I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Fact: Have I used more than $100 to clean house? Not even 100. Fact: The more you push down, the greater the force exerted on the way to the surface. Fact: It was all preplanned and methodical; things just fell into place. Fact: I never chose to run for office in the first place; maybe Mayor or a little town upon retirement. I think we can agree that I run a lot more than expected. Fact: it does not matter what they do; it only matters what I do and how I do it; who cares? Fact: The cuts they are inflicting on themselves are not survivable; it has some damage on our side also and we are prepared and have already began contingency and pre-planned operations. Any false moves and tricks will be fatal. Fact: They cannot and will never win even if they spend 1 million or 100 million; I will at my disposal exert a $9.99 Saturday night special only type of refund. It does not matter and will never matter what "THEY" do; it only matters what "WE" do in life. Do not forget that lesson and do not ever loose focus or let up on the friction; what you do has no impact on them and what they do has all the impact on you. If you stick to those basic rules; no matter who you go up against; you will always win on your merits or lose based on the lack of "them." Fact: Is there a human being in the history of mankind who has ever cleaned house using less than 100 dollars? That is a lot of genius and smarts to fill in the gap. Is there or will there ever be another one? Show us... because I am getting homicidal mad also. It is their fault but we seek justice and closure. I am glad they like and enjoy ruining what human kind is not or never has been able to produce ever or reproduce again; condemned and banned for the remainder of history and the future. So who the F do they think they are toiling and tinkering in our life to assassinate us? Maybe the joke is on them and their outcome is their fate. Maybe the joke is they are running for their dear life or the rest of their life and they thnk they are powerful or gold?

Truth: This is the forest and nobody ever knows what is in the jungle; however, we will give them a chance to tell what is in the forest and what went on in the jungle; how did they loose so badly and why is there a lawsuit for over 600 million on them? How will this world ever hear their cries or know what is in the jungle if they do not? Remember, it is preplanned and already determined as usual; it is what we do not what they do not do. So they think the world is a better place with them in it; we think the world is a much better place without them in it. They come in our life and we do anything to make sure their theories are disproved and gone. It is a really bad situation but someone has to do it and tell them! That bad situation ruined our life and ruined them; but we did not cause the accident even if they seek to blame us or nature, "it just happens." We know for a fact it will never happen again don't we? The issue is how people feel when they find out a flea bag is in charge of their life and has absolute power? This flea bag kept trying to have sex with us and now cannot even shine our shoes; however, their cute gesture has made us homicidal angry. Some, not all of them, claim to be the police. However, I view them as your garden variety peeping tom who at most is on the public payroll for $50K and caused over 100s of millions in damages and ban lists. I want them out of my mission and refuse to deal with any of their leaders. They all have an inferiority complex which gets them in tremendous trouble, they need psychological counseling and therapy, and have this mouth which compels them to make outrageous comments day and night. What more can they do besides run for the rest of their life? Also, when their stupid-visor asks them what happened; they don't even know. So who knows or has the real story? This has been a really long time and we are still being held and none of this is clearing up.

65% Summary: ALVIN GREENE: THE MOST QUALIFIED DEMOCRAT I'VE EVER SEEN, by Ann Coulter; June 16, 2010

Q: Are the communists rigging the elections and are the Republicans guilty of going along for not reporting it? Yes, we caught them red handed and in a terror plot to extort US Treasury funds to certain states. Reason? The Marshal Plan after the Cold War and the future of the drug war on crime or thieves in this world. Why? God is a Nazi to communists and America is a safe haven and concentration camp for labor. They view the Constitution as a Nazi who does not work for them and never has, F America. Who busted them? US Army Counter Intelligence and several federal law enforcement agencies who have been building pieces or parts of this case. Is the public safe? Yes, but they must fight out of it like the federal and law enforcement community; this is a determined thief and enemy. Do we have a murder plot on us? Try asking all the investigators and prosecutors working on this case so far who are alive. Has the US Army knocked their teeth out or is the Tiger ferocious? All teeth are gone except one, we were and are working on it when things blew up in the media. So we have done the hard and dangerous work; now it is time to finish the job. It is stinking ripe and in some pretend state of stalemate. What they did was use terrorism, sabotage, disasters, etc... to drag down the system and wreck it. Then they expanded or were lazy deliberately to expand the permanent underclass so political domination would set in and "kill off" the defenses while they attacked the military and other strongholds. Now it all came to an abrupt end and they need to funnel in funds or else will remain a total failure and junky. All that crime and bucking the system caused a total absence of senior or retirement; they will suffer dearly so war is the only way; terror plots are the only way and state sanctuaries. This is what happens when the communists fail badly to take our life, take over our country, or wreck and ruin our world.

