?

Who wants to be in your peeping tom fantasy or invited you in our life; that is like eating dog shit while you jerk off and finger your own tub drain. I have never seen a more disgusting breed make faces while jerking off as if it was a joke to you. Who the hell can enjoy sex when dog shit is our image of you or a rapist and child molester? How romantic. We have a peeping tom in our life that needs proof we are in love or never invited them? We have to seek their approval and they read all of our mail and communications then watch their obese and unwashed fat wife jerk off without them? Love the greasy hair and the difficult to reach areas hooker; do they fart also while excited or giddy? Do you fart when trying too hard like you are now, loser? Yeah, be discreet and cover it up; no not you! The worst part is no thank you and how you never give up or leave. I have never seen a peeping tom like you all and a sexual pervert of a molester and kidnapper. The only time I know you are there is when you fart when you ejaculate and giggle. I never knew a disgusting breed of desperate human beings like you all could act sexy or wish to work with us and end up a peeping tom. You fart while ejaculating and that is how we detect you are a peeping tom and there? You can’t even put a plug on that honker of an exhaust; you got caught you fucking loser and pervert.

Also, if you were getting even for the Vietnam War and the draft; then your terrorist recruitment was not a very good comparison; a liberal draft and imposed war for the little guy. What it is is union violence and the unions punishing their losers and maggots. As I said, you all are like a plague to this nation. Ann told me you all thought you were some hot ticket and what we call “steamy hot shit”; well surprise sing along. Ann gets too rough with me and I was hoping she would be my best friend; but her life is so insane and she begs and pleads all the time. One time she offered me 100,000 for love or a house, something like that; she made a joke of it. I thought it was wild. Ever seen a coupon book where couples trade back and forth? Loser, I think she was giggling and said, “Alex, if you do this now… I will buy you a house, deal?” I called her a chump and she was short changing me; it was just too rough for my blood. We need marriage counseling and she needs to turn the insanity off; get rid of these losers who are doing this. They see her differently now and are not crawling over each other to chase that elusive Appalachian Trail and no man’s land. We must be special and made to feel so special by this breed of peeping toms. I like the one about how you were the police or Bush gave you an RSVP. Peeping toms, stalkers, rapist, kidnappers, child molesters, and a breed of dirt bags usually violate privacy rules or invade the privacy of others. We can see this clearly. They make us feel so special and so protected.

So Ann jumps my bones, is ready to scream about all of this, wants me to see her as my best friend, tells me all the time how much it hurts and she is so in love, she is in pain, and how all of this made her sexy and wishing to be a wife and find true love. Honestly, when she calls me she says stuff like, “oh my God Alex, it hurts so much but I love you so much and I have to have you; I am so sorry baby.” So you can say what ever you want and whoever keeps saying she has a Sago-masochistic view of men must know her much better than I do; she knows that life is up and down and marriages are ruined by your lice and low life you all are; but she wants to be there in the end; the flame that never burns out. Sure it drives her crazy and makes her hot; but why do you think she tells me about the pain and how much it hurts her constantly and all time as she holds on to me and my life for dear joy and pleasure? Most women love flowers and money also; so I will give you that much and she did not tell me yet. That trick is usually done on strippers and hooking them on drugs. Ann wants marriage counseling to tame her juices now; she screams and is in pain a lot; it is really rough for us. She just closes her eyes and ignores it. That is life though; it is up and down and whatever we can makes the best of; in so little time. Love is short and quick; but for some it is long and hard.

Seems like Annie likes to be held and rough love now; not like the old days when we were younger and more open minded. I really do not give too much attention to details or this. I will say she holds on tight and even when in pain. Ann also said you all are desperate and freaks; consent has no meaning and you even were going to the Bunny Ranch for some million dollar auction for terrorists. I noticed a big change in Ann and she jumps my bones now; its all good I guess. I think she really hates you and is beyond angry but she does not react emotionally; she wants to be held. She said you were pathetic and a bunch of horny hicks and losers. You think you are some single club and money; to buy your way in life and to make others like you when you are just a low life and a selling a bag of shit and scrotum.

You take away a woman’s super soldier children, you make her feel that much pain, you make her fight you that hard and she will love who she loves 10 times more and forever. I heard you all are a Trojan horse of lies, tricks, arrogance, rape, murder, and are never invited but love to invite her; occasionally for fun or crack a good joke. What will you ever say to me? I am learning all about you and Ann has not told me the details; she was hoping you all would before she does. So this is what you did to us; it is truly pathetic. By the way, isn’t terrorism illegal? Doesn’t it leave others violated or is an invasion of privacy? You better show me those four documents and where I invited you or signed your RSVP you keep claiming. You must have some form of proof or some written document to exonerate or suggest you can be a peeping tom, kidnapper, stalker, or deranged terrorist; are we in a murder plot also? Why do you get so mad when we are happy or have a good time? Most especially when I am with Ann or when we trade emails and love letters? Call the press and call the courts; they have to answer that one. Why does this trace back to the 1980s?

