I developed Satellite Warfare to combat the spread of nuclear weapons and we have shorted the gap between nuclear and conventional forces; no longer needed in my book. There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 190 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010


This SOB put my lawyer into counseling; cut each of us off; then went on TV every single night and lied about it. Not lied or covered up the entire matter; they tried to suggest they were the good guys and did it for us; took the air from our own sails. Then when armies of lawyers are on him; he tells stories about how poor and hungry his people were or are. The truth is he is a communist, a terrorist, and we caught them and wish them to surrender for face a maelstrom of resistance and legal battles. They keep on saying how they do not wish to fight or want peace only; then nothing works and we are cut off and no rescue is ever allowed or fixed; we are still repelling their attacks and efforts; still. Now we have to try a new rescue and seek a new lawyer team; start over with new lawyers who can help or get some accommodations. These are wonderful people and sound like heroes; not the most vile traitor we have ever caught on US soil. If that was not enough; they are claiming the military parades are for them while we repel their attacks and expose them on TV and the media. At least he can read and smile. Do not buy their junk; fix it now.

They know what danger is but claims he is our teachers and teaching the nation what a traitor (weasel in his words) truly is (true patriot). He then says how he is taking tremendous risk doing this for his children; making astronomical sacrificies; and it is inevitable; he will not interfere any longer. The problem is we are still repelling his god damn attacks and terrorist plot; kidnapping effort while he claims he is in charge and not fighting; it is about peace and surrender to him or else war, torture, capture, etc... he says this is inevitable and he is teaching the nation. He also says victory is about struggle; it does not come easily. Read how he remembers it all; "at least he sent her flowers." He has love and flowers on his mind? The nation is on total alert and he has flowers on his mind. In this traitors mind, he has been forgiven and is victorious; this parade is about him. He put my lawyer in counseling or near tears and says at least he sent her flowers? The power of positive thinking at work; not a joke, look how deadly and dangerous they are. They claim this is about security and safety; they are the police? It is all on film and recorded. The British have reports of child soldiers who re-enact horrific experiences; it replays in their minds; think positive. So fear and detention of their goals is not imminent. We can replay their horrific experiences. There is a book and unlawful detention and lawsuits; more to come. Are they the CIA interrogating us or some mole and foreigner? Who else can do what he did or is doing? Fix it now.

This is for our lawyers and those working pro bono: We are the epicenter of this terrorist plot; we have been cut off and encircled; isolated. It is some form of submarine game. If they are masterminds; then we know it is a fight to the death. They say this did not happen; we say it did; can anybody prove it did not or did? Who plays this game with other's reality or toys with their life on this level? Who the hell toys with humans 100 or 500 times a day? I limit my outside contact and do not leave the apartment; only once per month. So how are they able to respond daily; even after being caught, exposed, and establishing a dialogs with an espionage group from at least 3 governments; then getting their confession and retaliation; then this constant smack and talk back by some loser or unwanted felon or fugitive on the run? The behavior is appalling. Again, the dialog itself is occurring; however, unless the residence is bugged and some "Big Brother House" this cannot be going on. All day long it is scolding and throwing things; how angry they are and how we must obey or do as told or else things fall apart or do not work. We still have not gained control, repelled the attacks, take them to court, are still cut off, got severely injured, and cannot even make them pay for some of the damages. If you weaken the nation, then it implies a fight and eruptions. This is an enemy; this is a war; this is murder and a crime spree; what fight are they speaking about? Expect retaliation and heavy hitters. Expect new up and comers; even an army of lawyers.

So this is the real Big Brother and the fascist and communist on the other end and this is their terrorist plot and attempt to cut us off; deny aid, deny legal and due process; and rip our family apart or cut us off from them; why? The immediate law suit is racism; from inside the building and possible arrest and seizure by the white supremest group and liberals in New York politics; down right animals. One minute they say "what are you waiting for" and bend down; the next they come at you 100s of times a day saying "go home... third base"; death threats; or some endless harassment. Note we had to set up a trap; that was just to expose them; then a stand off and deadly ordeal spirals and doubled when they fail and cannot get away. As a Supreme Commander; one of my moves contain 6 to 16 moves; they see only one. It is better to try this on an unsuspecting person; but those odds we can beat. This is not some suicide fight to the death or game of death; it is suicide with our life. It feels like a Neanderthal trying to breast feed us poison; listen to them and how outrageous they are; count the effort to talk to us and hourly. They managed to put my legal team and lawyer in counseling; tried on me but could physically only; they messed her up also. We do not need to listen to the same SOB story or why we need this terrorist and enemy; it is the same tricks and propaganda. It is about how poor they are, how they suffer, how valuable they are to the nation; five pages of felony charges must be worth something. Like Vietnam; they tell the story and sharpen their knife; then storm across the border. When you weaken someone; they hit back; do not claim no fight or peace is erupting; a war is over when an enemy surrenders; not when they tell us their life story or how they wish to fight when healthy or winning.

