I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


• We have an active and live conspiracy; a full and live effort to cover it up; and a media ploy to claim they are straight A students. We verified already they are communists and terrorists; 100 per cent, trust us. They know they are facilitating and endorsing the highest crimes; they don’t even care if their village is burnt down or who gets injured. It is clearing up for them and if not they get angry and attack? Tell us they are in control and invited them or did not do anything wrong? They can see clearly how happy life will be and is getting for them. They need to get angrier, more intrusive, more demanding, and talk to us more; it is working and getting better. All they can do or good for is to piss off and violate the laws; dirt worthless. It is their business so it is to their advantage; who wants to do business with them? That is our point; it is a trap nobody can escape or get out.
• (Upstairs iRush nut job acting angry and oppressed; to reply and replay ten full years of this again) Now they are mad because we keep saying no thank you or not interested and they attack. So we smack the shit out of them and say no thank you; get mad. Who is mad and why? Who is going to be smacked or charged with three pages of felonies; no thank you. Why do we smack them or have to with the wrath of God? They act like they are reasonable and we won’t cut them a break or let go; vacate their life? I am ready to strangle this SOB and weasel; that is your traitor and communist. When you violate 3 pages of felonies and wage war on the country with terror plots; you will get hurt and hurt badly. This is their problem; we say no thank you, they hear yes anytime. They lie and deceive others to clean up their reputations and cover up terror plots. Stop trying to bond with us every nite! They act as if we are dead men because we are not interested.
• No thank you means NONE FOR YOU AND NO FUCKING THANK YOU. We do not want to even hear a peep out of them until they are captured alike or dead; I don’t give a fuck how angry or vicious they are or how much pain they can put us in. See no thank you means some attack and agitation coordinated from upstairs; we hold the authorities personally responsible and want them fired. They knew and kept saying how they wished to help or was part of this investigation while they put the primary suspects on top of us and right next to us; to upset and triple the misery levels. To make sure we would vacate the case and exposing them; read the reports. It is a live and full swing conspiracy and the charges are as high as you can imagine. The new excuse is how to be white when the last one was defended by Harvard professors and the campus police chief. So now the Michelle ploy failed, it is how to be white and dominating. Stop trying to bond with us before you get in major trouble; eat shit and that is what it feels like; so if you can eat your feces, we will bond with you; are you good and tough enuf? Who is getting hurt or who will? Who is already dead and being captured? You kidnapped us, we do not want to talk or was ever interested. They act as if we are dead men because we are not interested.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009 We know he is a spy, a mole, and a terrorist. He has been using both his Fox staff; big stories and political contacts to cover up a very embarrassing matter; he is not a friend but the enemy and he keeps trying to pull the wool and save his show; his co-conspirators do not even care or refuse to consider what charges is being levied or what their part in it is. Right now, Alicia (his sidekick) is being paraded as his friend who can vouch how good he is as a boss “they all are brainwashed 7:38:51 PM.” Not only is marriage in the air; the upstairs union goons went out and got married also; so they cannot get any more public assistance, it is financial and for benefits only. So they are on a marriage spree and it is to vouch how great of a boss and manager they are; it is impossible to charge them of anything; they have a cover story also. They act as if we are dead men because we are not interested. We are begging to bond with them. Who will cry for the rest of their life and regret or never be forgiven? Oh, we are dead men now? I see how the universe is written by them is now; they will regret this for their life and cry for life; I do not need to be threatened when I say no thank you or kidnapped.