Now compare that to your ripped up dirty and soiled underwear you low life. It is weird to keep imagining her kid looks like Anthony Wiener or one of you losers and low life maggot; a universal soldier and true warrior of royal lineage or pedigree. Worse, you blame us for this. You say we have the personality disorder and are anti-social; get fired all the time for pissing off the boss? What a low life rodent insect you truly are and the real weasel and dirt bag dog shit we cannot stand looking at. Yeah we value your life, your future, your voice, and your race card; you have the vaccine and can turn this hell off; so can we and much quicker. For child molesters, pimps, peddlers of political lies, and homo bag full of shit; you got a lot of attitude and not much fight. The shit bag is scared to sit down like a gentleman; that is too soft for a turd and low life. Oh his “new wife” thinks she is a high priced union hooker and we are interested with her. She is beyond the pale of repulsive and scum bag and we are interested in how tough you low lifers are? Be a real man for the first time in your pathetic life; you got women putting you in head locks and you think you are terrorists and Viet Cong communists; mobsters and union goons? You must know danger to not do this in my face and in the dark. It is like that goon and junky who invaded my home in 2006; you are so expensive and such a dirt coward; an annoying pimple who bursts all over our faces.

Your Irishman upstairs has knocked on my door once too many times and now I invite him in and tell him to act like a gentleman or do not talk to me; no thank you once is enough. If he does not want to come in lock the door and sit down like a maggot and low life he is; then do not even open his mouth or make an effort to talk to anyone. What a sinking smelly coward you jackasses and union people are; a true coward and a gutless traitor. It is sorry and pity he seeks when he says how he will blow up the FBI or do this or that to US commandos; but when it comes to being a gentleman or courageous; we see how your underwear is ripped up and you are forced to eat it like the sissy bag of shit you truly are; just admit you are a gutless turd and a low life coward who seeks our pity when no thank you is what you fear most. You cannot achieve things respectfully and nobody wants you so you act like a psycho and serial killer to steal or teak what you cannot otherwise get; a gutless loser; some real fight you present. You all watch as we burn your entire village down or smack you around and you still act tough; no thank you 200 times should be enough. So what do you think the problem is or why you are so expensive? You all are the ones who are never invited to parties or political events; welcome to America dirt bag scum and low life moron.

Sounds angry; made comments about sex and how angry he is about it all; (don’t worry, Ann always closes her eyes when it hurts too much but does not wince or show any fear or pain; trust me, she has a high tolerance like me) he is acting weird “rape… politics… institutions… 10/9/2009 7:14:02 PM.” What a freak, a pervert and a cock sucker of a rodent like insect; super soldier or just a conniving weasel that looks like Anthony Wiener? Yeah, you all are so expensive and special; our super soldiers. “Oh that guy… Yasser Arafat 7:15:31 PM.” I am American and hold no ties or sympathy to Israel; so bear me the sob story about Yasser and how he murders millions of Jews. Now he is talking about Cambodia and all these other places; a weasel and a child molester; a kidnapper is going to teach me about substance? “I define peace as your ability to destroy your enemy… we can fight back… Obama won the peace prize.”

• Do you know how educated I am and I can school you about the history of Israel and Palestine; then name off all the UN Resolutions from 1950 to 1968. I can do all that and then school you on computer science and electrical engineering; what can you school and teach me besides lies and BS which you package and wish to sell as some street language and knowledge. It is not even valid or truthful; you cannot even sell it or peddle that lie you weasel; now you say how you will destroy us and peace is your ability to terrorize and destroy the USA? Terrorism is your Nobel Peace Prize and peace is the ability to destroy your enemies? You are a low life and a piss on mole; you seen not to understand what no thank you is or when it is yelled 300 or 500 times a day at you; are you this brain dead? All of them are uninvited and are always a Trojan horse of lies.

“Say we are not a Christian nation… North Korea fires a missile over Japan.” Listen you worthless dirt bag insect like Irishman terrorist; the day you lecture me and command my troops is the day you are in fantasy land. Your people and your types have never been invited; never had a real heritage in America; never really been fully assimilated; now you are so jealous and angry because I am on top of the entire pile of crap you created and even the world sees you as a pile of dung; but do I let my narcissism and dirt bag rodent like mental illness act like the low life you are? You and your heritage will compare to ours or this country? You will terrorize this country for peace or die trying? I think you will die trying and we know you are a 911 terrorist; your peace.

