I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Friday, December 3, 2010


The Case of Paige Birdfeld: is a case not to hard to figure out. Paige had a wild streak when she was younger and she felt stripping would increase her chance of meeting a husband. Due to the location she grew up in; she triples her chances of male attention by stripping. There she meets women who know how to hustle men and the formula is the more innocent you look; the more value you bring along throughout your career. Paige then is the focus of a lot of attention and big spenders and investors hear of her; they coax and make an offer to her slowly and gently as always.

Nobody knows how the Philadelphia mob got involved or if they are. However, it is odd how much money the ex hubby lost in business dealings; almost deliberate or done intentionally. Whatever the case, they divorce under severe financial stress and she resorts to different high income self employment at a very young age. The businesses offer an easy way to blackmail Paige (preschool or dance studio, babysitting business, Tupper ware sales to married women, etc...) all these businesses create a hysteria and also tests her ability to have a double life. So she is being groomed for the next man in her life. Paige is a tease and she did not have a black book because none existed. Like Ann, she knows how to hustle; her masters do not enjoy being teased or a big disappointment; Jews.

Paige is not easily tricked or lured into doing things because marriage and family was on her mind from the beginning. Although a stripper and an escort; she only does erotic and a few hardcore photos; lured by money and more money. The clients are businesses and her photos are not used often but gains attention. The climax builds through the years and her sponsors invests hundreds of thousands without any evidence of where it is leading or what exactly she did. By the time Paige is 34, she is at the end of her career. They must make their move if ever and are disappointed with her or how her life has been to their investors. So Paige is blackmailed and she is forced to do a few last things. It is a set up and she is an easy prey due to the blackmail. Paige is propositioned and then tries to cut off all relations; to leave the industry or this secret life. Already upset and angry with loss of money and being hustled; her innocence was real and now a total waste of their time and money; she hustled them.

We have seen this repeatedly and with girls in LA. They end up on the end of contract killings and very dangerous people. When this last move is played on her; she must obey or face the firing squad. Unfortunately, Paige like so many other girls fell to the same fate. We saw this with three blondes (all murdered) in 2009. All of them were blond and were victims of a stalker or domineering male. Paige met the wrong people, she hustled the wrong people, she sent them mixed messages and forced them to wait or play along, and they loved her for this until they could not stand her or get her to go any further. Paige was saving up money to move away or raise her kids in a new setting; start a new life. She did not want to get too involved and concealed the hustle over the years but the blackmail did not work or ever did.

As far as who Paige was; she was your typical female who enjoyed male attention and money; but she was a homemaker at heart and a family person. Her motivations are her assets and life; which was shared with very bad people. The fact she was married, spoke to her sweetheart the night she went missing (asked to help her escape and trusted him), and the amount of money her Philadelphia rich husband lost over a short period indicates an intentional downfall and duress; a scam to hook a gullible loving female. The story did not end well because someone was watching her and knew what she was doing; the same people behind this and the sex industry. This case cannot be solved, it is a contract killing. It can be solved but not in a conventional way.


The Mysterious Death of Colonel Shue: I do not even want to take a guess at this or the headache of trying to piece this case together. All I know is the military deals with death; a lot of death. In every case from North Carolina to Timothy McVeigh, to John Muhammad, to Author Shawcross, to the 22 Caliber Killers, to Sammy Gravano, to the Son of Sam Killer, etc… the word conspiracy is buzzing everywhere. I do not know who did it; maybe their family and wives. Most of them usher in the idea war turned them into killers or made them suicidal. So it breeds suspicions and suspects; causes people who died naturally or by accident to get super paranoid. So we will end there. The Colonel could have been a pilot and wrecked his own plane; or maybe got captured after falling into enemy captivity. We will never know and it will pain the family of all involved; especially the insurance companies. However, the US military is scratching their head at these theories also. Based on what we know and what the evidence suggest; there is no sign of POW or foul play.


