I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Friday, October 2, 2009


Sounds like he is depressed and a bad day when yesterday he was acting like he was getting married; then said he might be fired. If you watch Hannity on Fox from September to October 2009; you will see how good he is. Also look at August 2008 to January 2009 and watch the transformation as we expose them. Yesterday, before his show was over he said “we might be fired after tonight’s show.” Then began to ramble about how happy they were and celebrating Alicia’s wedding and she said “once I get married, anything goes.” Are they naked behind a black one way mirror? When Bin Hannity talks about sex; he sounds like a serial killer; a child, something is very wrong and there is anger and pain hidden. There is no love in them; all rape and power. They are low life and dirt bag poor; but they think they are superior.

They feel there is a conspiracy and they have to find it by being communist moles; same with my attempted recruit and defection. They are invisible police and we will leak to them and point out where the Marine barracks and Dealta is. It sounds disgusting and perverted; not sexy or sensual, it does not appeal to anyone but he intends it to be. Listen to him when he says, “Hannidate… make better lovas” and ask what the hell is wrong with him; he is trying to stalk and rape Ann and she told me. Also, he said he got her back and was seeking revenge; then goes on TV and sounds bothered or worried about her. This is the mark of a killer and a murderous terrorist; same with 911; he did the same god damn thing. Ask if Bush Bin 911 wanted to target Dealta; why use Iraq? Exactly, what is their history and military base problem? You are eating out of his hands now as we were made to also; the Stockholm syndrome. Rather ingenious if you ask me; they have not penetrated it and know it is too secret; it is a threat to them and now they know why. Iraq is the only military base to support Israel as our intelligence Brez said.

The evidence is right there on tape and so is the act; he still does not know what we have on him (going berserk and so is the bag lady kidnapper and child abductor upstairs; they do the killing; they do the dirty work and I asked him about a cold case involving a rape and murder and he said, “whatever crime paid the time for, it is over with… nobody can arrest me again, it is double jeopardy… either way the statute of limitation has run out.” Then I advised him that is false and if DNA evidence or new evidence shows up; all these cases can be reopened again; even if he served time for another crime. Your child abductor and killer is upstairs and she used to be in religious cults; she told me about them. Also, they would get it on in their living room when I would sit there, I figure to advertise, as she keeps soliciting prostitution and grows psychopathic level angry; ready to murder and kill. I swear to God they are behind these child kidnappings and killings. When they are expert KGB and ghosts; they try it on adults; if they rob banks, they will last only a few months.

It is all subliminal and implicit; they are experts and have done it before. These people are the former 1960s radicals, anti Vietnam communists and Viet Cong; they tried bank robbing and got busted. When they had me at Butner Federal Prison in 2002 to 2005, it was all bank robbers and I felt that was odd. Some had college degrees but were junkies. One guy described himself as a kingpin and was beyond rich; he was not lying. He looked exactly like George Soros’ son; same face. That guy kept trying to befriend me and the people I pal around with or play killer tennis with (semi pros). So this is how they get the money for weapons and illegal stuff. They are better than 911 terrorists and master spies. We are trying to show you just how good they are and why you need to rip them apart and destroy them immediately. If you are the most communist and deadliest sleepers and terrorists; how would you blend in and how would you escape arrest? How do you do it on an expert level without a trace; such as 911 and stump everyone; even the best and the last line of defense?

I do not believe anything Bin 911 Hannity has about Elizabeth Smart because I was kidnapped and we see what he and they did to Ann; the rape part is consensual and Bin Beirut Rush said they “indirectly raped” and tried. One part of it was using drugs and alcohol. In my case, they are so good; to use surveillance, to come in our house, to threaten us daily, hourly, and to keep this up while nobody would believe it. Then to drug us up and throw us in prison; how much worse can you get? What they did there was a quick death; what they did with us is a slow death and the same results; untraceable. These people do it for bigger gains and goals; pro level spies. The lady upstairs Sue Who even told me she was in this entire religious sect and I believe she was one of the people behind Jon Benet’s death; the same way but they were sloppy. With me and Ann they left no trace and we are the last line; if they get past us, then we are dead. This SOB is lying! 10/2/2009 8:18:05 PM what he is guilty and did; does not match his behavior at all; a cold empty sadistic and deadly animal who is pretending to be worried and concerned.