We even know you are a communist and a Mussad spy; such a god damn moron; do you think we are not fooled and know; we can wipe you out and you waved the white flag as you approached the ledge and I kicked and said why or what would you do if you saw a tornado, spinning toe, or an ox kick; would you fear it before I arrest you? Do you know anybody who wants to be in your peeping tom movie; but since you got caught, why try to hide it right? You are our bosses, the police, our managers and partners, and you are also our life teachers and national coaches; why hide this? Let me guess, you are a coward and a piss on loser? You are bred to absorb and take this kind of punishment? You were bred for suicide and to watch with a blank stare as your village burns and you are evicted from your home and jobs? What sort of a loser are you? So now you talk about terrorism and peace as if peace is your ability to destroy us; who is being destroyed at this time and who waved the white flag and nearly arrested for 911? The only think I did not do is ripping your soiled underwear for blowing up Beirut. Yeah, we will rebuild in the most defended and our allies neighborhood; we will get right on it.

“Folks this is an embarrassing joke… being attacked for attacking his own country 7:30:31 PM.” You actually think you are an American when your foreign ties and love exceed your mouth and clandestine subversion? So you will seek peace using terrorism and the ability to destroy the Marines or Delta Force? For a low life Irish Zionist and a certified Mussad spy; your mouth is offensive and your “no education” campaign is dirt stupid. You are on the verge of destruction and need an exit plan and cover; nearly at that breaking point and when the ice berg flips and topples. Do you understand when the ice berg melts and flips on you? Do you know why? It is our sun. What the fuck is a dirt bag idiot of an Irishman teaching me about Israel or foreign policy; next you will teach me about warfare and military science? Oh I dare your rodent life to try to teach me that also or even go there. The only war I have not been involved in or wrote was from 2002 to 2005; no other period in my life and trained by the best Generals. So you will teach me about military science and warfare? Your dumb shit bag of Irish rodent life will teach me or lecture me about this world, economics, and foreign policy?

“George Bush… everybody understood ‘doesn’t mess with America’… far more deserving… I cannot believe I just heard it.” I don’t hear him these days and I heard he spends most of his time hiding; so if it was how we lied and stole it; then he is honest now. Let me guess, he signed an RSVP for you to go or do subversion in America? W permitted you to do 911 and terrorist plots so Delta would chase? You are a certifiable idiot and a oratory enema; a butt wart. I find you all very annoying. Did I say how Bush and his family would send us Christmas cards; I was like “who… why… do we know him.” You are like a plague on our life and it shows when no thank you is yelled at you 200 or 500 times a day; can you explain that? Oh I can test you with computer science and lab; to see if you can form sensible logic. I am the father of satellite warfare and can school you and any General out there and you wish to teach or lecture me about war and peace? You will die trying if you ever wage war or go past that limit; but I have been cool and silent; to absorb and take this while on communication silence and sniffing you all out; you actually felt it was victory and working? We got everything and can wipe your mole, spy, and terrorist cells out in less than 23 hours. So you wish to educate me on military science?

“War on… war then… do you remember war when… respect human life… took that battle to… more peace in the world… took out these bad guys… hard time understanding evil exists… you are a liberal, you just do not want to admit it… Bush did more for peace than anyone did… (Now near silent and hidden) that arrogance… first wife… until her husband is elected President.” This is his BS and rabble rambling rousing; not good he has no education and has never been verified or validated; some of them are but he is not. It is hard to base it on education; just look at Michelle. That girl looks totally scary and psychotic; a real terrorist and narcissistic poster model for “no thank you to the nth power.” What the fuck are you lecturing the people who ran South Vietnam about communism and threats for?

Why are you even lecturing those who are trained by the best Generals; even Generals verify and validate the authenticity of my writing and see all of it; they know I am loved and adored by the General’s and their predecessors. I was handpicked and you still try to humiliate us and you said what and why? You are a Mussad spy and you wish to lecture us or teach me about errorism and military science? How did we catch you and why didn’t you complete your mission? You lost it all. The danger you are in right now is incomprehensible and you even said and concur, we had it all now; we knew everything. I will make this clear to you also; we know everything. How long or what do you think your survival rate will be? I admit you injured us severely and badly; but you left a trail and bloody road we followed and were hunting by tracking once out of prison and got our speech and memory back. That is how stupid you are at warfare; what is your survival rate? What is your survival rate in capitalism or the market system as a low life and dirt bag? You got a show and you got a few things to brag about; I will admit and give you that much.