1. Racial profiles indicate DC Sniper was white male.
2. Random locations and drive indicate a probe. The Sniper is using a ghost pattern to determine where the safest location is; who is hunting him; and where best to locate a safe house in the DC area. It must be a white neighborhood.
3. The locations may have been "mistaken" by some spy or watcher because I was doing the same thing; house searching. I went to all types of neighborhoods and moved frequently. The location and access by car is important.
4. DC Sniper is searching for a police officer; does not know who he is or where. The police chief says he is trying to make contact, wants to get it right, and to call him.
5. Suspicious actors and rogue authority involved.


In the following videos, you will see the case of Kathy Bush. The case is very similar to my life and my military medical benefits. Socialized medicine is one of the major hindrances to victory, whether it is because of the drug wars, sexual offenders, child molesters, the war on poverty, or waging war on the nation. Somehow, they knew my medical records and unusual events began immediately after the release from the US Army in 1993. All other cases involving service or the US Army lead to terror plots or serial killers; a sadomasochist and disgusting dark side.

The injuries and the bacteria attacks indicated show a highly expert medical person. The repeated arrest or the pressure by the police indicate false reports, misleading information, or a cat and mouse game to outsmart the other. So the injuries indicate steps taken to cloak or conceal what is about to happen. They are boosting their credibility; reducing mine; have the police look like they are racist or corrupt; and the FBI chasing after their own tail. At no time is there a full effort to help solve or present all details to aid in the discovery of new evidence. Even if their life was on the line or in ruins; they make no effort and rely on family ties or local bias. We know the local bias is linked to a gambling plot and gambling debts; a profit making scam involving real estate.

In the case of Kathy Bush, she makes no effort to determine if her husband is the culprit, if the politicians they know are involved, if the neighbors did something, or what is behind the harm on their daughter if any. She must take steps to reduce or prevent this. She must conduct her own investigation as a concerned mother. She must document everything and the smallest clue. Instead, she brings her child in and tries to outsmart and outfox the doctors who have the expertise and equipment to diagnose a problem. Worse, there is a record of this and more odd events in their past. Kathy Bush much like Rick Johnson, Sue Place, and Chris Young; offer no assistance on solving the case or determining who is behind this. Rick Johnson's staff did the same thing and declaring victory when facing utter defeat was a total lie and how to live out a fantasy. All they want to do is obstruct justice, intimidate the witness, and mislead investigators.

So if they knew something; they were taking steps to boost their credibility, create an alibi, and used their own child as a scapegoat or to make their story stronger. Oddly, this is being done to a male and this looks like a concerned parent. She is so concerned she does not disclose what she did or any of her actions; who could have done it or the verbal assaults with her husband. In other words, the husband and the wife are partners in crime and they are using the child to create a safe atmosphere or rule out any suspicion. There are various incidents where the two of them are stinking drunk, consuming two cases of beer weekly. This was about military records, military benefits, targeting veterans, and much more. However, the first steps are the most important steps.

There are other cases the FBI is working on related to this. A few examples are the Loomis and Fargo Heist, the string of bank robberies in NY and LA, the Brinks Heist, the DuPont Heist, etc... all of these were done by either the Black Panther (BP) or mafia burglars. Burglars are no more than a spy and prowler. Their skill sets are very similar except their motives and risk taking. Other cases involve the corruption of the New Orleans Police; the DC Cop Killer; and the string of US Army personnel in the state of New York who turned into baby killers.



There is a case of a female named Kim Anderson from Wapakoneta, Ohio. After my graduation in 1997 and one class at night in 1998; I got the growing feeling of being stalked or in some web of deception. I had reported events to the FBI at this time and also sought legal help; a bankruptcy and then Slander attorneys. At or around 1997-1998, I stopped going out and tried to investigate by trapping this stalker or clever enemy online. What ensued were the most psychotic, pathological lying, and disgusting females I had ever encountered. Although Kim Anderson was arrested in 2001 for shooting her husband and accusing him of sexually molesting their kids; I recall the facts now.