WARNING: So lets say I do have an earthquake machine, heat wave machine, or some tornado machine and can steer Hurricanes; would I sit there and waste my time or would I make sure that every living piece of crap you have ever touched or put on this earth is gone? I think they have lost their minds. Now lets say I do have an earthquake machine or am "steering hurricanes"; why in the world would they make 300 calls a day, brag about how we live in squalor, and worried like hell on wheels? Are they suffering or just plain stupid and illogical? Shouldn't I skip the law suit part or the name calling part? Have they tried to investigate say the peeping tom camera or the recording device; this so called police? Has Dippy Limbaugh or the communist leaders made this guess-him-nation yet? I will gladly do anything to anger them and if I need to pretend I am God; then it is not working and it is not effective right? Who do I work for and do I get like some salary from NY or CA or some politician? What about phone records and some physical evidence about me being God? Why not accuse me of dumping oil but jump to earthquake machines or I am God? So how about investigating this police before you tell me I am God and you are attacking God who can wipe your existence and evil civilization away for good; am I missing a few cards in the deck or is it the communists? Do they sleep better now? Does America and the public? Why make that wild accusation? Why call me=God?

For the record, did I feel weird getting a decoy named Lori who looks identical to Ann? Yes. Am I a stalker? No. Did I come to her work and was asked to come back? Yes. Did her friends hit on me behind her back? Yes. You see, it is the nature of the beast when you are a decoy and you choose a decoy. You do things to get attention. You go places where you know the predator or beast will show up. You eliminate the possibility of a mistake or attack. You do and choose things which are based on what you already know or want to test out. Is this person jealous or trying to help you? Is this person trying to contact someone you know or be the person you know? So unless you have a relationship or some reason to go to a bar, come back, and literally stalk someone; you cannot outlive the fact you are there and acting disingenuous. Was she hot like Ann, yes? Did we kiss or have any form of intimacy? No. Mostly, she chased off any girls and it sounds like both Limbaugh and Tigers story; stunning platinum or bleach blonde bombshell. I would say Lori was three times what either of them had; I would also say she looked identical to Ann. I also told Ann to meet me down there or figure out somehow... anyhow, how to meet up and get this stalker and deadly enemy out of our life. Did I cheat on Ann or try? No. Have I ever? No. Do I even talk to other girls now that the use of decoys, hiding places, and a cat and mouse game is over? No. So Ann does not even ask for an explanation and knows I would never ever betray her; that is partnership and happiness. Ann got brainwashed and programmed to be their lawyer; they used me to sweeten the deal. I kept on writing how I did not recognize and know her; this is not Ann; something happened. I was yelling and screaming with her and she was submissive and even cooperative; they brainwashed and tricked her. Ann went on TV and even cried or had tears; trying to hide it.

It is the strangest feeling and really weird when others see you as a stalker, not invited, not welcomed, or some pressure tactic of peer groups. Through it all, I cannot tell who is doing what, how to say no, how to say keep away, and I rarely get to see the puppet masters face or identity. All I know is what they want, what they are like, and what they say to me or use as an imprint. So we can build what they are trying to build while resisting and pissing them off so they give us more and more. Ann does not have to be embarrassed about anything and gets a full report and advises me on what to do constantly. She even tells me how to treat or mistreat some of these women and what she wants to know once they come close or begin an attack. So it is a good opportunity for her to stay hidden and study them; for me to question their motives and intentions while suing them or seeking legal retaliations. As the evidence vividly shows; we made them really mad and did everything, even driving them everywhere on wild goose chases, but they are relentless and will not leave us alone ever. It is not just me; the same is done to Ann also but none of it makes any sense or has any purpose. We are dealing with masters of crime and extortion plots; pressure and intimidation is in their blood and if they were not world class; they could not survive this long and make it this far. We are not chump change either or a face in the crowd. Why chase a face in the crowd and end like this? What is the whole point? The whole point is they want me to be mad at Ann and Ann to be mad at me; however, she was tricked and I was brainwashed. I report this over and over and why they failed after over 20 years; nothing worked but we got mad and even violent. They were even rushing the FBI to leave and arrest them; constantly claiming they were in control and can berate much better. So the mouth in foot fool could not stop and kept rambling in every direction until hitting a wall; senseless.

As far as this rent refund; there is enormous pressure to evict or “when are you going to leave.” It feels like they are ordering me and trying to paint a wide brush which suggests I am the problem and causing a lot of problems. The problem is I am not behind 400,000+ calls and terror plots and I am certainly not a communist spy. I tell them, “If your pride is worth dying for, then why $10,000 worth of pride is not reachable?” In other words, they bark this pressure, rattle your nerves, intimidation, control, punishment, and show you how they rattle your cage day after day with this image of fury and lunatic rampage; as if you are a kid in a broken home with a male and female drunk who is going to beat you silly for no reason. Maybe they do come from this background; but you can see it. The property is also condemned, so it does not matter if they pay the refund or just keep trying to pull off the biker gang punishments on a member or gang leader. They got that story all wrong and messed up also. The whole point is $10,000 worth of pride is what the value of their pride is but dying for $10,000 is something they would gladly do. Limbaugh even says this is about his pride and happiness. The problem is this was done on not one person but several. One of them is a superstar and of a celebrity status. One of them is also as close to royalty as you can get. They even claim they have a Delta Force commander but they do not treat you well at all; total mistreatment. So this is about who they have and the worst treatment in the world; who are they? Even the FBI knows they got a world class fighter and was delivered the mother load; why panic? They know he and they can survive for twenty more years doing this. When you read the reports, it is clear how they got caught and what their problem is; a mouthy fool. Every single day it is back and forth going nowhere. It is like they got fired and their world ended. It is like they are high and cannot stop talking. It is like they are outlaws who got a pedicure and powdered seat. Let me guess, we need to let them change our minds, wait another ten years, and keep writing more infractions and clearing the air about how we are violent or how they are liable for a killer on the loose who is racking up more charges and violations? The American public should sue the government for liability and this communist terror group running loose.