“Sent over by our friends on WBAT… Fox News (they should be embarrassed and I hope you blow up or go on a shooting spree as your terrorist ass said you would; serve them right and teaches them a valuable lesson; they are to blame also and you said you would not be captured alive; shoot up Fox Studios and I will laugh at you more)… nothing to do with race… tour bashing… nuclear weapons (Noble Peace Sue Prize).” Police officers know how it feels chasing a dirt bag and a loser who has no life and is expendable; but you brag about how expensive you all are. Caller (female) “What is it about him… what is it that everybody is following… 10/9/2009 7:55:23 PM.” Dood, I said I was hand picked and even Generals will certify how powerful and how authentic I am. I am a little upset with a few people and the leaders of this world see this clearly and why. You do not even have or harbor respect for power or superiors. It is just like your kind and your pedigree.

I am the one who taught Ann Coulter Vietnam and the war; do you know how long I can discuss Vietnam with Generals who studied or fought along side my predecessors; do you know how much they love the Generals before them? Do you have any idea? So you are going to lecture and kidnap me and torture me or brainwash me to show me you are superior and a low life; the little guy in power and to be respected? Do you even know who gave them a promotion or who they got one from before? Want to know what your dip shit diplomats upstairs said to me recently? They said, “We want to help” which usually means, apology and lies do not work. Do you understand or know what no thank you or not interested means? Did it occur to you how we view you and how shameless and a mole or spy you are?

Why would we entertain or seek help from spies and terrorists who care? We will rip you apart and put your head in the middle of the town square. Do a good job and maybe others will not rip your head off about politics and war you rodent low life. You are still trying to sell me your expensive dirt bag and expensive life. You go on Fox News every night and sell a bag of dirt and they love you because they laugh at you; a total freak and captured terrorist committing on air suicide; wait until he goes homicidal and shoots up or bombs the place he works for mistreating him or bashing him about this peace of his and all the felony charges. I admit it is entertaining and I love cop and car chases; then watching wrecks or figuring how to take your ass down. To see you sweat and squirm on the air and to see how good and professional you moles are; a classic study. We have never caught a serial rapist, terrorist, serial killer, and watch him lie every night.

“I love this, it is amazing… preposterous… (Laughing at Obama) 8:10:17 PM (was talking about his show and Fox before that; not decipherable) Hannity is good… he did what the world wanted him to do, trash the country (and our effort to stop the lies and crime).” So is every cop or police officers hateful of Americans or just some of you losers and low life? Is the military; those charged with the duty of bombing or nuking America if needed; spies and trash America? What a loser and a liar. He never talks about himself; only others or what they are doing to him. I would not trash you or your love of the country (and our bank accounts and life); what I would do is rip your underwear off, put it over your head, and shave all the hair off your monkey ass. “Blow you away… what happened in… was evil… virgins wait for them in heaven… I don’t believe him.”

(Black caller and Marine on race; they call it the Constitution and debate; follow the debate and read or study the Constitution; read the part called High Crimes and Misdemeanors and sub section “Dereliction of Duties.” Read it all and understand what is going on and who is doing it or why.) The left wing uses pain to create a bigger base and voting base; to create genuine victims; blacks are the most abused group in America and when you are also the poorest; you bet abuse and pain is in their scope of knowledge. That does not justify trashing or terrorism; not like this weasel and mole of a spy. I already said, 20 per cent of the blacks will survive this; now it is less than this due to the policies of Obama; more are being evicted than before and they vote for his! Who to blame? Read my story and how they changed my biography until we wiped them out and raided them. I had been waiting for contact and as far back as 1999 and then 2000, then 2002. Now it is in full swing in 2009.

We yell no thank you at these people 500 times a day; is that dangerous or racism? The military has a zero tolerance for communists and terrorists; also conscientious objectors and they are rewriting those policies also. (The mole is talking about NAMBLA and this Patterson guy, time to unplug this and leave him high and dry.) They know it is easy to prey on blacks also and how they cannot fight back. Look at New York and the money they push or peddle. It is paradise for the little guys in America; it is a nest for communist spies and radicals; more spies come from, are educated by, and arrested for than any other state. It is the nest of the little guys. It is the training camp where the mouse becomes the lion. It is the heart and soul of the mob and corruption in America. No other state allows this kind of protection or opportunity; look at it now and the mess they created.

This Trojan horse of terrorists and communists mess was like a plague which spread all over America; now we got replenishing of the terrorist cells and a new generation of thugs. They rip each others eyes out and love their money. Too bad it is not real money and a sting is coming for the bail out money. UNPLUGGING, HE IS GOING TO GO INTO SICK GAY PORN, SODOMY, AND CHILD MOLESTING, AND BIZARRE AND VERY PROFITABLE BUSINESSES FOR THEM. THEY EVEN SAID TERRORISM IS PROFIT AND HUGE GAINS; WHAT WOULD DENY THEM KIDNAPPING AND CHILD MOLESTATING OR MURDERS? WE DO NOT LIKE A TROJAN HORSE OF LIES OR A PEDDLER OF IT; NO LESS A BUSINESS TRANSACTION.


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