Goofing off and trying to scare off as many girls as I could; I wanted to draw out this female or whoever this was. First I did not go out and wanted to talk to them, either anonymously or via the internet. So I did one of my classic traps; acted retarded and waited for them to contact me. I describe the following suspects:
1. Melissa from a college named Sacred Heart in Milwaukee, WI who spoke about grand pappy, buying him a Mercedes, him taking her to gamble for the first time, winning a lot of money, and her striking looks. This did not lead anywhere except a roommate from Wisconsin and a graduate of Marquette University, a Valerie Plane look alike and a US Navy Captain. This was another military family from Wisconsin and he told me to move out or leave in 1999 after renting a place from him.
2. Kim who was a student at Mary Washington in Virginia. She was linked to the killing and kidnapping of a couple from Fairfax, VA in 2002. Kimmy as she wanted to be called had a father who worked at the FBI, Office of Civil Rights. Kimmy lied about everything and anything; turned out to be 200lbs, red hair, glasses, smelled odd, bare ankle, pants pulled up to her chest, and as repulsive looking as a female can get. I wondered why this stalker would use her to make a contact but the events were as insulting and humiliating as it got. Ann told me to find out what they wanted and to feed the information to her. She told me to look for certain things and to try to battle them at their own game, so I did. I invited Kimmy over and then told her to leave; however, she did invite herself or a short period. She did make an effort to contact me again thinking what she did was not a problem.

At or around the same period a mysterious lady from Lima, OH; this one set off the alarms. The only girl in college and the only female who I clicked with was Michelle Snow. Michelle is a sorority freshman from Alpha Phi. She wore running clothes and appeared athletic. Like all these girls I describe; they would come to the gym when I worked out or gave me the idea they just wanted to be friends. However, they never said a word, never. Michelle would come to the gym and walk for an hour after dinner or while I was there. So I spoke to her as I had at mixers. Michelle Snow is the identical twin of Kim Anderson; just 20 years younger. I remember this mysterious lady talking to me on the internet from Lima. She said she was extremely pretty and came on to me heavily. I asked her a few questions as always; she said she was very sophisticated, a lot of rich people lived around there, she was in her late 30s and had kids, and gave me the weirdest feelings. She refused to send a picture so I did not know if what she said was true. I had met another Ohio female at GMU who in my final year worked at the gym. The only girl I liked or was cool was Spencer, a freshman from Colonial Heights and she was starting out in weight lifting.

So I conversed with her and knew she was fond of me; she was not reclusive or mysterious like the other girls. I was friends with Spencer briefly and then moved on. So this female from Ohio was on a tennis scholarship and I had a Czechoslovakian model that was also a volleyball star I had known. I asked her about Czechoslovakia and what it was like; she told me she did not want to live in the US and wanted to go home. She was also an Olympic athlete and a knockout on the GMU volleyball team. Although stunning, I could not understand her or her personality; I describe it as empty and bland. I used to talk to her about the Eastern bloc and she was apprehensive to speak. There was one other girl from Columbus who I said hi to and was friends with. I never met her or knew her; just spoke to. She asked me about laptops and how she needed to buy a used Apple laptop. I gave her some advice and we chatted. She was ranked number 1 or 2 on the GMU tennis team, there on a scholarship from Columbus, OH. So after getting my Toyota truck in 1997, I decide to drive to Marysville, OH. There is a lot of activity in this area. I had already met the Lima, OH 30-ish super gal and knew she had kids; but was she lying or are my alarms going off for no reason?

I decide to swing by Marysville to see the Honda plant, one of the first Japanese car maker plants in the US. Then I would swing by Lima for a area scan to see if she was telling me the truth. On the way back I would stop by Kent State to see the campus. I too wanted to see the civil war site and historic battleground. On the way to Marysville, I got a ticket for the yellow light again. I knew it was a set up. When I got to Lima, it was run down and a rat hole. This high taste and sophistication was not from that run down town. The only place open to get beef jerky, fill up, and head to Kent State was Wapakoneta. All that was there were night crawlers and a lake. It struck me as odd because I was fishing tremendously in 1997 on the Chesapeake Bay. I got the impression the town was run by criminals or some suspicious group; I felt it. The exit to Lima was closed off due to construction so I drove on by. I then headed back using another route and stopped by Kent State. I will return to these locations later on while working for Fed Ex; so I am exploring routes. I tour the Kent State campus and get a cherry ice drink at Burger King before heading back home.