• Used Fox News and his show to facilitate and infiltrate in order to commit crimes so heinous; he can receive the death penalty if it ever is released or exposed.
• Used the Staff of Fox News to vouch and accelerate the notion no crime had ever taken place while he was attacking us and cornering us into a silent mode and to extol pain; to cover and obstruct justice.
• Used guests to accelerate the idea we were lying and were guilty of ludicrous charges such as DUI, infidelity, interested in under age kids, etc… what he did was flood our life with drugs, underage kids, hookers, and all the sin you could want and we said “no thank you” each of the 10,000 times. Then he said he was winning this.
• Used Alicia and was parading her marriage to suggest he was a best friend.
• Used various people to convey a false message and to cover up the massive criminal record; an escape artist and a pathological serial killer witch an outrageous penchant to lie and defraud others. (Says he has over 300,000 people on his web site voting if he is good to Alicia and her wedding or not; what is he being accused of?) Who is Alicia? Is she fugly-ugly? Set the escort up with Bin Limbaugh as a present. Does she knows Katy Perry or Taylor Swift; is Alicia hitting it big and will be a superstar in a year? Who the fuck is Alicia and why are we interested in her sex life and what she likes to do in bed? Why do they care to know about us?
• Not only brainwashed the public in plain view; but insisted he and they were winning and was gaining coverage; nobody could touch them but they could put us in pain and invade our life at anytime; then ordered and demanded we vacate or else things would get worse; he is in our life and attacking it and wants us to vacate or the misery factor will double and triple. He says it will never stick if there is no victim or if they vacate immediately or be killed. They did the same threat to the Marines, FBI, and Delta Force. We imposed an order to rip them apart and wage war if they wish it; put them in their place and burn their village down and house of cards.
• Busted him for just about every sin on earth; he then turned around and used our bust of him back on us… (interested in drugs, interested in underage kids, he is our boss and manager, we are in his life and follow them, etc…) but when asked if we watch porn, go out, upset him when happy and partying, cornered and trapped them, etc… he says nothing. Why is he watching us and wish to see pain and grief instead of us happy? Why bombard our life with drugs and underage children when we are clearly NOT interested; not even he gets it.

Clearly this is a pattern of lying and behavior he is hiding; also the existence of it as far back as 1986; even before this. Bin Rush even knows who raped and murdered a close friend; not even the police can solve it. There is a clear and present established pattern of behavior and the recording of it and documentation of it is enough to arrest him and charge Fox News for facilitating a crime or trying to cover one up; did they do a Letterman on Ann also? Was the staff used to cover up his crime or attempted blackmail or extortion? Did he and them turn around and blame us or charge us falsely of what they did or tried; to steal three years and lock us up and used heavy toxic medicine as a weapon of murder? If so, was it to cover up 911 and Beirut; various attempts to steal our life and then recruit us by forcing the matter and demanding we work for them or else they will keep what they stole or rewrote. They imposed a death sentence and the only way to end it was to defect and work for the communist and terrorist plot. What they did is one thing; how they covered it up or escaped exposure and prosecutions is a whole other matter.

Supposedly, after one story after the other; one failed effort after the other; he keeps flying on our wings and trying to squeeze off shots until he shoots us down. Now it is 300,000 people voting how good he is to Alicia and her wedding. This was about Alicia or what we will do for the low lifers and little guy? Isn’t that the extortion plot; kidnapping us and demanding what we will do or pay them; what they can steal? It is not about Alicia he is being charged with. This is the same story different people; different story guilty people. Now the charge is we are pressuring him and extorting or blackmailing him? Excuse me? He is and keeps offering money and we keep saying no thank you traitor. We are military people and have a long tradition; royals and not low life; they charge us and imprison us? He refuses to exonerate us and get their death trap out of our life but he wishes to retire and says they are rich? They are not desperate and never have been? Why do we have to work for them if we wish to be paid or get our life back?

So now we are blackmailing him and he is innocent and cannot read or does not get it? We are arresting him and trying to exonerate our life; we will be fine and have always been fine without him; what does he not get it? Nothing sticks and he trashes the Constitution and says he is a conservative and does it with a serious face? Then he says he needs a job. Maybe it is about firing him and catching him as a mole and a terrorist; not blackmail and pressuring him as he suggests. I personally have no interest in how rich any of the Bin 911 plotters are; I spit and pee on their grave one way or the other; I want justice and revenge; to exonerate our life. Why is he denying this and keeps it up; says we must vacate the case and end it now or else double and triple the misery. Upstairs and the IRA is his surrogate to do his dirty work. He says this is his spin on it… his economy and predictably he is a failure 8:17:14 PM… refuses to change course and institute changes which can avert disaster. After all the traitor and terrorist plots we caught them for; after all the lies; he says we are wrong about him?