The SOB and bastard knows how to drive others to suicide; that is their magic trick; some form of mental illness or retardation. One word describes this mean menace and law suit; pure lawlessness; a god damn bag lady who got caught with her Klan red handed; some mother goose loser or labor. Hitting the softball hard does not mean you are irresistible or make others hard. This enemy plays Russian roulette with one bullet; then two; and finally six. We told them not to make a false move; they added more bullets to their game or deception. Logical consequence says you cannot play games with six bullets; the odds are wrong; that is why. Doing this with my life is our complaint and law suit; playing Russian Roulette with one bullet and then six of them like it is some game we must surrender. The police, white supremest, big brother, master, parent, our home, our hoe, etc... is no longer used as an argument or debate. This unwanted and excuse making machinery has to stop and it has to be transferred on paper if they need it or wish to make it to retirement; their job and career; no less life is on the line. If they have a security problem; we suggest they start fighting. The degree of unwanted help, contact, espionage, interrogation, unwanted sexual gestures, uninvited attention, torture, harassment, etc... add suing them for all they are worth; destroying them and leaving them for dead; wreaking them to point of nonexistence; this slime ball and low life just could not get it. They just could not comprehend why others were suing them or wanted them dead; they were on a mission and it was not complete. We fight them hourly and then when we go for help; they act nice or wish to help. Their act and elitism was such a phony and nightmare; they could not empathize with others. Fix it now before it in uncontrollable and dealing with forces we cannot control.

They claim they do not want to fight; yet are guilty and got caught; how many options are left? We hear this stuff hourly. How long does it take to prepare or when did we know they were coming; well it is over 20 years of stealth. All of the sudden they do not want to fight and refuse to surrender; things change overnight and in their world. Who is prepared now and for how long? Weakening us or the nation is a clear indication of the malice or effort. Expect new up and comers; even an army of lawyers. Remember, it took us a long time to prepare also. My lawyer is no longer on the legal team or on the fighting side; she is the plaintiff and in counseling also. They thought we are NASA pilots or military satellite technicians; those who fix satellites in outer space... lol, wrong again. They did the 2003 Columbia disaster or was behind it with the Gimp story. So the SDI problem was not solved yet; but they still pressure us and demand we be interrogated. They hid the main plot and strategy; they only acknowledge or signal when we tell them we know; but they claim to be teachers or our parents. Look at how they responded when we caught them. Now look how they respond after they withheld it; then asked if anybody knew; then had to answer it again. Now they claim they are not dangerous, not a threat, only want peace, and do not want to fight; so surrender. Fix it now before we have to face forces we cannot control or stop.

Go back and study the Iranian and Fundamentalist uprise; the antifascist; if they can do this in the US; why is it impossible in the Middle East or Iran? Who will attack America and who will surrender to them? Why then did they come to me if they were shadowing Vietnam? The answer is how the communist and Nazis; socialist democratic labor seek collusion and prevent attack; while they attack; they have no defense, only offense. If the leadership is cleaned out there; it will set them back decades and cripple them. So let's ask Bush and those behind this why they went after Iraq for 7 years? Meanwhile, tension doubles and democracy is out of bounds and control in this region; rhetoric or an ad homing attack? The threat is someone giving them or them buying nukes; not making it. Listen to how they fight this; anybody can buy them; nobody can stop them or reform them; for profit only. That is nationalism and how to condemn allies as well; change does not come easily. It is too obvious and the retaliation is too massive. We hear this every day, hourly, and upwards of 200 times a day. Even if we try to wake up at 4am; they do the same damn thing; now fix it and fix the world.

Dear Ann: This idea we are bastards or orphans of bastards is offensive. It is gay and stupid. It feels more like rape than a real rape; the only missing piece is physical evidence. To be in some big brother house and having a nose flaring, greasy haired, obese loser barking and talking smack daily, hourly, and by the minute play by play; is repulsive and shows the true nature of this loser and fat ass whore. This is a complete loser and a worthless bag lady who likes to offend others and seek love or affection. I would commit suicide if I was their child or biological child. No wonder their kids are such an ass and so worthless. This idea they are parents or our parents is not only disgusting but offensive. If I had some white ass honky or black trash picking loser claiming to be my parent; that repulsive overweight cow looking animal would be slaughtered for steaks; it is disgusting to think some loser honky keeps claiming to be your parent and is repulsive and so ignorant; I would kill myself if I had a fat female or male honky like this; try telling them this for 200 or 500 times a day for over 20 years; we have to catch and trap them; that is the only way to rid them or tell them to get lost. The problem is they cannot stop having kids or keep rearing them as if they have some magic gift and some life we would love to know about or want. It is disgusting and ignorantly repulsive; makes you want to hate the ass behind it or who hit you day and night; some spanking by some Barquisimeto monster; an inferior peasant acting like a queen. Luckily, we will sue them and put them behind bars for the rest of their life. The movie Raising Arizona is real... this has been ongoing and persistent for 20 years or more by some bag lady communist in America behind the political scene. The obese honky-labor-liberal-Klan; and abusive sex offender is raising spies and suicidal terrorists; came in on me for a look and a mother load. It is a black and white supremest group, labor, and very communist. They are being bred in NY and we found their nest. The bag ladies are dropping out babies and having them infest the US or settle on farms all over North America; the children are all sex offenders.