When the case of Kim Anderson was documented in 2009; I had noticed she met her husband around 1998, the same time. She was a divorcee and had two kids; was the same type of female I had described and whom I was talking to. Also, she described the area and the wealth; country clubs and oddity in the middle of nowhere. I have other odd events in Cleveland and on my way to Michigan and Canada working for an overnight delivery company. Kim was not lying about her looks, age, or children. Why she was luring or interested in a man so young or out of college was strange. Why she wanted me to come to Lima or that area was strange; it was nothing. The moment I saw her in the documentary, I said “Michelle Snow” from GMU in 1996. I met Michelle when she was a freshman and knew her off and on form two years. We spoke often at parties but never any romance; platonic and casual. Then Jennifer Mead invited me to her work and then chewed me out when I dropped in on her. She kept asking me to come there and then when I got there kept telling me to stay; then she chewed me out as if I did something wrong. Michelle Snow was happy when I first met her; then she never said anything after coming to see me or seemed to care. Jenna Gay would always repeat what I said even if I knew all of them had boyfriends or were engaged. It is college and that is the social atmosphere of college, but this was strange and getting stranger.

My ex (Linda) decided to make a ridiculous surprise visit to the gym while I was working out. She looked disgusting and really out of shape. She did not know what to do in a gym and I did not see her again; I made no effort to talk to her or care. There was another girl who was following me around, a blond with a trashy face. She had what guys called a “porn face” and never talked to me. I never chased her or wanted to talk to her. There were a few other girls doing this; I refused to talk to. Jenna Gay from NJ did the same thing and was another knockout. I just never chased them or cared. They would come to me and were upset. So I did get a police ticket in 1998 and was set up by the Ohio Police or these women; who turn out to be one of the females arrested for murder. I go back and try to talk to this female a second time to get a positive ID because I knew I had gotten set up; however, it was not successful, she refused to meet or give me a clue that she was. I end up staying at Findlay, OH at a Super Motel 8 on my way back from Canada in 2000 or so. I was focused on this area or was interested in it for several reasons beginning with GMU; however, I end up passing through there very frequently and it all stopped. I know I walked into some scam or a set up in 1997 and was a victim of it by 2002.

My deliveries were either to IN, OH, MI, or Canada in the Midwest. The east coast was the entire eastern half and no particular states. So it sounds as if a robbery or money was the intended target and the police or the local government was involved. I describe the same events in 2006 and with New York. I describe the same type of females and “marrying in” to some criminal gang or secretive revolutionary organization of mafia, Irish, Catholic, Italian, and labor union arch nemesis. Then in late 1999, a female from Toledo began to send me naked pictures of her, her girlfriends, her Harley, and what were her drug habits. The pictures indicated severe drug use and a “daddy’s little girl” who changed into a very bizarre person. The pictures were very X rated and it was some form of hit and run by someone who was at the biker hangout or state park near Cleveland and Toledo. The pictures were odd, sweet face, short hair, all American girl running around her garage naked with her bike in the background. The next a junkie with her girlfriend engaged in hardcore or sadomasochist behavior. There was no way the same girl was in both pictures but it was so difficult to tell; and it made you investigate and follow up on the leads.

There was another girl at GMU who came to my work (GNC) with her mom. Her name was Hackett (Mindy possibly) and I met her on the crew team. She was a beauty and very high class, always with white gloves but very athletic. Hackett was a loner and not the kind to follow groups; so I never paid attention until at work. They were nice but when I said hi to her later on, I felt hostility. I was not suspicious and did not know why she came to GNC with her mom; only to act hostile at casual run-ins. Were they in denial or was I? I really didn’t think too much about it or did I? More odd females show up, even at my new apartment in Chantilly (from Texas). I lived right down the street from Chantilly HS. After this there were no further contacts or people from OH, only Malkin X and the association to Ann by the conservatives. They were not conservatives but stalkers and some mysterious group trying to rob others. Off the record, I would say the Jews were behind this and these crazed females and trophy hunters. There is nothing to say these events have something to do with the ending; only loose associations and close calls. Ann ends up battling all of these crazed women and we end up defeating them and the blockade on our life.