Now he is playing Freebird by Lanyard Skyward? He is being charged with stalking, extreme pursuit, peeping tom, illegal intrusion and invasion of privacy, attempted rape and blackmail; etc… and he plays Freebird? Ask him is we were in Vietnam and he laid to US soldiers; would they burn his village down? Then do not lie or even think of it; most especially when caught and trapped; one lie can get a village burnt down and misery and war. Do not lie about terror plots and if he is in a war; do not lie about it. He says we lied about our private life and this is why he is a peeping tom; so let’s set up our cameras in his bedroom and life and Alicia’s and see if they enjoy it also! So our private and sex life is his ownership? If he is “giving women” away to their true love; then he can at least address it honestly; not lie about it; read what the stalker and terrorist said from May 2008 to January 2009. Now he is trying to give her away to her fiancé and make her life the happiest life in the world! Hooray for Sean Bin 911 Hannity; a real and great American! I liked the one about how he wants to meet real American and military heroes or his victims forgave him. I wish to compliment him and join in the orgy of love he has around him; his co-sonpirators.

This guy is a pro and knows how to push the lies and peddle them. Hey, who the fuck is Alicia and do we care? Set up a camera in her bedroom, hotel room, stake out her servers and email accounts, and breathe down her back every single minute of every single day for ten years and let me talk to her and interview her. Let me see sex tapes on her or her undress and let me interview her and give her advice how big her 50 cents pad band aids should be or how dark and hairy it is. Do you think your staff is a good reference and see you the same way? Let me do that or what happened and interview them daily; see how they feel being stalked and kidnapped. The mark of such so conservative people; God, the public adores them; the server crashed due to votes for Alicia and emails. I have never seen anything like this stampede and interest.

Why the fuck is this rapist and pervert in my god damn life bombarding us with rape attempts, homos, and bombarded with child molestation and porn; does no thank you register? If we were in a war; I would say burn his village, his parents village, his step parents village; and if he even comments on my marriage or sex life or how I lied to him; I will cut the tennis strings on his son’s racquet; I don’t like peeping tom’s or terrorists. Did I lie to him; yeah fuck you; no thank you; get lost and if you ever show up with a sex tape; I will find you and deal with you myself. I do not appreciate violating no thank you and peeping toms; maybe he likes this, rape, and molesting vulnerable people or kids? Now he is saying he is giving me advice about Ann Coulter and who she kissed or if she ever kissed another man.

I do not shake Ann Coulter’s hand and declare myself her best friend or life long friend the next day. I am intimate (like man and wife, we argue like man and wife) with her; I do not rumor and try to squeeze men to lie or smear her. So why hide it as his life is ripped apart; does he think she will save him or invite him over once he is fired and loss everything? I do not think for one moment Ann loves him or can stand him; who can? That is like kissing a rapist or a serial killer. Ann brought this on herself and she is going to suffer for it; all of them make me agree or disgusted. I know Ann is not a pervert and he is saying he kissed her or was romantic with her; now it is how romantic he is with Alexis, Ainsley (how long did it take to find her; how spooky), and now how good of a boss he is with Alicia and showering her with money while she says anything goes after marriage and his sexy time and talk, LOL.

No thank you; not interested; a hand shake is a romance story; this guy is insane and it shows; but he is a cold murderer and we know it and can prove it. From what I see; she is swimming strong and he is trying to pull down and drown both myself and Ann Coulter; I am not swimming as strong as Ann; I am injured and trying to make it to the life raft but am a surfer and know what to do. So he is giving us advice and is in our bedroom and stalking us in order to be good friends? He knows us personally and invites himself to our homes whenever he wants and likes to see us happy and enjoying life? Why don’t Alicia interview Erin Andrews or go to Tennessee? Maybe travel around with me and go to my hotel? The only place I have ever been to was Chattanooga, TN; I love the hotels there; ask her.