So we are dealing with a total phony and an idiot who has been broken down and in this state of depression as matters get worse. What is anger going to do but make it worse and the bleeding to open up more? Also, Ann has made a conscious decision to go undercover, underground, and even in the witness protection program with me; she even looks forward to this and the day we retire. It is true, I have no money and nothing to loose or steal; there is no possible reason for delaying or making it worse. Even in court this must be evidence and a fact; no motives stated. The motive is revenge or retaliation. It is not personal and they need to talk to the FBI rep trying to request the rent refund; nothing. What is the motive if not a terror plot and a long history of stalking? If that is clear, then the charge is attempted murder; hence, the indictment and the evidence fits perfect. Why are they blaming me and mad at me? Who in their right mind would go into a standoff with the FBI over 10K and risk their life, limb, and every dime they have? The whole point is a clear, vivid, and understanding reason for all of this. I would not even talk to undercover agents or counter terrorist personnel; no less try to kill them or stand them off hourly by chasing them around their residence. Eventually, the burden of proof will be on them and it will not be 10K; waiting and delaying while trying to take out the undercover unit and cripple them or injure them badly blew up badly. I did not plan or ask to be a superstar; print media and web sites are dying to hire me. I go to extra limits to hide and keep a low profile; why be mad at me? So usually the panic is a particular source; strange and erratic behavior is from a source and for a reason. So here the feds are putting together the biggest case in the century and they are trying to make us panic, tell us to leave, get in our face, try to take over the investigation, and mouthing off day after day like a total flag. A flag like this gets pounded until the mouthy fool problem is fixed one way or the law. So I figure the rent refund was a delay tactic to keep us here and try to marry off or rip ours apart; while they try to steal more and more. I have asked the FBI to max the penalty on those who are behind this refund problem and peeping tom problem. Rush says it is time for them to commit suicide; well, they have 24 hours if so. We have sat here and listened to the most outrageous and the most horrific account of our life under their captivity; now they want us to wait longer so they can dump more oil and declare scarcity the enemy? So Limbaugh is going to commit suicide and diverting his estate so we do not sue or lay claim? She knew what she was getting into and "Catherine" was to get some widow reward? Now I see why the delay with the rent refund and keeping us longer and longer; delay tactics.

So it is not as if we are in dire straits or desperate; they are just hitting up the wrong people, asking the wrong questions, and need to organize better. Their organization skills are all over the place; go to the FBI and check; money is not the issue here; also a crime scene means the control is out of their hands and in someone else’s who wants to take their head off. They got beat up badly and are going to get arrested by total failure; so pride is worth a refund if that is all they can fight for. If they want their pride and will die for it; refund my money. We know what the outcome is going to be; but who is dumb enough to make the first mistake? It is almost like being in a fight or a ring with a world class fighter; he is going to take you for all you have and if you have not won one bout yet; chances are he is going to knock you out or do permanent damage; such the case now. You hear laughing and snide remarks; a lot of in your face jokes. Most people who know they are up against a world class fighter do not ask for more punishment and more pain; this enemy does. No there is nothing to steal from us; I have nothing and no money; why risk it all? There is no reward or purse in this affair or fight; senseless. The only thing to steal is pride and that pride comes with a price. Even in the last round against a world champion; he is not going to let you come in or have a fighting chance; he will make safe predictable, and come in when a kill shot is there or finish all out for a KO. The audience knows when the champ is only having fun and looking for that last uppercut; that is not an opponent any longer, it is a defeated victim. Most people would flee or become a fugitive if facing immeasurable loss and legal punishments. Most criminals would leave the country and go into hiding; same with spies and terrorists. This particular group wants to die and feel they are fighting for their home and family. So this 24 hours peeping tom made it personal or tried; in your face one on one. My sentiments is an outlaw who is mouthy and cannot handle reality; you tell them, "can I get you a drink... would you like a phone call... is the tree too high for you... is the noose too tight for you... it will be alright, trust me... are you done yet?" Anything to shut them up and stop the whimpering and whining we hear everyday expressed in anger, violence, stalking, or aimless order giving. He and they want us to wait longer while they try to figure out how to...

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