IT is difficult to prove if not impossible now, but the Craig’s List Killer fits the same pattern of all the other cases. First is the name "Phillip" and the similarity to Phillip Leonetta of Atlantic City and the Philadelphia mob. Next is the time period with Sean Bin iHannity and this idea he is actually helping both sides. iHannity has a family in medicine and praises his Irish and Catholic roots constantly. This was a form of a stalemate and linked to another girl I had met. In 1995 when I arrived at George Mason University; only one girl was nice to be. Her name was Rebecca and she was part of Alpha Phi, a sister sorority. I attended a few events and did not like it. I did not grow fond of the people I met or understood them. Rebecca said she was Russian and what struck me as odd is how she was always in an evening gown.

So this hair up, evening gown, and the only girl who treated with a small amount of respect; was why we were friendly and she came to the gym, ate dinner, and tried to get closer. Rebecca looks like the girl the Craig’s List Killer shot but Rebecca also had a special relation with an Italian named Stefan at GMU. Could it be Stefan was part of this prostitution and DC Madame Ring during the late 1990s that hit the college campuses? Boston is how we link iHannity to the Irish and Kennedy family; a communist, labor union, Catholic, New England type of problem. iHannity had premeditated the harm of Ann and got Alex mixed up; thus, revealed what he was up to and why. When his lies and cover story was told, he expected Alex and everybody to believe it; until the truth was put in front of him. The Fox News clips show Ann confronting him face to face about this and he is as cold and evil as they get. Other similarities include the "failed" dating site Hanni-Date and a girl named "Jillisa."


There is a strange bound, torture, rape, and kidnapping case in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. First, New Mexico comes up in Fair Game and the story of Valerie Plane. Plane looks like a few females depicted in movies or documentaries; that blonde mysterious look. The FBI is alerted of a man and woman known to produce erotic and rare video tapes. They may even sell and try to pawn the video for a larger crime syndicate or underground organization. The faces of the males and the faces of the females look the same; but their personality and character is shocking. It feels like two worlds clashing, the good and the evil. In the evil world, there are not limits on human behavior; it is what you can get away with and how good you are. We describe them as extremely violent but constantly inadequate or trying to win over others. The malice and the extreme violence is hidden by a regular schedule and a normal life.

Based on what we know about these people; they are very clever. Out of 10 victims there is always 5 of them who are in on it. This way the ending story has flexibility and a way out. In the cases of kidnapped victims; the story of loss of memory, unable to identify asailants, or some hard to believe story is perplexing or dumbfounds an investigator. We know the lack of malice is what their story is and their alibis are so good; you would think you had lost your mind. So to end this, the conspirators or victims conduct a witch hunt on their leader or father who must plead guilty to all charges so they can be freed. All the versions will be like a ball and chain. There is no way to tell or get to the bottom of it; they take it to the grave.

Lets say a scam is underway. If the victims or girls tell anybody, they are killed by dumpster fires, boyfriends, or some bizarre missing person case such as the Craigs List Killer. If they go in on the scam; they do these exotic tapes and tell a story about being abducted so that their friends and family shower them with affection. Their reputation is not harmed. So married women and even the most distinguished are propositioned by a close friend or a boyfriend. What they do is an underground, Paris type revolutionary sex tape, and make it look as if they are bound, tortured, raped; then lost their memory or was unable to solve the case. Who would know? Who would know 2 girls were killed? Who would know Patty Hearst went through the same ordeal? What if this involved couples, prostitution, and wife swapping. How do you cover the tracks and limit the damage or hide the largess of the crime family? What if it was about money and not being accountable? How do you get away with it or blame only the ring leaders?