Nice lie and try you terrorist and serial killer rapist murderer; no thank you and not interested does not even work! The story is we are blind and too stupid; we are not smart enough or believable. Both Ann and I are the smartest human beings on earth; both certified and verified; we are being ordered around and talked down by whom? Even Ann Coulter cannot keep up with me and my computer science and electrical engineering background or commando skills. They and he thinks we are stupid when we are certified and have millions of people to validate this. They rewrite our lives and say how stupid and helpless we are; he does not even know who he is talking to. Keep it up, it is working and clearing up; also, we can see how it is better for them; they are not stuck and their village is not being burnt down and we are not going to wage war on them. We can clearly see this happening and the effort is cannot be ignored.

It is typical of their kind and how others treat them or how they view each other. They claim it is how to be white people and the white experience; are you serious? Alicia thinks the show is hers and she is a super star; not a low life. Alicia is watching us and said, “We are weak.” Thanks for telling us. Invite yourself over or to our show; how about borrow our house or car. Even better; throw a party at our house or call us whenever you wish. Hey, I might have sex next week; invite yourself because, “we are weak.” Does it show? Alicia is a co-conspirator; intended to facilitate a terrorist plot or overt cover up. I also like the carpet-kitten and BigGrl on FReeP. I bet she is also 100 per cent iRUSH. We love them and love to invite them in our life; even have they watch us have sex, talk to us, or play with our minds. Even Alicia, a second rate employee can see that clearly to talk so bold and bodacious. How about surfing, can she surf and turf also? I had no idea she owned us and was our boss and manager also. Is she a straight A student and can I tell? God Alicia is such a conservative; such a superstar; go on TV and Fox News. (They both said they will send us to Japan; good reply; real class and brains there.)

He is a communist spy, a mole and a terrorist; I will say this with 100 per cent and bet my life on it; want to take the challenge Mr. Bin Hannity? We wish to know why you are following us; not what or why we know about you. What you know about us is total lies and we caught you; all we know about you is true; we are not pathological liars and did attend college and are straight A students; not a loser and a goon terrorist. We get straight A’s; I am number 2 at VA Tech in computer science in my days; I have a electrical engineering background and can design every aspect of a satellite and can run teams of engineers; I can teach the course; he wishes to bite and keep a bite on me; smear me and call me a liar? We are stars and straight A students; why would we invite this idiot and menace to our life or wish anything to do with low life terrorists and the Viet Cong society? When did I ever invite a dirt bag? When did Ann? I told Ann and asked her to catch them and she got them. She snuck up on you and did a 100 kick ass job; as I had asked; now they rip her apart and lying to both of us?

Even over 10,000 no thank you and not interested do not work; he is telling us his story now. He and his staff are going around saying how good they are to others and each other. Why are you in my home? Why are you in my life and know my life and family? Why are we studying you while you are stalking and targeting us to catch you and record you’re on air suicide? Yes we been watching you for quiet some time and saw what you did and who did it or why. Bin 911 Hannity goes to the Bunny Ranch and a virgin auction and sits there and asks me if I use a condom when having sex with my spouse? Do we care about his flea bag Jill or Alicia? Do we give a god damn shit about him and his advice which is all total lies and an attempt to defraud us or fool us into exonerating him while he refuses to exonerate us? He knows he will be sued immediately if he even says he is intimate with Ann Coulter; but he plays on that light bulb upstairs and fear. We have an active terror plot and conspiracy; knowledge of it and a full effort to cover it up.

Have you ever witnessed and watched a guilty person shy away or hide it? In a dark and spiral downwards but fighting it and acting erratic; shut off reality and pretend they are not in denial or in any trouble? Bin 911 Beirut Hannity is the same way. Here is an example:

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