If you live in America or are an American citizen; you came here by one of six possibilities. New York is one. The Pentagon is another or Virginia area. The others are near Canada and Mosaic; then California-Pacific region (Philippinus) and islands. All those were on the target list; most especially DC-VA and New York by the communist; ask why or why they are seeking revenge or overthrow of these areas or entry points? These entry points are vital for the coming World War 4; we will be attacked by them because they claim it is up for grabs and we are being evicted. They are out processing also; asked to leave. This has to do with buying property, land, or seeking work permits; illegal. Anybody can relocate; anyone but can they work or why? It will come from within and outside; an enemy will invade; then their leaders will do what they did to us; for surrender and peace only. The dirty bomb we mentioned is the entry point; however, the wrong teams are in the helm and we wish to change this and turn this around; remove all of them and fresh or trusted faces; no networks and no pocketbooks. That is our goal, they can eat squash or die. The effort to stop us is enormous but it will determine World War 4; this is only to weaken us. Secure these targeted areas and remove the guards as indicated; all of them. They are having problems targeting the right places or military units as we can obviously see; they are too obsessed and their aim is off; no defenses, only offense. Notice how they respond when asked about the dirty bomb; now listen to the response when asked about HQ and seeking it. Ask them where HQ is now?

My ongoing research, even under adverse conditions and attack, has linked submarine warfare or development to the Aerospace industry or manufacturing of war time material. This is what they call the machine of war or the industrial nuisance the enemy cannot compete with. Therefore, the aerospace industry led to major developments and commercial applications; industrial and profit making enterprises the communist could not compete with; they had to figure out how to eradicate or cripple it while their people reduced the stock and did a corporate takeover. The high tech industry and computer market drives military developments. So do spies in the US stealing military secrets. What they want is aerospace technology and even satellite or space weapons; hence, they targeted me and knew we had the latest or the best money could buy; at least we had the education to prove it. That is why World War 3 is only to weaken the US and allied forces while World War 4 is meant to complete or compel surrender. They will not fight it; they will fight us and any effort to stop them or remove them. We caught them and we had what they were looking for; they did not know but we hovered under them and snuck up; they knew we were trapped and could not get a killer shot off; the commandos snick out and got them while they were not sleeping and had their eyes open. There will be a lot of questions and a military tribunal when all this is done and the attacks repelled; they claim nobody is repelling their offensive effort or disgusting power. If your life depended on it and your job depended on it; would you be more careful or more accurate? They refuse to surrender or give up this invasion. In terms of high tech, no communist nation has been able to penetrate the computer industry or even make a decent flat screen TV. Meanwhile, computers change every single year; only China has a laptop industry but even that is expensive. This blew up on them also; bail outs and socialism.

They lied about being terrorists. They lied about being communists or seeking revenge. They have violated every single law ever written and everybody can read their story; if it is slander, then correct the record; why slander your name? So out of five pages of felonies, they deny three; seeking revenge, being communists, and being terrorists. Everything else is true; the only thing not true is who they are and how they are being mistreated or judged wrongly because of negatives; not positives; it is about taxes, jobs, end money. Their case? We are lying and are terrorists; even liberals. They are hiring us. We are defiant to their help and products.

What is their case on us? They are parents. They are aborting their kids. They are making it better. Go home and this is our home. No surrender. We are terrorists. This is not about the truth. They do not know or have the answer. They cannot make sense of anything. It is too late now. They did nothing wrong or got anything wrong. This is us, they are us, and we are their voice. Now take exactly what their politics and case is; what is true? So how can they claim they are not communists, seeking revenge, and not behind all of this terrorism? That is like checking 9 boxes and leaving one open and saying; you take a guess; we don't even know yet! You figure it out and F you. That is your problem. Catch us if you can, we will ram it down your throat. It works now. They are following our orders; we refuse theirs and all offers. They are better. They are more fair. They are in danger. We oppress them. We deny them rights. We are mentally ill. We are up to no good and launching submarine warfare on them. They did nothing. is real is our boss and run Wall Street or capitalism. What is terrorism in their world? So 9 out of 10 makes it true; they are in danger. Who are they? Who caught who? Why did you get caught; what operation or topic? By whom? Who is who now? How much is not known now?

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