Bin Hannity is lying; we can break the Jon Benet, the Elizabeth Smart, and their training program on these kids before they take it to the pro and expert levels. They trade notes and try to teach by using their life as practice; they were once kidnapped victims, raped, and sexually abused. They do not write anything down. I know because they recruited me and assigned upstairs; Bin 911-Beirut showed up and threw us off; now he is lying through his teeth; even the little kids and girls; I reported that; they use peers as intelligence. They use other kids to compile intelligence, even about parents. So pro spies who cannot rob banks, so they resort to serial killer levels, kidnapping, and prostitution; the industries of the mob; so far I scored perfect. He is not behind it or does the dirty work; but they need training. Certain crimes give them special training. When in high school; I refused to do a lot and took off; I had straight A grades and all they did was drink, drugs, and terrorism. I felt they were conspiring against me but I viewed them as friends or close to my closest friends.

Who better than a little kid to train on; read what I wrote about the lady above; they do the dirty work and even better than Bin Hannity or Limbaugh; I got 100s of things they did not even reported yet. They kidnap the most powerful, smartest, and the most important people and paralyze their life while we accuse them of terrorism, stalking, murder plots, trying to rape our spouses-friends-classmates, and throw us off their trail completely. Trace all of their addresses and where they lived. However, they take orders and have something in their ear while someone watches us (i.e. someone was watching and studying the Benet family like Red Dragon; same with Anne Pressley; and the same with Elizabeth Smart, he sounds like the nut upstairs.) These are radicals and kids are easy targets; these are initiation killings; however, I view them as serial killers. I met the most high class and rich bank robbers on the east, west, and Midwest at Butner, NC. It was so humiliating and the treatment they put us through; they don’t let up either and doubled it in 2006.

10/2/2009 8:38:50 PM You cannot trust Bin 911 Hannity; he said he is fighting this, in the middle of a war and cannot surrender, and he needs an exit strategy. He will do anything; even cold blood murder if he can; even a terror plot. All of them do initiation killings so they cannot leave and cannot rat out the other. They make it hard if not impossible to rat each other out. We see this when they played both Ann and I. Then I was accused by the DA in Buffalo; Frank (with Byron) of all kinds of stuff such as DUI, Hit-run, etc… the upstairs guy was worse (from a low life and an Irish drunk who never bathes) and he sees us as bums on a government check, cannot get a job at Burger King, inferior, and always blowing smoke up his ass.

Bin 911 is not as vocal but is silent and hides it; yet he thinks the exact same as hardcore communists, terrorists, and mole-sleepers. Keep in mind 1989 is when I graduated and came home from VA Tech to a disaster. 1993 is when I got home. 1995 is when I was retired and entered a university. I think 1998 is the most important. While in college, they would follow me to the Porsche place (my brothers’ best friend and where my uncle is an engineer at in West Germany) and try to get a job there. I think 911 were also their Porsche. So what is an Al Quesada camp if not these religious cult groups? Hearing voices or implanted device in ear? Are all of them hippies and liberals; radicals and communists who live in collectives? What is the difference between the People’s temple and their leaders? When they say murder; it can apply to two sides. When they say power, it can be two sides. When they say rape, it can be two sides. When he says free speech, it can be two sides. When he says freedom, it can be two sides. When he says superior, it can be two ways.

(Caller is mentioning the bombing in Atlanta and the 1996 Olympics) Sean Bin 911 says he was done there and it was wonderful. Something about the Olympics is on their minds; either that or we do security. It keeps showing up and we know it is racism and Nazism. So the atmosphere is the 1930s and during the Depression; before World War II; we are in a time machine; we are trapped in a time warp 9:21:29 PM. Ask why only us; why not other powerful leaders; why only let certain people come near while driving Ann and I away? Are they going off a list or know who will fight them?

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