When you review the case of David Ray Parker, there are many similarities to this case or how these enemies operate. They want to push the threshold of torture, captivity, and power. Total control of human subjects, programming them, and making them captives is their goal; to overthrow government or spy on enemies. It does start with a woman; such the case with Caylee Anthony, Elizabeth Smart, Sean Hornbeck, and Jaycee Duggard (worked for Jaycee in 1986). If it works out then it is one thing; but if it does not work out, what to do then? How do they clean up or tell the tale once they are caught, discovered, or detected? We observed very interesting behavior that shed light on who they were and what they are up to. Is it possible that Tim McVeigh was mixed up with the same people and his mom went missing in the same way? He ends up in this southwest location while a few of their top agents end up in DC.

It is hard to tell what is going on in the tapes. Moreover, it is difficult to realize the details the females remember prior evidence showing up, only a secret until then. They do not struggle and claim they were drugged up for three days. I describe sleeping agents that I found to be so powerful they could knock out an elephant. Those drugs are very inexpensive. Is it possible they are conscious and involved in the crime itself? No drug on this earth can erase a brain or memory; what can happen is memory can be layered on top or layers of confusion. Such the case with who we caught and how they tried to erase memory or trick victims into thinking they were trusted and nothing actually occurred. Yet they remained silent and were incoherent in their deception and lies. The evidence suggest they leave no fingerprint or evidence; yet the layers of events or clean up suggest reprogamming or layering of new memory. Overwhelmed and buried in problems; things became more obscur while at their mercy. The only way the police or the FBI would know is to be a victim themselves. What do they pitch or say? How do they explain it? Until the victim tells the truth or true story; no story will ever fit.

The last and final part of this is capture. In the case of Tim Russert, Guido Quarracini, tortured by a heart attack machine, and these ring leaders; they drink the cool aid, take the cyanide, or die suddenly of a heart attack. Some of them even wear defribulators or pace makers; but croak suddenly of sudden heart failure or a massive heart attack. In the interview with one of the women, they describe how they are scared and cannot go anywhere now. They say how they are scared and cannot have a normal life; who is who? We know California is where it eventually is smuggled to; also the Italians and Jews are in charge of the state.

The sex industry is a very profitable and lucrative business. If you add up the total movie, internet, and places of operation in the world; the total cost ratio to profit is astounding. If you want to make fantasy tapes and simulate either real or staged rape, murder, or erotic pornographic movies; the production of them can be tricky. First there is a body double. These girls are all filmed. Not only are they filmed, they are ugly. At or around the same time; girls from out of state, models, teens, beauty queens, and not whom we consider trailer trash go missing. The clues are spread over many states. So if you want to invent this fantasy they are in the movies; then you need the parts which can dub or be used with body doubles. So they seek those who are the same height, weight, hair color, etc... but market or enhance the movie with real victims.

Once they see their faces; they are dead. Those girls who turned over their fathers or the ring leaders; are making off with what they set off to do. So it could be underground and sold to crime bosses or very powerful syndicates. Child pornography undergoes the same "false" actors and cinematic trickery. The children are usually the sons and daughters of those producing it. Yet when it comes to Jaycee Duggard, Elizabeth Smart, Sean Hornbeck, etc... nobody films them or thinks about making money. Odd. Is it a deception or are they in on it? They had watched and filmed everything; even commented and had one female after the next introduce themselves (age, sex, race, and looks did not matter). The problem with female mafia or evil; is they kill or have kids with the victims. The problem with male mafia or evil; is they rape, torture, and murder their victims. So the pleasure is higher with males than females; this is how and what we observed. All of them were couples. All of them were married. A female may steal another female's child; but most likely kill the victim immediately afterwards. This is the only reason for keeping a female alive for so long or a male.

Jennifer Marcum - there is a big gap in the victims as local and out of state girls are compared. Leann Emery - Kayci McLeod - all females who hustled and killed their lovers.

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